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Narrative Essay: If I Were President

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you were ever elected president of the United States of America? The 2016 elections were the subject of much debate over who would make the best president. There are many people who don’t feel like the right person was elected and have speculated extensively on whether he’s up for the job. Of course, there are plenty of people who are glad he was given the job over the other candidate. Do you think you could do a better job?

If I were president, I would take the emphasis off of racial ethnicity and class and place it back where the Constitution began, which is that everyone was created equal. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like, we are all people and all deserve the same rights. At the same time, America is a welcoming country and people should be taking the proper steps to become a legal resident of the country. If this were the case, there would be fewer people who have trouble with minorities because they wouldn’t be using resources that belong to American citizens when they were not legally entitled to them.

If I were president, children wouldn’t go hungry. Those with enough would be compelled to share and those who were lacking would get the help they need. The amount of food that is thrown away in America is appalling when so many people are going without a meal. Grocery stores could give their surplus or less than perfect looking produce to food banks. Restaurants could donate end of the day leftovers to food kitchens or homeless shelters. Never again would a child have to feel the pains of being hungry.

If I were president, education wouldn’t be so controversial. Parents would support teachers and teachers would support parents. Neither would be against the other and each would be focused solely on the education of the child and ensuring that he or she has a bright future. Funding would be pulled from politicians paychecks to help pay for the needs of every school. Teachers would be properly trained to work with students of all kinds and would be paid accordingly. After all, the future of the world depends on today’s children so shouldn’t our money be going to that over anything else?

If I were president, the environment would become a top concern. People would be motivated to recycle and reuse things so that landfills could be kept from taking over their communities. Research dollars would be allocated toward developing environmentally friendly fuel sources and people and companies would be compensated for choosing solar panels and other things that are better for the environment. Protecting our world is important for future generations and educating the public about what they can do to help would be a top priority.

If I were president, kindness would prevail and people would treat those around them with love, respect and basic courtesy. There wouldn’t be any resources wasted on petty arguments and fights between neighbors or family members. I know I might be wearing rose colored glasses, but if people truly treated others as they want to be treated, the world would be a better place for everyone.

Not everyone can become the president, but if those that do were better at doing what the people need and trying not to be ruled by money, every citizen of the country would benefit in a big way. If we all come together and do what’s best for the nation instead of one population or individual, the United States would be an even better place to live.

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The New York Times

The learning network | what would you do if you were president.

The Learning Network - Teaching and Learning With The New York Times

What Would You Do if You Were President?

Student Opinion - The Learning Network

Questions about issues in the news for students 13 and older.

  • See all Student Opinion »

For an Op-Ed piece , 12 Americans who don’t work in politics or the media were asked what they would do if they were president. What would you do? What issues do you think are most pressing?

In the ArtsBeat blog post “If I Were President …,” Jesse Kornbluth asks two professors, three writers, an entrepreneur, a medical doctor, a prioress, a youth advocate, a painter, an astrophysicist and an inventor share what they would do if elected to the Oval Office. Excerpts from their statements include these:

MICHAEL J. SANDEL: I would invest in an infrastructure for civic renewal — not just roads and bridges, but schools, transit, playgrounds, parks, community centers, health clinics, libraries and national service. SHARON OLDS: I’d grant the very rich the boon of helping them help others, as a form of gratitude for their good fortune. ANDREW WEIL: I’d tell the nation that I was powerless to control the war machine, Wall Street, big oil and the other interests that run the country, and I would urge Americans to form a new political party not beholden to them. DANNY MEYER: I’d appoint a blue-ribbon committee of 14 accomplished citizens — one each representing these nonpolitical walks of American life: arts, science, sports, big business, entrepreneurs, tech, medicine, law, education, environment, defense, religion, farming and philanthropy — and charge them with imagining innovative industries that put Americans to work and add value to our world. JAMES Q. WILSON: With my staff, I would decide what my administration was for. Once I had clarified that, I would write several speeches on how to cope with a stagnant economy, how to deal with countries (such as Iran and Syria) that harass their own populations, and how the United States is committed to the survival of Israel. These speeches would not attack the other party or previous presidents but would describe the views I supported. JENNIFER EGAN: I’d decide (privately) from the outset that mine would be a one-term presidency. Freed from the stranglehold of ensuring my own political longevity, I would focus entirely on achieving what I think most Americans want: a stable and productive economy; an environmentally viable planet; a humane, efficient government capable of educating its young and protecting its vulnerable members. SISTER MARY DAVID WALGENBACH: I would require members of Congress to participate in a weeklong workshop on dialogue, negotiation and compromise before the next session. All sessions would begin with 10 minutes of silence. GEOFFREY CANADA: I would have a “grown-up” talk with the American people, emphasizing that we are facing a crisis and solving it will require a spirit of shared sacrifice. Those of us who have benefited mightily from this country and made billions, as well as those who make the minimum wage, must all sacrifice. PATRICIA RYAN MADSON: I would invite all of the members of Congress to join me in an improvisation retreat. We would spend the time practicing saying “yes” to each other and really listening to one another’s offers. STEPHEN HANNOCK: Immediately after August break, every member of the House and Senate would be required to move for two weeks, with family, to a town or small city in a country outside North America. (Those serving more than one term may only visit an English speaking country once and not on the first trip.) JAMES DYSON: The United States still spends more than any other nation on research and development. But others are moving up, not least China. America needs to inspire a new generation of risk takers. And it starts in school. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: When you’re scientifically literate, the world looks different. Science provides a particular way of questioning what you see and hear. When empowered by this state of mind, objective realities matter. These are the truths on which good governance should be based and which exist outside of particular belief systems.

Students: Tell us what you think of these ideas. Which are most helpful? What would you do differently if you were president? How would you try to solve the problems facing the United States?

Students 13 and older are invited to comment below. Please use only your first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name.

Comments are no longer being accepted.

If I were President, I wouldn’t even know where to begin on boosting our economy. But the main problem is job availability so I guess I should start with that. Many US citizens are out of work or getting their hours cut back because they cannot be afforded. Well here’s what I’ll do: I would create and environmentally friendly power plant that would offer 150 jobs in every state.

I thank the ideas are graet and I also thank that the most hellpful is for fixing up the schools and hellpin kids in need. I know if i was president i would help the kids in need. I would also try to help you out by lisining and understanding your problems.

If i was presisdent i would lower gas prices. Then i would try to stop all the violence.I would try to help all the sick children and poor people make the world a better place.

I would try to make the gas prices less than what they are now because some of the adult that have children need to get to work everyday. Also i would invest to make more schools, playgrounds, daycares, and alot of other stuff too. The one thing i would do is meat with other countrys that is having a hard time with their life and i would try to help them in any way i can.

I would lower gas prices so everyone could afford it. I also would try and make the economy better. i would try to house every homless person on the streets in the united states.

if i were president i would change alot of things around , such as school hours . School hours are really long now days . Yes , students should get all the education they can get but at the same time they should be able to take a break . That’s just one example of what i would do if i was president , there is so much more .

Not worry about re-election and focus on core problems. Pass laws creating non partisan redistricting commitees to make elctions competitive and get congressmen willing to work in congress. Then focus on the problem the president is actually able to deal with. In a word entitlements. The president is responsible for the government so get it in order. One way or another take responsibility and fix the budget. Otherwise key programs of the government will go bankrupt within the decade. Once we have money to use then you have the ability to fix then other problems.

If I were president, first off I would change the yearly wages that Congress gets by decreasing them, and putting them aside for the schools. So that kids like me can learn more and be able to have a good art program. I would also, take away the border patrol and make it so that would be where the military trains. So, that way the trainees can have many hands on experiences and we can save some money. I would also start a fund with the other part of Congress’ wages and make it a back up fund for our country. I would then, slowly start jobs up again, and go in on a deal with Hanes or something and start a production line here in the US and then after that picks up I would continue to increase the amount of jobs available. Those are a few things I would do if I were president.

I believe that all of the above comments are good ideas, each proving a wonderful point. The presedential office a difficult position that, when one isn’t in, it is hard to see what being president is like. The President must make difficult discions that affect more than him/her or his/her family. The pressure to be president would make the job difficult, and though a person may have many great ideas, they may not follow through. If I were President, I would stop lending money to other countries. We have our own debt to worry about, we don’t need theirs. I would also figure a way to make more homeless shelters for those in need. I would try to form a plan to get the soldiers out of war slowly to keep from a revolt against the United States. I would try to lower gas prices, but if i couldn’t i would explain to the citizens why i couldn’t. I would lower taxes for the poor and raise them for the rich, and finally i would take away the budget cuts of the schools and find the money from another source

If i were president, i would cut wasteful spending(that means decreasing the members of congresses salary) and put more emphasis on the importance of education. I’d also wouldnt worry with giving money to other countries we have our own debt to worry with. Tax the rich and make the US a more enviromentally friendly nation, and planting more trees to help clean the air that we so desperately need.

If I was president I do what ever I want to and tell those thats backing me to step aside. I would create more jobs find away to fund higher education less and let students work part time over the summer and pay for their own education. I have free training and bring back workshops in high schools so if students want to start a business after they graduate high school and skip college at least they can make money and then go on to college if they please. Find away to not destroy the earth build less buildings and fix up the old ones. Find ways to fix up other living areas without digging into the earth but make it sleepable. Stop building jails and build ways to keep people from going to jail. Find a way to bring peace love joy and freedom. I will make a way to reform jury duty make it a volunteer choice.

If I were president I would first make more jobs available. Many people don’t have jobs and they need to support their family. If I set up jobs to help the earth such as planting more plants. This would provide jobs and help create clean air. Another thing I would like to change are the school hours. School days are long, tiring and take a lot of focus. If they were shorter students would have more energy. Also everyday I walk past homeless people. This saddens me. I would want to make homeless shelters open to help all the homeless, sick or not. I would fix the monetary system, the way Andrew Jackson did. I would stop all of the wars, and use the resources to help all of the people lead happy, constructive lives.

If I were elected president of the United states of America I would do my personal best with all my power as president to try to end this war that has plauged the U.S military and their families for many years. Since I myself am in a military family I feel that the sooner we end this war and bring our soldiers home the better of our country would be. The situation in Lybia right now has more of an impact than others might tell you. Since a majority of oil is made in the Middle East and sent by boat leaving first the Red Sea, going around the continent Africa and arriving to other countries and the U.S, well think for a second. Where is Lybia located in relation to the Red Sea? Right next to it. So with the amount of oil that actually leaves Lybia so little the price goes up, and we really aren’t in any position to pay the fines and prices for oil with as bad as the economy is. Those are a couple of the many issues I would cover during my term as President of the Untied States.

If I were president, I would first off listen to THE PEOPLE. Having health care would be an option and those who make more money than others would not need to pay higher taxes for the ones who don’t. I believe the ones who make more money put much effort in what they do and should use the money for their own purposes. Also, I wouldn’t keep raising taxes, instead I would decrese them. Decreasing taxes would give the citizens the relief to spend more of their money which would give businesses a great boost! Instead of the businesses downsizing they would hire more people and more people with jobs would mean more taxes being paid and, bigger amounts of taxes being paid from the businesses. I also, would not visit countries and apologize for what the Americans have done to make peace. We are a strong nation and will do what we need to, to keep us high up with other countries looking up to us and NOT down.

if i were president i make there be better health care and more jobs and better environments for the kids in the projects so they wont be killers or on drugs,and assure animal health care and find them better homes so they wont be abused as well as children

if i was the president i would change alot of things and that you wouldn’t have to be in school for so long an that you wouldnt have to go to school.

I would make a law saying there be less homework and less time in school and more time playing outside.

Legalize gay marriage and keep taxes at a fair level for all citizens.

make everythang free


If I was president, I would first try to turn economic power from corporations and the financial sector to actually go towards the public sector and people who need it. I would design a healthcare system that is based on people staying healthy, not getting ill. I would also try to clean up our environment by investing in alternative fuels that are beneficial and don’t release toxins or pollutants. Finally I would make it so that only a small portion of the federal budget is put towards military power, it should go towards helping countries get back on their feet, investing in educational causes and good health care as well as using diplomacy as a way to convey our opinions. not military might.

If I was the president I would help a poor people,orphan,adult,sick people,people don’t have a work.i was building more schools,transit,play grounds,parks,community centers,healt clinics,libraries,national service…… I helping school ,kids,and sick people that need to help.I would try to help the people in our county by listen about their problems.

if you can change or make a law , what would it be, why?

Listen to the people represented, take responsibility, be a guiding leader, be willing and able to do what is ask of others, always ask and answer, “what have we (Congress) done for our country today?”, sacrifice internally before asking or expecting the people to, respect every voice, communicate fully and transparently (respecting national security and privacy), get the people involved, motivated, and inspired with bettering their country, and make sure to thank all of those who make this country a great place to live!

I will kill ppl and be a ninjaaaaa!!!!!

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