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Action research proposal template: a guide for real-world problem solving.

As a researcher dedicated to making a real impact in the world, I understand the importance of developing an action research proposal that goes beyond the standard academic proposal . Action research is a powerful tool for bringing about meaningful change in a specific context, and a well-crafted proposal is essential for ensuring that the research is both rigorous and relevant to the needs of the community or organization being studied. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to creating an action research proposal template, outlining the key components and considerations that set it apart from a traditional research proposal . Whether you are a student, practitioner, or academic, understanding the unique elements of an action research proposal will enable you to approach your research projects with a focus on real-world problem solving and positive change.

Action Research Proposal Template

The Effectiveness of Implementing Technology in a Mathematics Classroom

Background and Introduction:

In this section, provide a brief overview of the research problem and context. Discuss the rationale for conducting the action research and provide a clear statement of the research question or objective.

The incorporation of technology in educational settings has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. However, the effectiveness of using technology in mathematics classrooms is still a subject of debate. This action research aims to investigate the impact of implementing technology on students’ mathematical abilities and engagement in a middle school classroom.

Research Goals and Objectives:

Clearly outline the specific goals and objectives of the action research. What do you hope to achieve through this study? What are the intended outcomes?

The primary goal of this action research is to analyze the impact of technology integration on students’ mathematical performance and attitudes towards the subject. The objectives include assessing changes in students’ test scores, observing their engagement during technology-enhanced lessons, and gathering feedback from both students and teachers about their experiences with technology in the classroom.

Research Methodology:

Detail the research methodology that will be used to conduct the action research. This includes a description of the participants, data collection methods , and data analysis techniques .

The action research will be conducted in a 7th-grade mathematics classroom with a total of 30 students. Data will be collected through pre- and post-assessments, classroom observations, and student and teacher interviews. Quantitative data will be analyzed using statistical methods, while qualitative data will be subjected to thematic analysis to identify recurring patterns and themes.

Action Plan:

Provide a timeline and action plan for implementing the research. How will the data collection and analysis be carried out? What are the key milestones and deadlines?

The action research will be carried out over the course of 10 weeks. Week 1-2 will involve pre-assessments and the introduction of technology integration into the classroom. Weeks 3-8 will focus on implementing technology-enhanced lessons and collecting data through observations and student feedback. Weeks 9-10 will be dedicated to post-assessments and data analysis .

Expected Outcomes and Impact:

Discuss the anticipated outcomes of the action research and the potential impact on the educational setting. How will the findings contribute to the existing knowledge in the field?

It is expected that the findings of this action research will demonstrate the positive impact of technology integration on students’ mathematical performance and engagement. The results will provide valuable insights for educators and policymakers on the effectiveness of using technology in mathematics classrooms, potentially influencing future curriculum and instructional design decisions.

Budget and Resources:

Outline the budget and resources required to conduct the action research. This may include costs for technology equipment, data collection materials, and personnel.

The action research will require funding for the purchase of tablets or laptops for the classroom, as well as printing materials for assessments and consent forms. Additionally, there may be personnel costs for hiring a research assistant to aid in data collection and analysis.


Summarize the key points of the action research proposal and reiterate the significance of the study . Emphasize the potential benefits of conducting the research and the importance of addressing the research question or objective.


List all of the references cited in the action research proposal using the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA). This section demonstrates the scholarly foundation of the proposed research.

My advice on using the Action Research Proposal Template:

When using this template, be sure to customize it to fit the specific context and goals of your action research. Tailor the examples and language to your own research topic and consider seeking feedback from peers or mentors to ensure the proposal is clear and comprehensive. Pay close attention to the research methodology and action plan, as these sections will guide the implementation and data collection process. Lastly, be diligent in your budget and resource planning to ensure the successful execution of the action research.

Download free Action Research Proposal Template in Word DocX, Powerpoint PPTX, and PDF. We included Action Research Proposal Template examples as well.

Download Free Action Research Proposal Template PDF and Examples Download Free Action Research Proposal Template Word Document

Download Free Action Research Proposal Template Powerpoint

Action Research Proposal Template FAQ

1. what is an action research proposal.

An action research proposal is a document that outlines the plan for an action research project . It includes the background of the issue, the purpose of the research, the research questions , the methodology, and the expected outcomes .

2. What should be included in an action research proposal?

An action research proposal should include an introduction to the research problem, a literature review , the research questions , the methodology, the timeline for the project, the expected outcomes , and a brief discussion of how the research will be implemented and evaluated.

3. How long should an action research proposal be?

An action research proposal should typically be around 5-10 pages long, including all necessary components such as the background, literature review , methodology, and expected outcomes.

4. What is the purpose of an action research proposal?

The purpose of an action research proposal is to outline the plan for conducting an action research project, including the steps to be taken, the goals to be achieved, and the expected impact of the research.

5. Can an action research proposal be modified during the course of the research?

Yes, an action research proposal can be modified as the research progresses and new information becomes available. It is important to be flexible and willing to make changes as needed to ensure the success of the research project.

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This chapter excerpt describes the salient elements of action research and the basic process.

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Andrew Johnson

Teachers are the most significant variable in determining the quality of education students receive and the amount of learning that occurs. Yet, when it comes to discussions about how to enhance learning or improve the quality of education, this most significant variable is often ignored. To make this variable even more significant, there must be continued investment in teacher professional development. Action research can be an efficient and effective method to use in this regard. This chapter will examine the following: (a) the process of becoming an expert teacher, (b) the basics of action research, (c) traditional professional development for teachers, (d) strategies for developing teacher expertise, (f) proposals, products, and presentations, and (g) effective professional development and action research

action research proposal for classroom problem pdf free download

Action research can be defined as a systematic observation of one’s own teaching practice. It is a way to link theories and research directly to classroom practice. It also empowers teachers to make the changes that are best for their own teaching situations. In this sense, action research is an effective and economical way to attend to the professional development of teachers. This article describes the basic elements of action research.

This article describes the elements necessary for designing cohesive and effective field experiences in teacher education.

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education

Thomas J. Templin , K. Andrew R. Richards

Using occupational socialization theory, this investigation describes the socialization of Janet, an induction phase physical education (PE) teacher. Special attention was given to the forms of induction assistance Janet was exposed to during her first two years at Liberty Middle School. Data were collected through seven interviews with Janet and interviews with Janet’s mentor, principal, and assistant superintendent. Analyses were conducted using inductive analysis and the constant comparative method. Results indicate that Janet was exposed to several forms of assistance including a state wide induction assistance initiative called the State Mentoring and Assessment Program (S-MAP). She found the informal assistance provided by her teaching colleague and the community of practice they formed to be among the most important elements of her induction, and she was critical of the formal support she received through the S-MAP.

This chapter excerpt describes the process of doing a literature review.

Kachinga Sichimata

Usage and addiction of dangerous drugs which has been identified as Narcotics, Depressants, Stimulants, hallucinogens and Cannabis (Dharmapriya, 2001 ), in various countries has been a common trend in both developed and developing countries specially among the youth. They get adverse effect on physical and mental conditions through continued usage of drug. Throughout the human history, people have been using some kind of stimulants in the form of alcohol or drugs for one or other reasons. However, in the resent past with the introduction of narcotics it has been spread throughout the world very fast and millions of people and their families have made suffered. In Zambia, historical reports say that even in Colonial rule, Colonialists had to impose laws to prohibit trafficking of Cannabis and Cocaine (proclamation in 1675). During the colonial time alcoholism and drug addiction among Zambian people gradually developed (CSO, 1969). During the last two decades drug addiction has been a growing phenomenon in Zambia and other countries due to a multitude of factors. On the other hand, the illegal economy of the drug trade not only drug production and trafficking but also other related criminal activities causes market distortions and damages a society’s overall capacity to produce. The drug economy results in losses for governments. It generates no tax revenues, and anti-drug policies significantly increase public expenditures(education, police, courts, prisons, health care systems). This issue is not just an academic exercise. The numbers play a significant role in the implementation of drug and crime control policies and regulations, both nationally as well as globally. All anti-drug supporters and adversaries of the current drug abuse control regime use the billions of money for the global drug abuse reduction, although nobody really knows if the number of addicts will ever reduce and this has been the question of centuries. It is indeed imperative to find out and explore the impact of drug addiction in communities especially among the youth, with reference to the economic development of the country.

wastiti adiningrum

This chapter excerpt describes how to use action research for a Master's Thesis. Included are a proposal form and what should be included in each chapter of a thesis.


Dann Sklarew

Michelle L Damiani , Brent C Elder

Early Childhood Research Quarterly

Jessica Thomas

Steven Fleisher

I.G.A. Lokita Purnamika Utami

corazon morilla

Camilius Sanga

The Behavior Analyst Today

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Linda Sellers , Mimi Recker

Copyright ProQuest, UMI Dissertations Publishing 2013

Nikki Boots , Heidi Diefes-Dux , James Lehman , Johannes Strobel

MATSOL Currents

Christine Leider

Lucas Magalhães

Editorial Board

James McLeskey


Candace Gratama , Jeannette LaFors

Robert Swap , Caroline Berinyuy , Kent Wayland , Loren Intolubbe-Chmil , Loren Intolubbechmil , Joseph Francis , Christopher J Colvin

Margo Greenwood

Michael S Miller

Joy Marie Doan

Matthew Ohlson, Ph.D.

In M. Chitiyo, G. Prater, L. Aylward, G. Chitiyo, E. Dalton, & A. Hughs (Eds.)

Carla Reis Abreu-Ellis

jafar ahmadigol , Gabriela Jalil Perez , Karen Wisdom

Sylva M. Caracatsanis

US-China Education Review A & B

Journal of Formative Design in Learning

Katrina Liu , Richard Miller

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Franco Gil Vega

AccELLerate! National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition: STEM Issue

Zenaida Aguirre-munoz , Pamela Breitberg , Margaret Berg , Marco Bravo

Learning & Leading With Technology, March/April, 32-34. (2010)

Meg Blanchard

Eunice Jang

Michael Wittmann


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    Using Games (A Classroom Action Research on the Eight Grade Students of SMP N 2 Baki Sukoharjo in 2008/2009 Academic Year). A Thesis. Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Sebelas Maret University. Surakarta. 2009. This action research study is designed to improve students' speaking proficiency by implementing games.

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