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According to the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, there are approximately 40,000 low-birth-weight infants born each year in the United States. Due in large part to you, a highly skilled NICU nurse, and advances in modern medicine, a baby’s survival rate is now 10 times better than it was 15 years ago.

It takes a very special person to become a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse. You’re caring for the most fragile, precious patients there are. Concurrently, you’re helping parents through an emotionally tolling and stressful experience.

Whether you take travel NICU nurse jobs or decide to work permanent, per diem or local, Aya Healthcare can help you reach your goals. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will support you every step of the way.

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I vividly remember where I found my calling. It was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My supervisor asked me to weigh the baby in the room next door. I opened the incubator, picked up the tiniest human I’d ever seen and began crying. I knew this was what I wanted to do from that moment forward. Shane NICU Travel Nurse

What NICU travel nurse jobs are open?

With more than 10,000 babies born each day in the United States, travel NICU nurse jobs allow you to make an impact in neonatal intensive care units across the country. Our traveling NICU nurses leave travel assignments with new skillsets and establish relationships and bonds with families that last a lifetime.

How can I find a permanent position for NICU jobs?

Settle down without settling with a permanent position at a leading hospital or healthcare organization.

Aya Healthcare is more than an agency for travel nurses. As the largest healthcare staffing agency, we have strong, established relationships with the top hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. If you’re ready to put down roots somewhere, our team of industry-leading recruiters can help you find permanent NICU nurse jobs near you and help you secure an offer faster than if you did it yourself.

Finding jobs on NICU nursing units is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just complete your profile and application, filter your search for permanent positions and once you click “I’m Interested” a recruiter will contact you to discuss your ideal position. Your recruiter will assist you through the entire recruitment process, from coordinating interviews for permanent NICU RN jobs near you to helping you prepare for your first day on the job. As your #1 fan, your recruiter will support, advocate and assist you with anything you need.

Aya Healthcare’s recruitment team is the most experienced in the industry. Here are just a few things they can do to help as you search for permanent NICU nursing jobs near you:

  • Prepare you for interviews.
  • Provide resume advice to perfectly capture your professional experience.
  • Work with the facility hiring teams to ensure your application is their #1 priority.
  • Gather immediate interview feedback.
  • Facilitate salary negotiation.
  • Secure offer decisions.

Ready to find your next job as a NICU RN? Meet with a recruiter and start your journey today!

What per diem NICU nurse jobs are open?

A per diem NICU nurse job is a great way to amplify your current income. Plus, you can create a schedule that works with your current lifestyle. Local contracts are phenomenal if you want to stay close to home and make an impact in your neighborhood.

What Factors Can Influence A Permanent NICU Nurse Salary?

NICU nurse pay varies. Facilities in the same cities, same system and even located on the same street may offer different rates. That’s why you should have as much information as possible prior to making a decision. Through your Aya Healthcare account , you can sort, filter and save job searches to be notified when the perfect travel NICU nurse job becomes available. And if you’re interested in PRN, local or permanent opportunities, let your recruiter know!

Are you ready to find an NICU nurse job that matches your personal and professional goals? If so, it’s just one click away!

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Travel as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

Take control of your career and explore the nation as a travel NICU nurse.

NICU nurse applying a monitor to a baby's foot

Traveling as a NICU Nurse with LRS Healthcare

LRS Healthcare is proud to be an industry-leading staffing firm. Our recruiters are subject matter experts and are ready to cheer you on from the sidelines throughout the entire process. They take pride in making the process as pain-free as possible, ensuring that NICU Nurses like yourself can hit the ground running as travel healthcare professionals.

Our team of recruiters is here to listen to you. Once they have a deep understanding of your personal and professional needs, they get to work! Using this key information, they seek out an assignment and facility that match your skill set. Doing so, allows you to walk in on day one feeling confident and comfortable in your new environment.

Scroll through LRS Healthcare’s available NICU jobs and apply today to get on the path to securing your dream job. You can then expect a recruiter to contact you and dive into the application process, discuss key job details (like pay and start dates), and secure your next opportunity as a traveler.

female recruiter with headset and a blue gradient background

What to expect

Applying for nicu nurse travel jobs.

If you’re ready for a change of scenery, the first step is to apply . After that, a recruiter will connect and go over the job details, gain your geographical preferences, and place you for your first assignment. Once all credentialing and background checks are finalized and if the facility extends an offer, you’ll be ready to take off.

Download the Complete Checklist for Every New Healthcare Travel Assignment

Download Checklist

of Traveling as a  NICU Nurse

Whatever your reasoning for traveling, LRS Healthcare offers generous compensation, amazing benefits, and 24/7 support.

Additional perks include:

Excellent Weekly Pay

white money icon

Explore New Cities

white map icon

Fun and Flexible Lifestyle

white yoga icon

On-the-Job Experiences

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Professional Growth

white icon of person walking up and incline

Extended Time Off Between Assignments

white icon of a calendar

Meet New People

white icon of people shaking hands

24-Hour Support

white icon of a wall clock with the nubmer 24

With all of this change and excitement, it may take some time to get comfortable in your new job and location. Don’t worry this is expected and your recruiter will be there at every step of your journey! Learn more about travel opportunities for Nursing Professionals.

Asked Questions

01. Healthcare traveler requirements vary by facility and state. To guarantee that the process is quick and pain-free, we recommend that: • All professional licenses and certifications are updated and ready to go before you apply. • Any additional licenses that may be required based on your assignment’s location. • You have at least 2 years of on-the-job experience as a NICU Nurse. (This isn’t necessarily required, but we have found that these individuals are typically positioned better and will likely be more comfortable with the responsibilities).

02. Getting started is easy. First, you will need to do your research and find a healthcare staffing agency (such as LRS Healthcare) that checks all of your boxes. Our recruiters are driven and want your experience to be positive and memorable. The key to that is to provide high-quality support, our recruiters do that by forming relationships with their travelers that go beyond days or months.

03. Short answer: depends on experience (DOE). Pay packages vary by experience, job, facility, and agency. Sites and job boards that promote weekly pay either display the pay before or after taxes and include or exclude travel and housing stipends. These variables affect what your take-home pay could be and could potentially vary from the number promoted on the job post. To double-check if this information is correct, reach out to your LRS Healthcare recruiter to verify the details of your personalized pay package.

04. Typically, a NICU Nurse travel assignment is 13 weeks, which allows you the perfect amount of time to tour your destination and meet new people. If you find that you aren’t ready to leave your current assignment, you can always   request an extension .

24/7/365 Benefits

Beyond-your-basic benefits.

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Licensure Reimbursement

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Certification Reimbursement

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Traveler Experience Team

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Referral Bonus

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LifeWorks EAP

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Clinical Team

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Healthcare Traveler App


Learn more about our benefits .

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Why Choose LRS Healthcare?

Your success is our priority. That’s why we make the traveler experience easy, so you can spend more time living your life and caring for your patients. Here are just a few more reasons to travel with us.

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Traveler First:

You’re never just a number to us. We take the time to learn about you, including your career goals and desired destinations. Your recruiter will guide you from one assignment to the next and be your advocate throughout your journey with us.

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Submit your online application, and we’ll be in touch right away. Once we’ve gotten to know you and matched you to an ideal position, we’ll work together to collect the rest of the details.

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Full Service:

Along with your recruiter, you’ll have access to our dedicated operations and traveler experience teams. They help take care of all the details to make your assignment the very best it can be. You won’t go it alone—you can contact us any time, 24/7/365.

LRS Connect pink circle icon with three dots

Traveler App:

LRS Connect is our job search and employment app designed specifically for healthcare travelers. Start your profile to set up custom job preferences and we’ll notify you (in real time) as soon as your dream job becomes available! When you’re ready, you can apply with ease directly through the app with one simple click!

Travel with LRS Healthcare

Ready to hit the road for your next assignment.

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4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

Everything You Need to Know About NICU Nurse Travel Jobs

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

Table of Contents

Working as a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a challenging yet fulfilling career choice. But what if you could combine that with the thrill of exploration, the gratification of navigating across geographical boundaries, and the chance to treat a diverse range of patients? The role of a NICU travel nurse offers just that. This article outlines everything - from the nature of NICU Nurse jobs and what makes a promising candidate in the field, to the peculiarities of travel nursing, comparing salaries, and mental health support. We will also explore how you can secure these coveted positions and the differential aspects of working across varied locations like New York and Syracuse.

What Constitutes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse Job?

A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in caring for newborn babies who are premature, have low birth weight, birth defects, breathing problems, infections, or other medical complications.

NICU nurses work in the neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital providing specialized care to these babies who need constant monitoring and treatment. Their responsibilities include:

  • Assessing the condition and needs of NICU babies anddeveloping care plans.
  • Providing clinical care like administering medications, IV fluids, breathing treatments.
  • Monitoring vital signs using specialized equipment.
  • Educating and supporting parents and families of NICU babies.
  • Collaborating with neonatologists, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare team members.


What Does a NICU Nurse Do?

The day-to-day duties and responsibilities of a NICU nurse include:

  • Monitoring babies in the NICU for any changes in condition or complications.
  • Responding rapidly to alarms from monitors and alerts from equipment.
  • Performing hands-on care like feeding, bathing, changing diapers.
  • Providing developmental care through positioning, swaddling, and moderating sensory stimulation.
  • Administering medications, fluids, and parenteral nutrition as per physician orders.
  • Inserting and maintaining IV lines, gastric tubes, endotracheal tubes, umbilical catheters.
  • Communicating effectively with parents and families, providing education and support.
  • Documenting care, vital signs, interventions, response to treatments in patient charts.
  • Acting as liaison between neonatologist and baby's family.
  • Assisting with diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • Providing life support in emergencies.
  • Coordinating transfers to higher levels of care when needed.

What Qualifications are Required for a NICU RN Job?

To work in a NICU as a registered nurse, the minimum qualifications include:

  • Nursing Diploma or Associate/Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.
  • Active RN license and standing in the state of practice.
  • 1-2 years experience working as a pediatric/neonatal nurse.
  • Current BLS/CPR and NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) certification.
  • Strong technical skills and ability to work with specialized NICU equipment.
  • Compassion, emotional stability, critical thinking, attention to detail.

Some additional credentials that make a candidate more desirable for NICU RN roles are:

  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Nursing.
  • Certifications like CCRN, RNC-NIC, CNML.
  • 3+ years experience in level 3/4 NICUs.
  • STABLE course for infants and neonates.

What Makes a Desirable Job Candidate in the Neonatal ICU?

In addition to formal education and training , some key attributes that make a NICU nurse a strong candidate for neonatal intensive care jobs include:

  • Excellent assessment skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions in emergencies.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Patience, compassion and sensitivity to fragile NICU babies and anxious families.
  • Extensive knowledge of common conditions and diseases in neonates.
  • Proficiency in the use of specialized neonatal equipment and technology.
  • Commitment to continuing education and professional development.
  • Collaborative approach and ability to work closely with neonatologists, respiratory therapists, lactation consultants etc.
  • Flexibility to work rotating shifts and long hours.
  • Passion for caring for sick, preterm newborns.

Why Consider Travel NICU Nurse Jobs?

For nurses looking to gain experience in specialized acute neonatal care, travel NICU nursing offers some unique advantages including:

What Makes NICU Travel Nursing Unique?

  • Work in prestigious NICUs across the country, learning best practices.
  • Exposure to advanced equipment/technology not accessible locally.
  • Build a wide range of clinical skills and experience.
  • Gain experience with diverse patient populations and demographics.
  • Learn new techniques and protocols from top neonatologists.
  • Flexible short-term travel assignments ranging from 8 to 26 weeks.
  • Housing and travel arrangements taken care of by agency.
  • Change of setting helps reduce burnout and fatigue.
  • Great way to explore new cities/locations as a traveler.

How do Travel NICU Nurse Salaries Compare?

  • Salaries are significantly higher than staff nurse pay, ranging from $60-$100 per hour.
  • Besides attractive pay rates, there are bonuses, stipends for certifications.
  • Many agencies offer completion bonuses at end of each contract.
  • Opportunity for overtime and extra shifts since NICUs are often understaffed.
  • Free private housing, travel reimbursements, and other benefits provided.
  • Higher incomes while gaining invaluable experience before settling down.

What Mental Health Support is Available for Travel Nurses?

  • Many agencies offer counseling services to help travelers deal with stress.
  • Access to 24/7 support from agency team leads, recruiters, and peers.
  • Networking groups and events for traveling nurses.
  • Peer mentoring programs and community forums.
  • Free CE courses on resilience, mindfulness, coping with stress.
  • External counselors experienced with healthcare professionals.

How Can You Secure the Best NICU Travel Nurse Jobs?

Travel nursing in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can be an extremely rewarding career path for registered nurses. As a NICU travel nurse, you get to gain experience caring for critically ill newborns in different hospitals and cities across the country. However, to land the best NICU travel nurse jobs, there are some key steps you should take.

How to Obtain a Nursing License for Traveling?

The first requirement for travel nursing is having an active and unencumbered RN license. Each state has its own licensing requirements, so you'll need to obtain licenses in every state you plan to work as a travel nurse. Many nurses choose compact licensure which allows you to work in multiple compact states with just one license. You'll also need to make sure your immunizations, CPR certification (often BLS or ACLS), and other credentials are up to date.

Reputable travel nurse agencies will guide you through the licensing process for each state. Having all your licenses and certifications in order makes you a more desirable candidate for travel nursing jobs.

What is the Role of Healthcare Employers in NICU Travel Nursing?

Healthcare employers and hospitals play a critical role in travel nursing. When a hospital has an urgent staffing need in their NICU, they submit a request to a travel nurse agency. The agency then recruits qualified candidates to fill those NICU travel nurse jobs.

Hospitals rely on travel nurses like you to provide high-quality care when they are facing staff shortages. In turn, you as the traveler benefit from the opportunity to gain experience in renowned hospitals across the U.S., with freedom and flexibility to travel. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

How Can the Rapid Response Staffing Request Benefit NICU Travel Nurses?

One of the major benefits of NICU travel nursing is the ability to respond rapidly to urgent staffing requests from hospitals. For example, you may receive a call from your agency informing you that a hospital in New York needs to fill two NICU RN jobs within the next 2 weeks. Thanks to the quick placement coordinated by the agency, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

The rapid response staffing request allows you to embark on new adventures across the country with short notice. This enables you to gain exposure to different NICUs more frequently than would be possible in a permanent nursing role.

How to Leverage NICU Travel Nursing Jobs in Diverse Locations?

The key is to maintain an open mind when taking assignments in new cities and hospitals. Be a sponge to learn specialized skills at each NICU no matter where your job takes you. Observe how the physicians, advanced practitioners, respiratory therapists, and your fellow nurses work together. Note how families integrate into care. Draw on those experiences to keep improving your practice.

With diverse NICU travel nurse jobs, you'll constantly add to your breadth of knowledge as a neonatal nurse. This makes you more marketable for future roles. Remember to also prioritize your own self-care and mental health support when adjusting to new challenges.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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*Includes estimated wage of $18.00 - $25.00/hr and non-taxable benefits if eligible

Group of ER travel nurses

Join Host Healthcare as a NICU Travel Nurse

As a NICU travel nurse, you have a heart for nurturing and supporting some of the tiniest and most vulnerable members of our community. At Host Healthcare, we recognize the unique skills and dedication required for this challenging yet rewarding role as a NICU nurse in providing specialized patient care and comfort to infants, which is why we’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey as a travel nurse.

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Your Dream Career

As a travel NICU nurse , you’ll have the chance to gain valuable experience and expand your healthcare professional network while making a positive impact on the lives of premature infants and their families. At Host Healthcare, we have exclusive access to top healthcare facilities across the US with countless opportunities for NICU travel nurses like you. Plus, you’ll also have access to our team of responsive recruiters who will guide you through the job search and travel assignment placement process. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to staffing, ensuring that you are matched with the perfect travel nurse assignment based on your unique skills and preferences.

Experience the Benefits of NICU Travel Nursing

We understand that NICU nursing is a profoundly fulfilling experience that requires dedication, resilience, and compassion. That’s why we offer the best benefits in the healthcare industry, including day-one health benefits, free CEUs, competitive pay, customized housing assistance, and other valuable resources to help you reach your full potential. At Host Healthcare, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need to provide exceptional patient care.

Check out our exclusive NICU travel nurse jobs today and apply to join our community and start your travel nursing journey off on the right foot. Our friendly and responsive recruiters are passionate about helping you take your NICU travel nursing career to the next level.


Recruiters You’ll Love

Humble brag alert: Our recruiters have the best reviews in the business. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.


The #1 .cls-1{fill:#9ce7a7;stroke-width:0px;} Rated Travel Nursing Agency

Check out these reviews from real host healthcare travelers..

The best thing about working with Host Healthcare was my recruiter, Chris Murillo. He exemplifies the model for responsive, timely, and enthusiastic service. Chris also makes the effort to develop personal relationships with his clients. This is a man who truly cares about me as a person. Kudos to Host Healthcare for hiring and retaining this quality individual.

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

I’ve had a great experience with Host Healthcare. Lauren Pollacci is an excellent recruiter and easily the best one I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, she made the entire process painless. She is always extremely helpful with any need or concern I may have. I couldn’t imagine working with another recruiter at this point!
I've been working with Host Healthcare as a travel nurse for three years now and wouldn't change a thing. My recruiter Kat Cook has made the transition from staff nursing to travel nursing so easy. She is always available, listens to the needs of both myself and my wife (travel pair), and finds us the best jobs in the best locations! 10 out of 10 would recommend her and the agency every time.

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

Just started my 7th PT contract with Host and every contract has been a smooth transition. I’ve had great communication with my recruiter Kathryn Cook who has helped me land some great jobs and help with the credentialing process. I plan on staying with Host for many more years.

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

NICU Travel Nursing Jobs

Highest paying nicu travel nurse jobs.

NICU Travel Nurse - Advantis Medical

Advantis Medical - Ranked #1 by Clinicians

You can choose to work with one of our dedicated recruiters and receive white glove service while they do all the work for you, or you can apply directly on one of the thousands of jobs. Either way, we take the stress and hassle out of finding your next dream travel assignment.

Find NICU Travel Nurse Jobs by State

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Massachusetts

Find NICU Travel Nurse jobs across the US.

What to Expect

NICU nurses are responsible for the youngest patients: they give hands-on care to newborns in crisis conditions, monitor vitals and observe closely, feed and care for infants’ daily needs, maintain detailed records, and inform, educate, comfort, and coach caregivers and families.


Neonatal ICU nurses have several certifications:

  • CCRN Neonatal
  • RNC Certification for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC)
  • RNC Certification in Low-Risk Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-LRN(R))
  • ACLS,BLS,NIHSS,PALS certifications

NICU nurses must have an ADN or a BSN from an accredited institution. The BSN takes longer, approximately 4 years, but is considered more valuable and will likely help you find work more quickly and at a higher income.


NICU nurses have specific responsibilities:

  • Giving hands-on care to newborns in crisis conditions
  • Monitoring vitals and observing closely
  • Feeding and caring for infants’ daily needs
  • Maintaining detailed records


What are the benefits of being a travel nicu nurse with advantis medical, how does advantis medical support travel nicu nurses during their assignments, how can i grow professionally as a travel nicu nurse with advantis medical, how can i maintain work-life balance as a travel nicu nurse with advantis medical, how does advantis medical ensure the safety and health of its travel nicu nurses during their assignments, get started with advantisconnect ™.

  • Setting Preferences and Personalized Job Matches
  • Compare Pay Packages & Facility Information
  • Access to Exclusive & Auto-Offer roles
  • Personal Recruiters That Work for You
  • Quickly Compare Pay by Location

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4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

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  • Advantis Recruiters are Your Personal Success Agents
  • Recruiters will Custom-Match Jobs For You
  • Maximum Offers & Priority Submissions
  • Enduring Support, Lifelong Relationships
  • Recruiters that are experts in your Specialty


  • Access to Exclusive & Auto-Offer roles

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu


  • Allow a Pro Recruiter to do the Work for you
  • Advantis Recruiters are your personal success agent
  • Pro Recruiters that are experts in your Specialty
  • Working with our Pro Recruiters = Multiple Offers
  • Help finding housing for your travel assignment

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NICU Travel Nurse Resources

blog image

Explore High-Paying Travel Nurse and Allied Health Jobs

  • MedSurg Tele in Charlotte, NC
  • PCU in Louisville, KY
  • Stepdown in Milwaukee, WI
  • MedSurg Tele in Milwaukee, WI
  • MedSurg Tele in Rochester, NY
  • ER in Boston, MA
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  • MedSurg Tele in Louisville, KY

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

NICU Travel Nurse Jobs: How to Know if They Are Right for You

by Trusted Nurse Staffing | Sep 27, 2021 | News

how to become a travel nicu nurse

You’re a NICU nurse. You have a passion for babies. 

It’s one of the toughest — but most rewarding — nursing jobs out there. 

But you’re beginning to wonder about expanding your experience and becoming a NICU travel nurse.  

We get it — It’s a hard decision to make to jump into something new.

But, we’re here to assure you that many nurses of all fields have successfully transitioned from permanency to adventure — while still doing what they love . 

We’ll teach you all you need to know about NICU travel nursing as you consider what’s right for you and your career.

Table of Contents

Can you be a traveling nicu nurse, how to become a travel nicu nurse: 4 steps.

  • Why Travel Nursing Jobs as a NICU Nurse Might Be Right for You

Are Neonatal Travel Nurses in High Demand?

If you’re looking for nicu travel nurse jobs, trusted nurse staffing can help.

neonatal travel nurse salary

Yes — NICU travel nurse jobs are plentiful, and NICU nurses are in demand. 

Working as a NICU travel nurse allows you to follow your passion for caring for babies — while also following your passion for travel and adventure. 

Trusted Nurse Staffing can help you do what you love while offering flexible contracts so you can still have time for …

  • Girl’s night; or
  • Family time

… on your terms. You can be passionate about your career without sacrificing your other priorities.


What Does a NICU Travel Nurse Do?

NICU travel nurses perform the same job duties as permanent NICU nurses — and it’s not just changing tiny diapers all day.

NICU travel nurse jobs include:

  • Providing round-the-clock care to premature and severely ill newborn infants 
  • Feeding and changing diapers
  • Inserting intravenous lines
  • Performing tests
  • Administering medications 
  • Assisting the NICU physicians in medical procedures and treatments
  • Using specialized medical equipment 
  • Formulating nursing plans and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments 
  • Comforting the infants and their nervous and scared parents and family
  • Offering support to parents and family members with education on continuing at-home care

What Are the Qualities of Someone Well-Suited for NICU Travel Nurse Jobs?

A NICU travel nurse should be:

  • Flexible and able to prioritize effectively 
  • Highly observant
  • Able to determine the best course of action quickly
  • Empathetic and understanding toward parents and family
  • Passionate about babies
  • Knowledgeable of the physiologic and psychological needs of newborns
  • Able to work well within a multidisciplinary team  

Step #1: Become a Registered Nurse

NICU nurses begin by following the same education pathways as any registered nurse. 

You have two choices:

  • Takes 2 years (going full-time)
  • Takes 4 years (going full-time)

When working toward your ADN, most coursework is focused on foundational nursing skills.

But a BSN program includes more general education courses in the humanities and social sciences in addition to the foundational nursing courses.  

The last two years of a BSN program focus on …

  • Nursing techniques
  • Theory; and

… where you can gain hands-on practice participating in clinical and laboratory courses. 

In some programs, students can begin learning about neonatal nursing while still in school. 

After graduation, many nurses begin their NICU nursing career by starting in a general pediatrics unit and working their way up. 

Others may be able to participate in a graduate nursing residency in neonatal nursing . This allows new graduates to gain paid work experience while continuing their education on how to care for NICU babies. 

Note that nurses with a BSN are often given priority. 

No matter which degree you pursue, both prepare students to take the required NCLEX-RN. And both programs qualify for RN licensure. 

 Step #2: Pass the Licensure Examination

The NCLEX-RN evaluates basic nursing skills. 

These skills include:

  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Safety and infection control
  • Physiological adaptation
  • Psychosocial integrity 

The earliest date that you can take the NCLEX-RN exam varies by state. But the majority of students test about 45 days after they graduate from nursing school . 

State licensing can vary state-to-state. Learn what your state requires here . 

nicu travel nurse salary

Step #3: Obtain Additional Certificates

After you’ve earned licensure, you can pursue several different certifications in neonatal care. 

It’s not a requirement to become a NICU nurse, but it will help with your career advancement. 

NICU nursing is a specialty that requires additional certifications.

Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certification is a basic requirement. More comprehensive neonatal nursing certifications are available through the National Certification Corporation (NCC).

The National Certification Corporation offers an RNC Certification for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC).

The 3 prerequisites for this credential are:

  • An active RN license
  • Minimum of 2,000 direct patient care hours, education, administration, or research
  • A passing score on a qualifying exam

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses also grants a CCRN Neonatal specialty certification to applicants who possess 1,700-2,000 hours in direct care of acutely or critically ill NICU patients. 

Additional certifications for a NICU nurse include:

  • Low Risk Neonatal Nursing (RNC-LRN)
  • Neonatal Pediatric Transport (C-NPT)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring (C-EFM)

Step #4: Gain Relevant Experience

You’ll need two or more years of clinical experience working with NICU patients before you can apply to take a certification exam for neonatal nursing. 

You should aim for experience working in areas such as:

  • Pediatric nursing
  • Maternal-child nursing
  • Well baby nursing
  • Labor and delivery nursing 

Most NICU travel nurse jobs are going to require a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in the specialty of neonatal care in a hospital setting. 

If you think you’d make a great NICU travel nurse, we’d love to help you make your dreams come true. You can get started today by creating a free profile below.

Why Travel Nursing Jobs as a NICU Nurse Might Be Right for You 

Travel nursing jobs as a NICU nurse can offer you:

  • A chance to sharpen your clinical skills
  • The ability to work in a wide variety of patient populations
  • Paid travel to explore the country
  • More time with family and friends
  • Freedom and flexibility to work where you want – when you want

Ever-Changing NICU Travel Nursing Assignments

Experiencing new locations every few months is one of the biggest perks of working as a NICU travel nurse. 

From the thrills of New York City to the breathtaking views and outdoor adventure of Denver, there are no limits to where NICU travel nurse jobs can take you. 

Assignments are available in all 50 states. 

From major cities to small-town life, you can take advantage of what each city has to offer. Travel nursing provides you with the opportunity to live in any place you desire — something few other jobs can offer . 

How Long Do NICU Travel Nurse Job Assignments Last?

Assignments typically last 13 weeks. 

Ready for a new NICU adventure? You can accept another assignment in a new location.

Need a break? You can choose to take a week or more off if needed to visit family, friends, or just ‘Netflix and Chill’ for a bit.

Loving your current NICU assignment?   You can ask for an extension.

Another huge perk of travel nursing is the flexibility it provides!

What Are the Best Cities for NICU Travel Nursing Assignments?

Travel nurses choose their assignments for many different reasons:

  • Best paying area
  • Best outdoor adventure
  • Best nightlife
  • Close to family
  • Quiet, rural life

So, the best city for one nurse might make the bottom of the list for another. 

But some assignments seem to be more popular than others. 

When thinking of NICU travel nurse assignments, consider these 10 cities:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Washington D.C.
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Modesto, CA 
  • Summersville, WV

Competitive Neonatal Travel Nurse Salary

The average annual pay for a permanent NICU nurse is around $74,000. 

That’s pretty good, but …

The average annual pay for a NICU travel nurse is $105,503. 

This works out to be about $50.72 per hour — $2,029 per week — or $8,792 per month. 

NICU travel nurse salary can depend on:

  • The assignment location
  • The demand for NICU nurses
  • The travel nurse staffing agency; and
  • Your nursing credentials and experience 

Which States Offer the Highest NICU Travel Nurse Salaries?

Salary and staffing trends can vary depending on a few timing factors, such as:

  • Time of year
  • Time of staffing shortages 
  • Time of natural disaster
  • Time of crisis

But these 10 states tend to consistently rank as the highest paying states for NICU travel nurses:

  • District of Columbia
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • West Virginia 

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

As a NICU nurse, you’re in high demand. 

Neonatal nursing is an in-demand specialty for travel nurse jobs. 

Besides caring for tiny humans, you also act as an …

  • Educator; and
  • Emotional support

… for your patients’ families during stressful and often scary times. 

A study by JAMA Pediatrics reported a 22% increase in the number of babies admitted to the NICU over six years — and that trend has continued . 

Combined with a continuing nursing shortage, you’re likely to find yourself in constant demand for NICU travel nurse jobs. 

Trusted Nurse Staffing is here to help you land the top NICU travel nurse jobs at the pay you want, where you want. 

But we offer more than just great pay for our nurses.

Our many benefits include:

  • Generous housing, meal, and travel stipends
  • Customized benefits package 
  • HRA card to cover healthcare deductibles
  • Referral bonuses 
  • Sign-on and completion bonuses
  • 401K with 4% match after 1000-hours and 1-year of employment 
  • Overtime pay
  • Direct deposit
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance packages
  • Dental and vision packages 
  • License, certifications, and CEU reimbursement
  • A fun loyalty program

Are you ready to begin your career as a NICU travel nurse?

Get started today by simply clicking below to create your free profile.

One of the recruiters at Trusted Nurse Staffing will be in touch to discuss every aspect of this exciting career choice. 

Our goal is to deliver a personalized experience and exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Whether in the NICU or in another nursing position, your travel nursing career is in the best possible hands with Trusted Nurse Staffing.

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs

Jobs listing, neonatal intensive care unit job description.

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

NICU nurses provide care for newborns needing close monitoring due to premature birth, defects, infection, or other medical conditions requiring surgery or therapy. As a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, you’ll work under the direction of a physician, caring for the newborn, and helping to educate parents.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Job Requirements

  • Active BLS from the American Heart Association and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) credential
  • Active professional license within the state of practice
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certifications from the American Heart Association are required.
  • Specialty-related certifications are preferred and may be required for specific positions
  • Experience as a NICU nurse
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as an RN

Benefits Of Traveling With Stability Healthcare

Our  Stability Healthcare  recruiter will work with you to plan out various assignments for your travel career in advance. You get the following benefits with  Stability Healthcare :

Health Insurance

Stability Healthcare  incentives and benefits enhance  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse’s compensation . Such as

  • Day 1 Premium Insurance:   Starting on the first day of your assignment, you will be covered by premium insurance (medical, dental, vision, and life insurance).
  • $15,000 Company-paid Life/ADD Insurance.

Travel Nurse Salary & Benefits

According to the  United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) , Registered Nurses in the United States earn an average of  $80,010  a year. NICU nurses are among the highest-paid nurses. The typical NICU nurse income is approximately 19% greater than the median wage for a registered nurse at this hourly rate.

RNs working in the  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)  earn an average yearly pay of  $60,375 , while Neonatal Nurse Practitioners earn an average annual compensation of $ 93,122 , according to  Payscale .

Financial Benefits

Travel Nurses can earn more money with various assignments. Still, the good news is that it’s not only the money that attracts people to work as a  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) . With bonuses, extra shift compensation, stipends, and above-average compensation, travel nurses can significantly improve their earnings in a short period of time.

Stability Healthcare’s  incentives and advantages help  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  nurses earn more money. Such as the following:

  • PTO for All Nurses
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Extra Hours Bonus
  • Guaranteed Stipend
  • Paid Compliance Costs

Career Benefits

If you apply to position yourself as a strong candidate for a  NICU travel nurse career you will get many benefits .  Stability Healthcare’s  jobs  offer many benefits, such as

  • Nationwide Jobs
  • Prestigious Facilities
  • 401 (k) Plan
  • Joint Commission Certified

Are you looking for a  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)  career option? Check our job opportunities at Stability Healthcare and start a new step in your career!

Travel Nursing Reviews

Jennifer, rn.

The response time from my recruiter and nurse specialist is amazing! They both have been so great to work with on my first assignment out in California!!! Chad and Samantha both are super caring and very responsive! I already extended my contract with the hospital because of the smooth process. They made the transition from Florida to California a lot loss stressful than I imagined. Would definitely recommend them both!!!

My recruiter, and other staff I have had the pleasure of interacting with, are all so friendly and helpful. My recruiter is responsive, and even reached out while she was on vacation to check on me! I’ve worked with other agencies in the past, but Stability is next level when it comes to making your travel nursing experience as seamless as possible! Special shout out to Lindsay (best recruiter ever) and Tracy. Amazing people to work with.

Brittany J.

My recruiter is very responsive and personable. I have NEVER had any issues with them!! This agency even has PTO! None of my co workers with other agencies have this benefit!! Also the rates are equal or higher than most other agencies!! Everything feels more like family than business and for that I would choose stability over any other agency!! I am so happy I chose to work with them!

Sopheare C.

My recruiter Amanda is amazing and always timely with her responses. Debbie who is my nurse experience specialist who is with me all times of the contract is truly awesome. Love how responsive she is and will answer any and all my questions. Big thanks to Jesse my compliance coordinator for making all the appointments and getting me travel ready. Can’t thank my team enough for all they do. Any question or issue I have they resolve right away. And I love that they breakdown each contract into a spread so you know exactly what your getting for the terms of the contract.

I have been incredibly impressed by the professionalism, ease of communication, ability to have all requirements for onboarding fulfilled in a timely manner, and just overall outstanding service. Lindsay Hernandez is my particular recruiter and she has been a pleasure to work with, as well as all the team members at Stability. I’m looking forward to staying with them for my next assignment. I highly recommend them to my nursing friends, and anyone looking to travel as a nurse!

Travel Nurse Experiences

Nurse is standing at a podium in a political setting like a the Senate or House of Representatives.

  • May 29, 2024
  • by Leslie Catalano

international traveling nurse with a mask, backpack, and suitcase boarding a plane to her next assignment

  • April 22, 2024
  • by Myah Christenson

4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

  • April 12, 2024

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4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

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NICU Travel Nurse Career Guide & Requirements

nicu travel nurse requirements

Neonatal nursing is a crucial specialty, and in the NICU, nurses care for newborns who are critically ill. From micro-preemies to feeders & growers, explore what it’s like to work as a NICU travel nurse. Whether you’re a new grad nurse thinking about travel nursing or an experienced NICU nurse stepping into travel, this guide will give you insight into what it’s like working on the floor in facilities across the country from someone who has been in your shoes.

Part 1: What is a NICU Travel Nurse?

Part 2: nicu experience & certifications, part 3: what is it like to work as a nicu travel nurse, part 4: nicu travel nurse advice.

  • Part 5: Who to Follow & NICU Advice

Nurses who work in the neonatal intensive unit care work with sick and/or premature newborn babies. Their goal centers around their patients improving in feeding, weight and eventually becoming healthy enough to go home. 

NICU RN, Kelsey

TNAA Ambassador, Kelsey, is a NICU nurse who has worked as a travel nurse in facilities in North Dakota, Colorado, and New Hampshire tells us why she loves her specialty:

  View this post on Instagram   Being a NICU nurse isn’t just about holding babies. 👣 It’s about working hard to reunite a family that never expected to be here in the first place. Being with those families watching them grow and learn together. Going through the ups and the downs together. Being a NICU nurse I get to become a temporary part of your family. Listening to your concerns and voicing them with you. We celebrate milestones together and we go through setbacks together. So yes I may snuggle and rock babies but most of you don’t see the first few months it took to get to that rocking and snuggling stage. So when it finally comes, we hold your babies. We treat your babies like they are our babies. Your family is important to us and we can’t wait for you to be together at home. Thank you for letting me apart of your family, Kelsey, NICU RN 🤗 (Photos from local news article) . .. … …. ….. #nicu #nicunurse #nicubaby #nicugrads #nicustrong #neonatalnurse #niculife #nicuawareness #neonates #tinyhumans #babies #marchofdimes #premie #prematurebaby #prematurity #awareness #career #registerednurse #rnbsn #careergoals #nurse #travelnurse #travelwithtnaa #micropreemie #grow #family #families #littlefighters #fighter #nursing A post shared by Kelsey (@traveling_nicu_rn) on Apr 16, 2019 at 1:28pm PDT

“I don’t have one particular love, but I love seeing babies grow from extreme prematurity to term infants. You get to know them, and you find yourself treating them like they are your children. I enjoy difficult cases that challenge my nursing skills. I enjoy feeling needed by the parents and being able to talk them through situations and teach them everything they need to know about taking their baby home. But mostly I love the look on parents’ faces on the day they get to take their baby home. It is usually a long process, and leaving the NICU is bittersweet, but being able to make them a family makes me proud.”

NICU RN, Kayla

TNAA Ambassador, Kayla, is a NICU nurse who has worked as a travel nurse in facilities in Florida, Utah, Nevada, and more tells us why she loves her specialty:

nicu travel nurse utah jobs

“The best part of working in the NICU? Hands down – those precious babies!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how many miraculous stories and achievements  I’ve watched unfold during my time working as a NICU nurse. NICU babies are truly incredible; they are such fighters, and watching them overcome all kinds of obstacles and beat all kinds of odds is something I truly love about my job. There is absolutely nothing like what goes on within the walls of a neonatal intensive care unit. NICU babies remind me that anything is possible, and I am honored to be able to care for them!”

To work as a travel nurse, you need at least 1 year of experience in an acute care facility. And the NICU is no different. Most facilities want to see that you have had time to develop your skills before you travel as you often will have limited orientation on assignment.

Most NICU nurses hold the following certifications:

  • BLS, Basic Life Support
  • ACLS, Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • PALS, Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • NRP, Neonatal Resuscitation Program

You can beef up your credentials with the following certifications:

  • RNC, the Intensive Care certification for NICU
  • Neonatal Touch and Massage
  • STABLE, focuses focus exclusively on the post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization care of sick infants

nicu travel nurse blog

Our travelers have worked in NICUs all over the country. And walking into a new facility every 13 weeks makes the job of caring for neonates inherently different. We asked Kelsey and Kayla what it was like to go into various facilities to help care for babies.

“I love it! I was worried when I started traveling that I was going to be taking care of infants we call feeder/growers (basically infants who are extremely close to discharge). I was worried I would lose my skills in taking care of complex cases with high-frequency ventilators and nitric oxide and managing multiple drips. But I have been proven very wrong. Meeting parents from all over who find me social media and send my updated photos of their babies makes me so happy.” — Kelsey

  View this post on Instagram   We had the opportunity this week to visit Little Rock, Arkansas for an ambassador event with @travelnurseacrossamerica. We made so many new friends! We visited the corporate office and met all of the truly amazing people who help make this travel nurse dream a reality. They welcomed us with open arms, showered us with gifts, fed us the best food, and taught us all about this incredible company and how much goes into it. I am feeling SO blessed to be a part of the TNAA family! ❤️ • If you’re a nurse who wants to travel one day, let me know! I can connect you with the best travel nurse company around. 🖤 • • • #travelwithTNAA #travelnurse #travelRN #travel #nurselife #lovewhatyoudo @travel_nursing A post shared by Kayla (@vanfamadventures) on Sep 25, 2019 at 12:59pm PDT

“I love it. Not only do I get to take care of miracle babies – but I get to do it all around the country! I love that I get to learn what different units do and why. I get to work with NICU nurses from all different places and learn from them while we all care for such a wonderful patient population. At the beginning of a contract, I do find myself working with more of the “feeder/grower population,” meaning NICU babies who are learning how to eat and growing before getting discharged and going home. After some time at my assignment, I usually will be given babies who require higher levels of care. I also find myself floating to PICU and the pediatric floor, especially during flu/RSV season. I don’t mind floating at all, and in my experience, the floors I float to have given me very appropriate assignments, keeping in mind that my specialty is NICU. The other floors are also usually extremely thankful for the extra help and have been very welcoming and helpful when I float to their unit!” — Kayla

  •  Be flexible. If you’re given 4 stable feeder/grower babies and you’re not used to that, it’s okay. From my traveling experience, I’ve learned that each unit staffs different and acquity is different in each unit. BE FLEXIBLE. As long as your assignment is SAFE and you are capable of caring for the patients – remember that YOU are there to help with staffing needs. Even though a feeder/grower 4 baby assignment is not ideal, it may be how that unit staffs when necessary. Along the same lines, if you are floated (also not ideal), BE FLEXIBLE. Have a good attitude, smile, and help the unit that you’ve been staffed to help.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re a brand new traveler. You’re not expected to know where everything is or where to find that equipment that you hardly ever have to use. Changes are, you got a couple of shifts of orientation, and when you’re on your own — there will be things on that unit that you aren’t sure about. ASK QUESTIONS. The nurses, in my experience, are very willing to help and offer advice or show you where things are. But, they don’t know that you have a question unless you ASK! At the same time, if you EVER feel uncomfortable in an assignment or feel as though it’s unsafe – don’t be afraid to ask the charge nurse for a more appropriate assignment. Everyone’s goal is to give safe care for those precious NICU babies, and by asking questions, you’re helping to make that goal happen.
  • Don’t use the phrase “that’s not how I’ve done it.” I’ve learned during my time as a traveler that every place does things a little bit differently. We are not there as travelers to tell them how the other 7 hospitals we’ve been to have done things. Now, don’t get me wrong, if they ASK for ways to improve processes or if they ASK how we’ve seen things done in the past – by all means, feel free to offer your opinion or insight based on your experiences! But, I’ve seen lots of travelers who have negative attitudes during their assignments or spend their entire assignment with a “Well, this is NOT how I’ve done it.” And honestly, that attitude makes it kind of a negative experience for everyone. Be willing to learn, even if that means possibly setting aside how you’ve been doing things to follow new policies on your new unit.

nicu travel nurse requirements

Part 5: Who to Follow & NICU Resources

Kelsey recommends networking as much as possible! “Network. Find other people on social media who also work in the NICU or other NICU travelers and reach out. These people will help you with questions and discuss experiences and hospitals they have worked at with you and believe me, it is extremely helpful. You also never know what nursing student is looking up to you and being envious of this career path you have chosen.”

  • @passportsandpreemies — a NICU travel nurse
  • National Association of Neonatal Nurses
  • Kayla :  @traveling_nicu_rn — my fellow TNAA Ambassador! @marchofdimes  Academy of Neonatal Nursing Pro tip: go to conferences for NICU nurses to keep your education up-to-date while networking with other neonatal nurses
  View this post on Instagram   Most new parents don’t think twice about buying diapers. Sizes in the NICU start at nano-preemie, to micro-preemie, to preemie, and then to newborn! To all our NICU 👣 parents this is a huge milestone!! Going up a diaper size is an exciting day for our NICU families since it means their baby is GROWING!!! . .. … …. #pampers #diapers #nicu #nicunurse #nicubaby #nicugrads #nicustrong #neonatalnurse #niculife #nicuawareness #neonates #tinyhumans #babies #marchofdimes #premie #prematurebaby #prematurity #awareness #career #registerednurse #rnbsn #nurse #travelnurse #micropreemie #grow #family #families #littlefighters #fighter #nursing A post shared by Kelsey (@traveling_nicu_rn) on Apr 18, 2019 at 9:28am PDT

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4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

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4 Week Travel Assignments

Specialties Travel

Published Nov 12, 2006


  • + Add a Comment


I have not had or heard of a 4 week assignment....but I did do a 6 week assignment through TravelMax. Great experience.

suzanne4, RN

26,410 Posts

Quite a few of the agencies have four week assignments, but they are not common and usually are for specialty-type areas, such as Operating Room, cath lab, endosecopy lab, etc. Rarely find them for things like med-surg.

They are hit and miss when they have them, last few that I have seen were all for the OR.

What is your specialty?

thanks for the replies...i have worked the majority in M/S and urology; orthopedics; post-partum and same-day surgery...i will continue to look for the 4 week assignments and thanks for the comments...


Try On Assignment, NurseChoice or Faststaff

thanks for the replies...patty:p

dhogan only does 4 week assignments I'm told.:roll


Nurse Choice has mostly 8 week assignments and most of them are in the SW and California. They have had some 4 week assignments but not that many.

The Wolf:paw:



where did you find a 4 weeker for or? i am a or nurse. i would like to go to alaska for 4 weeks. and help to get me there?


nightingale, RN

2,404 Posts

There are 4 week assignments for all specialties; being an OR Nurse is a big plus. They are not nearly as plentiful as 13 week assignments, though. You do need to "ask" all the Agencies you come into contact with about this option and tell them off your interest. Let them know, you also intend to renew if that is your goal after some time off.

I have also heard that you "can" sometimes negotiate time off (not paid and occasionally paid) in between the period of your contract. Be creative, keep good notes of your research, and remember how valuable you are.

What state, nurseontheloose, are you in? Is it possible to work a drive away from home?

There are several Agencies who utilize 4 week assignments, that I am familiar with: Travel Nurse Solutions, Fastaff, NurseChoice, and Critical Nurse Staffing. There are others but it depends on what state you want to go to for information to an area.

I have also called facilities, spoke with the Scheduling Office, to see who they use for Staffing with an Agency. It helps tremendously if you know where you want to go. I have spoken with the Nurse Manager and had them review my information before an Agency was able to recruit me. This is a lot of extra work but I like getting what I want.

Good luck to you and let us know how you make out.



Has Anyone Heard Of 'sunbelt' Staffing Agency? They Are Calling Me Everyday! Every Single Day!!!

Has Anyone Heard Of 'sunbelt' Staffing Agency? They Are Calling Me Everyday! Every Single Day!!! Thanks, Jacki

From the get go, they sound difficult. Have you told them to not call every day? I would tell them you will get back with them.


  1. 4 week travel nurse assignments

    4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

  2. Assignment on 4-week travel nursing

    4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

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    4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

  4. PPT

    4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

  5. Assignment on 4-week travel nursing

    4 week travel nurse assignments nicu

  6. What Travel Nurses Encounter In The PICU And NICU

    4 week travel nurse assignments nicu


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  5. VLOG: nicu nurse week in the life, 3 shifts in a row, nuuly try-on haul, & getting back on track!

  6. Travel Nurse Orientation Week


  1. Nicu Travel Nurse jobs

    483 Nicu Travel Nurse jobs available on Apply to Registered Nurse - Nicu, Travel Nurse, Labor and Delivery Nurse and more! ... Overall Assignment Amount: $42,080 based on 13 weeks*. ... this is not like a travel or temporary assignment, we want our amazing nurses to stay for the long ...

  2. Travel Nurse NICU Jobs

    Explore travel nurse NICU jobs that offer excellent pay, benefits, travel reimbursements, and more. Search jobs nationwide online today! ... NICU - Level III Job Length: 12 Weeks - 12 hrs 36/wk : Madera, CA : View Details RN : Neonatal ICU : Madera CA NLC: $2,695 : Shift: Nights - Level II Nursery Job Length: 13 Weeks - 12 hrs 36/wk : Boston, MA :

  3. Apply for Traveling Nicu Nurse Jobs Today

    Travel NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) RN (Registered Nurse) in Lodi, CA - 690075. Medical Solutions 4.3. Lodi, CA 95240. $2,311 - $2,565 a week. Per diem. Easily apply. This NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in RN (Registered Nurse) job in Lodi, CA could be the next chapter in your story of personal and professional growth.

  4. NICU Nurse Jobs

    With more than 10,000 babies born each day in the United States, travel NICU nurse jobs allow you to make an impact in neonatal intensive care units across the country. Our traveling NICU nurses leave travel assignments with new skillsets and establish relationships and bonds with families that last a lifetime.

  5. NICU Travel Nurse

    How long are NICU Nurse Travel Assignments? 04. Typically, a NICU Nurse travel assignment is 13 weeks, which allows you the perfect amount of time to tour your destination and meet new people. ... Nurses Week & Year-Round Discounts for Healthcare Professionals Read More. Apr 24, 2024 8:00:00 AM. 2024 Conferences for Healthcare Travelers Read ...

  6. Why NICU Nurses are in High Demand for Travel Assignments

    Flexible short-term travel assignments ranging from 8 to 26 weeks. Housing and travel arrangements taken care of by agency. ... (NICU) can be an extremely rewarding career path for registered nurses. As a NICU travel nurse, you get to gain experience caring for critically ill newborns in different hospitals and cities across the country. ...

  7. NICU Travel Nurse Jobs and Salary

    According to, a full-time NICU nurse working in a single facility makes an average yearly salary of around $79,422, or $1,527 per week. Meanwhile, NICU travel nurses with AMN Healthcare earn between $1,400 and upwards of $3,100* per week for performing the exact same duties as a permanent NICU nurse. Apply Now.

  8. Travel Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Jobs

    The average salary for a NICU Nurse is $2,183 per week. This is 3% higher than the nursing US average of $2,114. Last updated on May 26, 2024. Based on 1,277 active jobs on in the last 7 days. Explore all travel NICU Nurse salary insights.

  9. NICU Travel Nurse Jobs

    Providence, RI. RN - NICU. RN14 WeeksNightsEstimated Total Pay $2,547.86 - $2,726.65/wk*. View Details. *Includes estimated wage of $26.16 - $33.16/hr and non-taxable benefits if eligible. Load More. Join Host Healthcare as a NICU Travel Nurse. As a NICU travel nurse, you have a heart for nurturing and supporting some of the tiniest and most ...

  10. NICU Travel Nursing Jobs

    Looking for your next adventure as a NICU Travel Nurse? Advantis Medical has you covered! We're experts in placing NICU Travel Nurses in top facilities across the US. As the #1 travel nurse agency, we make your job search stress-free. Browse our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse jobs below, click on the ones you're interested in, and let us know.

  11. Are NICU Travel Nurse Jobs Right for You?

    Competitive Neonatal Travel Nurse Salary. The average annual pay for a permanent NICU nurse is around $74,000. That's pretty good, but …. The average annual pay for a NICU travel nurse is $105,503. This works out to be about $50.72 per hour — $2,029 per week — or $8,792 per month. NICU travel nurse salary can depend on:

  12. NICU Travel Nursing Jobs ::

    Travel Nurse RN - NICU - $2,140 per week in Harrison, AR - We're offering a rewarding LD position for Registered Nurses with experience managing the care of mothers and their babies during the delivery process for a 13 week contract assignment at a state-of-the-art area hospital. You'll experience an incredibly supportive and ambitious team at ...

  13. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs

    The typical NICU nurse income is approximately 19% greater than the median wage for a registered nurse at this hourly rate. RNs working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) earn an average yearly pay of $60,375, while Neonatal Nurse Practitioners earn an average annual compensation of $ 93,122, according to Payscale.

  14. NICU Travel Nurse Career Guide & Requirements

    Part 2: NICU Experience & Certifications. To work as a travel nurse, you need at least 1 year of experience in an acute care facility. And the NICU is no different. Most facilities want to see that you have had time to develop your skills before you travel as you often will have limited orientation on assignment.

  15. New NICU travel RN

    Hiii! I am NICU RN With one year of level 4 and one year level 3 experience. I am interested in a level 4 position but would like to know what my assignments might look like. At my previous job level 4 NICU job I saw a travel nurse with feeder/grow assignments with the occasional vent but only rarely. Is this generally how nicu travel ...

  16. Travel NICU Nurse Jobs in Texas

    Vivian has the best Travel NICU Nurse jobs in Texas. Join today and find your next Travel NICU Nurse job. ... $1,779 /week. The average salary for a NICU Nurse in Texas is $1,779 per week. This is 23% lower than the US average of $2,182. Last updated on May 25, 2024. Based on 46 active jobs on in the last 7 days.

  17. NICU Travel Nurse : r/TravelNursing

    Hi all! I'm currently on my first assignment as a travel nurse in the NICU and I'm thinking about the trajectory of my travel nursing career. I'm looking for insight into experiences that have allowed my fellow NICU travel nurses to gain experience with acuity (ie: sicker babies, small babies/micropremies). I want to continue to use my ...

  18. 4 Week Travel Assignments

    There are several Agencies who utilize 4 week assignments, that I am familiar with: Travel Nurse Solutions, Fastaff, NurseChoice, and Critical Nurse Staffing. There are others but it depends on what state you want to go to for information to an area. I have also called facilities, spoke with the Scheduling Office, to see who they use for ...

  19. 400+ Nicu Travel Jobs, Employment May 24, 2024|

    Concord, MA 01742. From $2,739 a week. Travel nursing. Overtime + 3. Easily apply. As a Travel RN NICU earning $2,739/week for 36 hours, you will utilize your core skills in catheterization, patient care, and nursing to provide high-quality…. Active 3 days ago ·. More... View similar jobs with this employer.

  20. Travel Nurse RN

    TravelNurseSource Travel Nurse RN - NICU In Jasper, AL - Excellent Benefits 2024-05-31 jobs in Jasper, AL. ... This assignment is for 13 weeks and ideal candidates must have at least one year of recent experience as a(n) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse (NICU RN) Position Details ...

  21. RN 4 Week Travel Assignment Jobs, Employment

    Travel Contracts for Registered Nurses (RN) Central MA- Med Surg/Tele/PCU. Your Hospital Nursing Team Care 2.8. Worcester, MA. Typically responds within 2 days. $2,520 - $3,088 a week. Full-time + 2. Day shift + 5. Easily apply. Your Hospital Nursing Team Care (YHNTC) provides a distinctive touch in assisting you with each staffing assignment ...