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Bailey J.

“ Even with the COVID restrictions they still managed to put on a great haunted house. ” in 2 reviews

new-orleans-nightmare-haunted-house-new-orleans-2 photo fhseGD2s5P5Uj8OeFEGDig

“ My husband and I recently experienced the Krampus haunted house by the New Orleans Nightmare. ” in 2 reviews

Lisa W.

“ I have been to House of Shock as well. ” in 2 reviews

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319 Butterworth St

New Orleans, LA 70121

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Photo of Anastazia S.

Awesome experience! We attended Krampus Fright before Chrstmas and were disappointed! Everything from sets to costumes and makeup were phenomenal. The character actors were engaging, believable and further made the experience unforgettable. As a performance artist myself, it'd be a delight to work here but is also a must do on you're Nola experience! Thanks for a night well spent!

new orleans nightmare haunted house new orleans la

Total rep[eat form last year but now they screw you even more. Bad enough the price of tickets then you have a fifty dollar fee. EVEN IF YOU PAY CASH. This place should rethink their way of doing business. BUt yet they like to screw everyone. No change from last year same old crap and hot as hell inside the place. The ticket person has no clue as to what she is doing. I can see if you pay by CC a fee of like three pecent but fifty dollars is bullshit. Never going back and hope they don't make it next year. TOTAL disappointment.

Photo of Robert C.

We visited last night for the first time. We're avid Mortuary fans and decided to try something different this year. And we had a great time. Being able to enter the haunt with just our group was great and they spaced the groups out enough that we never ran into any others. It really adds to the creep factor. The actors were all on point and eager to scare, without it feeling too desperate. And the set designs were very impressive and well thought out. My only complaint is there were some points where it felt more actors would have been appreciated, but over all it was a great night.

Photo of Lori P.

Amazing haunted house. Highly recommended. Always have an amazing time whenever we go.

Photo of Eric D.

The attraction itself was very enjoyable and it was at a good level of horror that everyone could enjoy. The sets had a decent variety of designs and the actors kept things interesting and moving. It lasted a good time frame too but i feel like there could have been something more grand at the end of it all. There wasn't a big final scare or moment, it kind of abruptly ended. around the midsection, there is a big animatronic dragon, i thought it was very cool and it was very well engineered. The biggest drawback was the wait. First off, the difference between fast pass and general admission seems to be very minimal. I bought fast pass tickets because the description said you wait only 1/3 or the general admission time. I ended up waiting approximately 2 hours or so. There is a line for security when you first get there, you go through a metal detector and they check bags, but I feel like they could have checked more thoroughly. The guy that checked my bag literally glanced in it and said I was good. Of course I'm not bringing anything illegal or any type of weapons or anything, but the world is so violent and corrupt now I wouldn't be surprised if someone else would come in packing heat. After you get checked, there is the 'main line'. this was the worst part and I was really tempted to just leave at some points. There are no smoking signs, but a lot of people either didn't see it or was inconsiderate because plenty people were smoking cigarettes and vaping. All you smell while waiting are cigarettes. That's frustrating, especially for people who might have asthma. Maybe if you go on a good day the wait might not be that bad, but the attraction itself is really good. I just wish there was better security and more organized waits.

Photo of Ariana Y.

Dude. This policy of letting higher paying customers skip the line/move to front, is TOTAL bullshit. Arrived at 7pm, its now 9:15pm and we're about 80% through it. There are THRONGS of people now behind us, all have paid $30.99 to get in. We should NOT be REQUIRED to purchase a $75 ticket to get into this place. We got here with plenty of time and only about 2 rows of folks ahead of us. Att this point were one row from the door, and I doubt we'll be in by 10pm. TOTAL CRAP. Please. Reconsider you're bullshit, money grab, policy. OR at least, lower general admission, cause $30 for a 2.5 hour line?.... please. Disneyland it ain't.

Photo of Tomas R.

(4.5 stars but rounding up) I'm a huge fan of 13th floor productions and am one of those horror fanatics who loves purposely putting them in situations to scare the ish out of them. When I heard 13th floor productions was in New Orleans, I was giddy with joy. NON (New Orleans Nightmare) was recently taken over by 13th floor which I am well aware of because of their AMAZING haunted productions in San Antonio. I used to go every year when living back in Texas. Nightmare for 2019 had three different rooms and your ticket includes entry into all of them. Keep in mind though you can't take your time as they're all back-to-back. Sorry y'all no time to catch your breath haha. The trippiest one was the clown zone which was with 3d glasses and I kept losing grip because of all the mental games. At one point I didn't realize a "clown" painting was the real thing until it popped out at me. For those of you who need a bit of liquid courage they have a bar outside and even a few porter potties. I recommend trying to go because the attraction itself will last about 30 minutes.

new orleans nightmare haunted house new orleans la

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Photo of Victoria P.

I'm one of those people who clearly didn't get the memo that house of shock was no longer a thing! So, I decided to come here last week. I assumed it would be the same haunted house under a new name but it is not. I got the fast pass ticket instead of the skip the line ticket because it used to be so much fun watching the live show when it was house of shock. There is no live show now and there's trivia on a tv screen but after about 5-10 minutes the questions start repeating. There is a bar at this new haunted house though! They only had 1 bartender working each line so after about 20-25 minutes I ended up leaving the line. I think it would be easier if they only sold premixed drinks or canned/bottled drinks because them making cocktails was taking super long. The actual haunted house is longer than I remember but there were several parts of the haunted house where there were no workers at all. I'm guessing due to Covid possibly making them short staffed. It was still fun none the less but it was super dark in some places and it was causing confusion on which way to keep walking. The old iconic finale with the chainsaws is no longer and the ending of the haunted house really left me wanting more and feeling like that couldn't possibly be the end. So, overall it was still a fun time but it just doesn't compare to the house of shock to me


This place is a disaster.. don't waste your time. Wasn't worth the 40$ a piece or the 3 hours I wasted standing in line.

Photo of Jaz G.

I haven't attended this attraction. Im from California and I bought 4 tix. I got 3 good codes to redeem, the 4th did not work. I emailed twice about this over a 1 month 1/2 and til now, I have received no response. Unfortunately I will not be getting a refund for the 156$ I spent because THEY DONT REFUND. I would think about it twice before purchasing tix from them.

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New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House

New orleans's best haunted house, 319 butterworth st., jefferson, la, 70121.

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