Forbidden Love: Unraveling the Complexities and Consequences

Forbidden Love

Ah, forbidden love. It’s a tale as old as time itself, and yet, it doesn’t fail to capture our hearts and imaginations. The allure of the forbidden is potent, drawing us into stories of passion that defy societal norms and expectations. Whether it’s Romeo and Juliet’s ill-fated romance or the clandestine affairs in “The Great Gatsby”, these tales have a way of resonating with us on a deeply human level.

As an expert blogger on love and relationships, I’ve found myself drawn to exploring this complex theme more than once. Forbidden love isn’t just about rebellion; it’s about challenging conventions, pushing boundaries, and in many cases, discovering one’s true self amidst the turmoil. At its core, these stories reflect our innate desire for freedom – to love who we want without restrictions or judgement.

This exploration won’t be an easy one – navigating through the labyrinth of emotions that come with forbidden love often leaves me feeling both exhilarated and drained. But I believe it is necessary to delve into this poignant subject matter because it helps us understand why we are so captivated by these narratives that continue to pervade literature and media today.

The Fascination with Forbidden Love

Forbidden love, it’s a theme that’s captivated our hearts for centuries. From Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet to modern tales like Twilight, we’ve been hooked by the allure of loving someone against all odds. But what is it about forbidden love that fascinates us so much? Let’s delve into this intriguing subject.

First off, there’s the thrill of defiance. When society or circumstances tell us we can’t have something, it often makes us want it even more. This rebellious spirit fuels our fascination with forbidden love. It allows us to vicariously experience the exhilarating rush of breaking rules and challenging norms without facing real-world consequences.

Next up is the element of mystery and secrecy. Forbidden romances are usually shrouded in secrecy, adding layers of intrigue and suspense to these stories. We’re naturally curious beings; hence clandestine affairs pique our interest by offering endless possibilities for twists and turns.

Then there’s the promise of intense passion. Forbidden love stories often portray an irresistible attraction between characters — a magnetic pull so strong they’re willing to risk everything for each other. This portrayal stirs powerful emotions within readers/viewers as they root for their favorite star-crossed lovers against all odds.

Finally, forbidden love serves as an escape from reality – a fantasy where extraordinary things happen to ordinary people like you and me. In real life, most relationships are defined by routine and practicality rather than grand gestures or epic battles against adversity.

In conclusion (without using “in conclusion”), I’d say our fascination with forbidden love stems from its ability to offer excitement, mystery, passion, and escapism – elements that make any story far more engaging!

Historical Perspectives on Forbidden Love

Peering back through the annals of history, I’m struck by how the concept of forbidden love has shaped societies and narratives worldwide. It’s a theme that crops up time and again, defying rigid societal norms and challenging long-standing traditions.

Let’s take a journey back to Ancient Greece, for instance. Here, we find tales rife with forbidden love stories. The myth of Pyramus and Thisbe serves as a prime example. These star-crossed lovers from rival families chose death over living without each other, a storyline that was later echoed in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

Moving forward to Medieval Europe, we bump into courtly love – an elaborate code of conduct among knights and their ladies. Although romantic in nature, these relationships were often non-physical due to societal constraints such as marriage or social rank. One could argue it was this yearning for the unattainable that made such loves so intensely passionate.

Now let’s jump across continents to Feudal Japan where we encounter similar themes in their literature. The Tale of Genji, widely considered the first novel ever written, revolves around Genji’s illicit affairs despite being married – another portrayal of forbidden love.

Fast-forwarding to recent centuries: Victorian England is notorious for its strict codes of morality which often led to clandestine romances under society’s watchful eye.

Here are some famous historical examples:

  • Pyramus & Thisbe (Ancient Greece)
  • Lancelot & Guinevere (Medieval Europe)
  • Hikaru Genji & his numerous lovers (Feudal Japan)
  • Countless unnamed lovers navigating societal norms in Victorian England

So you see? Forbidden love isn’t just a modern-day fascination—it’s been part of our collective narrative for millennia!

Forbidden Love in Literature and Cinema

I’ve always found a certain allure in the theme of forbidden love, it’s a concept explored both extensively and intensively in literature and cinema. It’s this idea that two people are drawn towards each other so intensely that they’re willing to defy societal norms, challenge authority, even face dire consequences for their love.

One fine example is the timeless classic “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. I’m sure we all remember how these young star-crossed lovers from feuding families chose to risk it all for their love. Their tale ended tragically but left behind a poignant message about the destructive power of hatred and the redemptive nature of love.

In more modern realms, let’s take a look at “Brokeback Mountain,” an iconic film that brought forbidden love to our screens with heart-wrenching clarity. This movie tells us about Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, two cowboys who find unexpected intense affection for each other in a society deeply entrenched in homophobia. The story beautifully captures their struggle against external circumstances while dealing with internal conflicts.

The narratives often revolve around themes such as social class disparities or racial prejudices like we see in “Pride & Prejudice” or “The Help”. There can also be complexities due to age differences portrayed in movies like “The Reader”.

Then there are stories where characters grapple with affairs while being committed elsewhere – think ‘Anna Karenina’. Or where love crosses boundaries of faiths – recall ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

Here’s what these tales have common:

  • They pull at our heartstrings
  • They make us question societal rules
  • They force us introspect on our own biases

Yet, these stories of forbidden love bring hope – hope that true love can conquer all obstacles; even those deemed insurmountable by society. And isn’t that why we keep coming back to them?

Psychological Insights: The Lure of the Taboo

Diving headfirst into the world of forbidden love, I find myself intrigued by its psychological aspects. It’s not just about romance; it’s a complex interplay of attraction, risk-taking and societal norms. So why are we so drawn to what’s deemed ‘off-limits’? Let’s delve deeper.

Firstly, there’s something inherently appealing about breaking rules – it feels exciting and daring. This isn’t just my opinion either; numerous studies back this up. For example, a 2016 study in the Journal of Sex Research found that participants experienced heightened sexual arousal when engaging in taboo acts or fantasies. That buzz you feel? It’s your brain releasing dopamine – our natural reward chemical.

Let me share an anecdote that might surprise you. Consider Romeo and Juliet, arguably literature’s most famous star-crossed lovers. Their story is a classic tale of forbidden love – families at war with each other leaving no room for romance between their offspring. However, wasn’t their love intensified due to its taboo nature? In fact, some psychologists suggest such resistance can amplify romantic feelings !

But let’s not forget how society plays a role here as well. We live in cultures where ‘taboo’ often equals ‘interesting’. Our collective curiosity peaks when we hear about relationships that defy social norms. Think Edward and Bella from Twilight or Jack and Rose from Titanic – these iconic couples were all engaged in socially unacceptable romances which made them all the more fascinating.

Finally, let’s talk numbers:

This table shows how our brains literally light up when doing something naughty!

So there you have it: a brief glimpse into why forbidden love is so tantalizingly attractive. From hormonal rushes to societal intrigue to increased emotional intensity – it’s a potent cocktail that many find hard to resist.

Cross-Cultural Cases of Forbidden Love

In the realm of love, it’s often boundaries and restrictions that give rise to the most compelling narratives. Specifically, forbidden love across different cultures is a theme that consistently resonates with audiences worldwide. It doesn’t just make for captivating stories; it also provides us valuable insights into societal norms and cultural dynamics.

One classic tale we’ve all heard about is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but there are countless other historical accounts worth noting. For instance, Pocahontas and John Smith’s relationship remains an iconic example in American history. Despite their deep affection for each other, the vast cultural differences between Native American tribes and English settlers proved too great to overcome.

Similarly, consider the tragic story of India’s Prince Khurram (later known as Shah Jahan) and Mumtaz Mahal. They were madly in love yet faced immense opposition due to their differing social statuses. Yet their enduring affection resulted in one of the world’s most beautiful monuments – Taj Mahal.

On a more recent note, let me bring up Mildred and Richard Loving who dared to challenge America’s anti-miscegenation laws back in 1967. Their successful fight against these discriminatory practices represents a defining moment in civil rights history.

It’s clear that these tales of forbidden cross-cultural love are far from being mere romantic fantasies:

  • The story of Pocahontas symbolizes early conflicts between indigenous populations and colonial powers.
  • Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal as an eternal tribute to his forbidden love.
  • The Lovings’ legal battle paved the way for interracial marriage acceptance across America.

These real-life examples highlight how forbidden love can transcend cultural barriers while profoundly impacting society at large.

Consequences and Impact of Forbidden Relationships

Forbidden love, we’ve all heard about it, read stories around it. Yet, what’s seldom talked about is the impact and consequences that such relationships entail. Let me shed some light on this aspect.

Let’s not sugarcoat things here – forbidden relationships can be a rollercoaster ride. They’re often fraught with emotional turmoil. The secrecy that accompanies these relationships adds an extra layer of stress and anxiety to individuals involved. It’s like you’re always in a state of mental unrest, trying to balance the joy of being with your loved one and the fear of discovery or rejection by society.

Then there are societal repercussions to consider. In many cultures worldwide, forbidden love can lead to severe social ostracism or even physical harm. People in such relationships might find themselves isolated from their community or family circle due to disapproval or shame associated with their relationship choices.

The table above shows the percentage of people who have experienced social ostracism due to forbidden love in various countries.^1

But it isn’t just about personal or societal impacts; there’s a ripple effect at play here too. Children born out of wedlock, for instance, may face stigma and discrimination throughout their lives regardless of no fault of theirs:

  • They may be denied equal opportunities
  • They might struggle with belongingness
  • Their self-esteem could take a hit

Moreover, when it comes to workplace romances – especially between superiors and subordinates – they can disrupt professional dynamics and potentially lead to favoritism allegations or sexual harassment claims.

Finally, let’s touch upon mental health implications because they shouldn’t be overlooked either! Sustaining a forbidden relationship can have significant psychological effects like depression, guilt feelings, low self-esteem over time. So, it’s clear that forbidden relationships are far from a bed of roses – they come with their fair share of thorns too.

^1 Source: Global Studies on Social Ostracism due to Forbidden Love (2020)

Society’s Changing Attitudes Towards Forbidden Love

It’s a fascinating journey, tracing the evolution of society’s attitudes towards “forbidden love”. From clandestine meetings in Shakespearean dramas to modern-day love stories defying societal norms, we’ve come a long way. This change didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it’s been a slow and steady progression that I’ll delve into now.

Let me take you back to the early 20th century, when romantic relationships outside one’s social class or race were deemed inappropriate or even scandalous. The iconic love story of Romeo and Juliet is an apt example of how forbidden love was perceived during those times – tragic, futile and bound by societal bounds.

Fast forward to the mid-20th century where things started shifting slightly. We saw more representations of taboo relationships in literature and cinema – think “The Graduate” or “Lolita”, for instance. Yet, these narratives often ended in tragedy as well, reflecting society’s lingering discomfort with non-traditional love affairs.

But today? Well, we’re living in a far more accepting world. Take stats from Pew Research Center:

These numbers show our growing acceptance of interracial marriages over time – something once considered a form of forbidden love.

And it doesn’t stop there: media portrayals have shifted too. Look at shows like “Modern Family” which normalizes same-sex couples or movies like “The Shape Of Water” exploring interspecies romance! It all speaks volumes about how much our perspectives have changed.

Yet while we’re making strides in acceptance and understanding, obstacles still exist for those involved in what some deem ‘forbidden’ relationships worldwide due to religion, culture or legislation among other factors. Yes indeed, the fight for acceptance continues. But knowing how far we’ve come surely gives hope for the journey ahead.

In Conclusion: The Enduring Appeal of Forbidden Love

I’ve dived deep into the world of forbidden love, each turn revealing a new facet to this complex and captivating concept. It’s not just about the thrill that comes from transgressing societal norms. There’s so much more to its enduring appeal.

The allure of forbidden love is wrapped up in our very human desire for freedom and self-determination. We’re drawn to stories where characters defy odds, break chains, and follow their hearts, even when everything else tells them not to. It’s an affirmation that we have control over our own lives.

And then there’s the emotional depth that these relationships often possess. Characters in a forbidden love scenario are put through the wringer – they face obstacles, make sacrifices, and confront their deepest fears. This intensity leaves a mark on us as readers or viewers.

  • They remind us what it feels like to be passionate
  • Show us what it means to fight for what we believe in
  • Teach us valuable lessons about tolerance and acceptance

There’s no denying the fact that forbidden love has had a powerful grip on our collective imagination throughout history:

Forbidden love stories continue to resonate with audiences today because they tap into universal themes – desire, rebellion, sacrifice – while offering an escape from daily life’s mundanity.

So here we are at the end of our journey exploring forbidden love – its roots, its impact on culture and society, why it continues to tug at our heartstrings. I hope you’ve found this exploration as fascinating as I have. Forbidden love may be a trope, but it’s one that continues to captivate us, reminding us of the lengths we’ll go for love.

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Introduction, the power of love, the role of fate, the tragic flaw, the role of society.

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an essay about forbidden love

Forbidden Love in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare Essay (Critical Writing)

Psychoanalysis often consists of different approaches, and the same topic or work can be seen from various perspectives. For example, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet tells the story of the titular characters who belong to rivaling households. This play explores the topic of forbidden love, as the main characters never get what they want due to their circumstances. The following text will review it from Jung’s, Freud’s, and Lacan’s theories.

Sigmund Freud’s perspective of the psyche is actively tied to sexual desire and the three aspects of one’s personality. These aspects are id, ego, and superego, and they have a significant effect on a person’s actions and motivations (Studious Guy, 2021). Romeo represents a classic example of one’s id prevailing over the other aspects, as he is rather impulsive and emotional. Juliet and Friar Laurence, on the other hand, have more fluctuating versions of these aspects. As soon as he first meets her, he forgets about his prior unrequited feelings for Rosaline and wants to be with the Capulet daughter. The young man triggers a conflict between her id, ego and superego, as she is aware of the rivalry; however, she desires to be with Romeo against all odds.

There is a very interesting similarity between Juliet and Friar Laurence, as both start experiencing the domination of their id over their superego and ego. Laurence is an even stronger example of that, as he poses as the mentor for the two youths; however, when he views an opportunity to use them as a way to help their families reconcile, the man agrees to preserve Romeo and Juliet’s bond and unite them with marriage (Shakespeare, 1597). At first, it seems that under the influence of their relationship, the young man becomes more rational, as he refuses to fight with Tybalt. Unfortunately, this is instantly disproven after Romeo murdering him as revenge, being banished and him ultimately taking his life, causing Juliet’s demise as well. Perhaps, if their superego had dominated, their lives would have taken a different turn, and Laurence’s goal would have been achieved without losses.

Carl Jung’s views are not as heavily reliant on sexual desires, as they are on one’s life force. He believed that the psyche’s main goal was achieving individuation, where one becomes independent from the collective unconscious, evolves into a mature and harmonious individual, and develops their true identity (GoodTherapy, 2018). The collective unconscious is formed with the help of symbols, patterns and situations related to archetypes. At the beginning of the story, Romeo represents a blend between the Rebel and the Lover, as he is irrational but appreciates love (Exploring Your Mind, 2020). Juliet seems uninterested in this concept before she meets him and is usually more rational, being the Sage. Friar Laurence is the classic example of the Caregiver, as he attempts to guide the youths through this situation.

Unfortunately, this relationship creates a conflict between the counterparts of their archetypes and deconstructs their Animus and Anima. For Juliet, her rationality and sensibility become her Persona, while in Romeo’s case it is his prioritization of thinking before acting (Studio Binder, 2022). Irrationality is completely atypical of Friar Laurence, as he attempts to protect the teenagers from their demise and fails under the influence of his wish to bring peace to the two rivalling families. Juliet becomes more impulsive, threatening to die by suicide in case she is married to Paris. Romeo attempts to conceal this side of his personality, as he tries to find peace between himself and his wife’s cousin. Alas, Romeo’s Persona is the first to collapse, as his Shadow prevails and ultimately results in Tybalt’s, his and Juliet’s death. Thus, they do not achieve individuation, as their lives and personality become disorganized, and meet an abrupt end.

Jacques Lacan’s views triggered discussions of one’s desire and its inattainability. While most people eventually find peace with this gap, the characters in the story do not. In the play, Romeo constantly seeks love for some unknown reason and there is always something standing in his way. Lacan believed that one’s desire is the other individual’s desire (Psychiatric Times, 2018). Whatever the two were seeking in love, whether it is stability, the ideal partner or the sensation that follows it, they never actually find it. This is because Romeo’s vengeful murder of Tybalt is followed by a chain of events that ultimately becomes their obstacle to achieving that unconscious desire. Unfortunately, the characters are not at peace with this loss, as the two eventually meet their untimely death as a result. Regarding Friar Laurence, it can be presumed that while his goal of making the families reconcile has been achieved, he never truly achieves his desire, just like the two teenagers.

In conclusion, the story of Romeo and Juliet receives different perceptions when viewed by the lens of Jung’s, Lacan’s and Freud’s theories. From Freud’s perspective, the characters’ problems can be perceived as the result of a conflict between their superego, id and ego. Romeo is the first one never to find harmony between the three aspects, while Juliet and Laurence develop a conflict with those moments due to his relationship with her. Jung’s beliefs are centered on the person becoming independent from the collective unconscious and evolving into a harmonious individual. This never happens to the three people, as the characters’ lives and personalities become disorganized and dishevelled under the influence of their circumstances. Finally, from Lacan’s perspective, desire is something that is unconscious and unattainable. While many people find peace with the gap presented by it, Romeo, Juliet and Laurence do not, which results in the death of the teenagers and the sorrow of the Friar.

Exploring Your Mind. (2020). The 12 jungian archetypes . Exploring your mind. Web.

GoodTherapy. (2018). Jungian psychotherapy . GoodTherapy – Find the Right Therapist. Web.

Psychiatric Times. (2018). Jacques Lacan: The best and least known psychoanalyst . Web.

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What Is Forbidden Love? Everything You Need to Know

Rachael Pace

Rachael Pace inspires with motivational articles on loving partnerships. She encourages making room for love and facing challenges together.

Couple having love outside

In This Article

Forbidden love is so strong and desirable in movies, books, or even in songs that it can make you want to be in one.

Romeo and Juliet are one of the most famous forbidden love examples. They loved each other, but their families were against it. It was a tragic love story, a forbidden love that caused pain, suffering, and, ultimately, death.

But what is it about forbidden love that makes it so appealing?

Somehow, the more challenges that come between you and the love of your life, the more you feel intense longing and love. It’s like the pain intensifies your love for each other.

In this article, we’ll discuss the forbidden love taboo and if it’s worth fighting for.

What does forbidden love mean?

When you say forbidden love, it entails two people who are deeply in love with each other but can’t be together.

There could be many reasons why their love couldn’t be.

Forbidden love refers to a love that is very strong, but due to external circumstances, it would be hard or even impossible for them to be together.

For some, a love that couldn’t be would be enough reason for them to fall apart, but for others, it’s a fight they are willing to endure.

What is an example of forbidden love?

Aside from the famous Romeo and Juliet, another example of forbidden love would be the forbidden love of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

The renowned novel, “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, tells a story about a mysterious but wealthy man, Jay Gatsby, who becomes obsessed with Daisy Buchanan.

The problem is that Daisy is already married, and even though they start to have an affair, their taboo relationship has tragic consequences .

Much like in this novel, one form of forbidden love example is when a man and a woman fall in love, but both are already married or committed to one another.

When thinking about what is forbidden love, understand that it could also be love that you are in love with the ex of your sister or best friend.

These are just examples of love that is intoxicating but also condoned by society, a forbidden love.

What makes love forbidden?

No one wants to experience the forbidden love that we’re talking about, but life has a funny way of making us fall in love with the wrong person or the right person but in the wrong situation.

The love between two people can be considered forbidden for several reasons. Here are some examples of why your love, no matter how strong, couldn’t be:

– One or both of you are already married

– You are in love with someone who doesn’t love you back

– You are not from the same religion

– You are in love with the ex of a family member

– You are in love with a family member or a relative

– You are not allowed to choose your partner because of arranged marriage .

There are other factors why some love affairs are considered taboo or unacceptable. Nonetheless, the idea of forbidden love only increases its appeal.

Why a person may feel drawn to “forbidden love”

Why is the forbidden love taboo so addicting?

Is it the “you and me against the world” thinking? Is it the length of challenges you must face just to be together?

The main reason why forbidden love is so appealing is that both parties think that their love is enough to test everything that goes their way.

They vow to do their best to achieve that happily-ever-after ending we all want.

While it’s exciting, rebellious , and challenging to pursue a love that is forbidden, it’s important to realize that if you continue seeking this love could lead to consequences.

When can the pursuit of “forbidden love” be problematic?

When you are involved in a forbidden love, sometimes, your judgment could become clouded.

The couple involved may decide to pursue the love they are fighting for, but in the process, they could experience problems.

This decision could harm familial and social consequences, emotional hurt , and even legal consequences.

Forbidden love is not allowed for a reason, so it’s essential to think about it before pursuing this relationship.

Is “forbidden love” worth it?

Every love story is unique. This means that no one could tag your forbidden love as worth it because of your unique circumstances.

Only you and your loved one could analyze whether your fighting is worth it.

It’s understandable that when you are deeply in love, whether it’s forbidden or not, you want a happy ending, but what about the consequences of forbidden love?

Are you ready to face the consequences?

If you are, and if you have thought about the social, familial, and legal impact of this decision, then maybe, it is worth it.

Ultimately, only you can answer this question.

How do you get rid of forbidden love?

If you have decided to get rid of this forbidden love, then start with these steps:

Accept the attraction: Know why you are in love and want to pursue this forbidden love.

Distant yourself: The best way to move on is to create distance. This is not just physical distance but also emotional distance. Cut off all communication.

Seek professional help: Professional help doesn’t just work on couples counseling . They could also help people who want to move on.

Love yourself: Focus on yourself and your growth. Find new hobbies, redirect your focus, and know you deserve better.

Moving on from forbidden love can be challenging, but it’s possible.

Think that you’re experiencing anxiety or depression. Don’t worry; in this episode of Therapy in a Nutshell, Emma McAdam, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, tackles 6 proven ways to process your feelings.

Final thoughts

Forbidden love hurts, but it’s also addicting.

You want to fight for the person and your love story, but remember there is a reason why your love couldn’t be.

Think about it, reflect, and before fighting for it, you have to be sure you’re willing to accept the consequences.

If not, then there’s only one option – to move on.

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Rachael Pace is a noted relationship writer associated with She provides inspiration, support, and empowerment in the form of motivational articles and essays. Rachael enjoys studying the evolution of loving partnerships Read more and is passionate about writing on them. She believes that everyone should make room for love in their lives and encourages couples to work on overcoming their challenges together. Read less

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Why “Forbidden Love” Can Seem So Alluring—and When It’s A Problem

Many of us are likely familiar with the concept of "forbidden love," a romantic notion often portrayed by characters in acting and literature. It refers to a romance between two individuals that is opposed by family, friends, or society, as their relationship may defy cultural, religious, or societal norms. This could be due to disapproval from loved ones, differing backgrounds, or taboos like a significant age gap, a coworker relationship, or even a love interest who is already married.

Mark Twain captured this dynamic when he wrote, "There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable," and many of us have heard the phrase, "forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest." Apparently, such hidden feelings can intensify the romantic experience. But why is this, and what are the potential drawbacks or concerns related to pursuing a relationship of this type, where marriage or even just being together may seem like an insurmountable challenge?

Why a person may feel drawn to “forbidden love”

People of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations may experience the increased allure of a relationship that’s been deemed “forbidden.” There are many reasons why someone might be drawn to romantic dynamics that are supposed to be off-limits in some way—below, we’ll explore four of them.

1. The way the brain works

Researchers have identified a number of psychological principles that may provide some insight into why "forbidden love" is so alluring to some, particularly in the world of a young lover. One is reactance, which one study defines as "the motivation to regain freedom after it has been lost or threatened." In other words, reactance is a person's desire to work even harder to get what they want after they've been told that they can't or shouldn't pursue it. If a girl's parents say she's not allowed to date, that girl may be even more motivated to find a partner, for example. Or, two coworkers, like Justin and a woman he's interested in, whose office has a policy against dating colleagues may find that the rule actually increases their desire to get together.

Another principle that's been identified in relation to the allure of "forbidden love" is the effort justification phenomenon. The principle states that humans— and even some animals —tend to place greater value on rewards that require more effort to obtain. So, if a couple must sneak around at night to spend time together because their families disapprove, for instance, they might both be inclined to value the relationship more highly. They may fall deeper into their secret romance, potentially contemplating marriage or simply enjoying their time together, no matter the consequences.

2. The influence of the media

One study found that people who watched a selection of romantic films or read written pages of love stories to learn "reported stronger endorsement of romantic ideal beliefs than those who did not watch to learn." Since movies, TV shows, and books, many of which have played with the theme of forbidden love and the desire to marry against all odds, are a common part of life for many people beginning in childhood. The "forbidden romance" trope is common across media types—think Romeo and Juliet or The Little Mermaid—it may contribute to some people subconsciously being more drawn to this dynamic in their personal romantic lives as teenagers and adults, possibly even exploring intimate aspects like sex within these relationships.

3. A fear of abandonment or commitment

Someone who frequently finds themselves pursuing “forbidden love” relationships could potentially have a fear of abandonment or commitment. There’s often a significant chance that these types of relationships won’t work out, which may make them feel like safer choices to a person with such deep-seated worries. Someone who fears making commitments might feel more comfortable in a dynamic that has a high chance of failing, so the chances of being expected to commit to someone long-term are lower. Someone who fears abandonment might prefer this type of relationship because it may feel more predictable; they won’t be as caught off guard if or when things don’t work out.

4. Avoidance of boredom

Some people may feel compelled to avoid relationships that are conventional or “safe” in favor of those that have “forbidden love” elements. They may be trying to avoid a dynamic that they consider to be boring, preferring to take their chances on something that feels risky or unexpected. In cases like these, it might simply be boredom, curiosity, or even “the fear of missing out” that drives someone to pursue a relationship that others disapprove of. There’s also the element of the “rush” some people feel when doing something that’s against the rules. For some, having a secret to keep can make life feel more exciting.

When the pursuit of “forbidden love” may be problematic

Someone who strongly feels the allure of “forbidden love” could potentially end up sabotaging their other relationships. For instance, someone who is in a loving, healthy relationship could cheat on their partner with someone who may be inappropriate or even unhealthy for them because of one of the motivations discussed above. Or, they could break up with someone they deeply love to pursue a “forbidden love” instead. A decision like this could end a relationship that was a positive force in their life, which would likely be hurtful to the person’s partner and could lead to a pattern of unfulfilling relationships.

Behaviors related to pursuing “forbidden” relationships could also have negative consequences on a person’s life even beyond their romantic situation. For instance, if a professional gets romantically involved with their boss because of the thrill of it being against the rules, someone may end up losing their job, which could negatively impact their career and their financial stability.

The human fascination with danger, transgression, and adrenaline rushes are real, and they have the potential to cause harm to the individual or those around them.

Is “forbidden love” worth it?

Determining if it’s in your best interest to pursue a “forbidden love” relationship with someone often requires being honest with yourself. Is the connection with this person what you truly want? Have you weighed the ways in which it could negatively impact your life? Will pursuing this relationship mean you’re denying yourself the opportunity for healthy connections, or unduly harming people you love? Breaking up with someone to pursue someone else can be a perfectly valid or even positive choice, as can pursuing a relationship that others disapprove of. Determining whether it is worth it depends on your unique situation and your true motivations.

A therapist may be able to help you uncover the motivations for your choices and learn to make decisions that prioritize your well-being. If your pursuit of “forbidden love” stems from fears of abandonment, low self-esteem, substance use issues, or some other challenge, a therapist can provide you with tools that may allow you to make better choices for yourself. 

If you are struggling with substance use, contact the SAMHSA National Helpline at (800) 662-4357 to receive support and resources. Support is available 24/7.

Regardless of the cause, if you’ve become concerned about the romantic choices you’re making or wish to make, connecting with a mental health professional online may help you sort through your thoughts and understand what’s going on. 

For instance, a review of 14 studies found that online cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) led to an average improvement of 50% for symptoms of a range of concerns, including generalized anxiety disorder, depression, social anxiety disorder, and more.

Those experiencing the draw of “forbidden love” or any challenges resulting from it may have some feelings of embarrassment given the taboo nature of this type of relationship. With online therapy such as BetterHelp, you can connect with a qualified counselor from your home through a web page, rather than having to go to an office in person where you might encounter other people.

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The Allure of Forbidden Love: A Dive into a Timeless Romance Trope

Explore the enduring allure of forbidden love in literature, unravelling its history, impact, and universal resonance in romance.

From the star-crossed lovers of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to the modern tales of impossible romances, the forbidden love trope has been a staple in literature and entertainment for centuries. The idea of love that defies society’s norms, challenges boundaries, and often risks everything is not just tantalising; it’s downright addictive. But what is it about this particular romance trope that has such an enduring appeal? 

Human Nature’s Rebellion Against Constraints

At the very essence of our being, humans possess an inherent urge to push against the boundaries set before us. Whether it’s a child being told they can’t touch a certain object or an adult being told they can’t pursue a particular passion, this inherent tendency awakens even more ferociously when faced with restrictions. The phrase “you can’t have it” often acts more as an invitation than a deterrent, igniting a deeper longing within us.

In the realm of forbidden love stories, this intrinsic human trait finds its most passionate expression. Such tales capture the quintessence of our defiance against restrictions, painting love not just as an emotion, but as a treasure – elusive, invaluable, and worth every conceivable risk. It becomes a symbol of ultimate desire, something we’d brave societal judgments, personal dilemmas, and even fate itself to attain. Thus, forbidden love doesn’t just tell a love story; it reflects the very core of our rebellious nature, reminding us of the lengths we can go to when our heart’s deepest desires are on the line.

The Emotional Intensity

When diving into a story of forbidden love, one is immediately struck by the profound emotional depth that underscores every moment. It’s not just a simple tale of two hearts coming together; it’s a whirlwind of emotions heightened by challenges that go beyond personal feelings. These lovers, embroiled in their clandestine affairs, are not merely navigating their own turbulent feelings – they’re facing the colossal weight of societal judgments, familial expectations, and myriad other external impediments.

This external resistance acts as a magnifier, intensifying every stolen glance, every whispered confession, and every touch charged with longing. The constant push and pull, the balancing act between personal desires and external pressures, escalates the narrative’s tension. The fervour, the desperation, and the myriad of emotions that entangle the lovers make their journey an incredibly immersive experience for both readers and viewers. Every twist and turn becomes a visceral experience, as the audience is taken on an exhilarating emotional ride, hanging on to every word, every sigh, and every tear. This is the unparalleled emotional intensity that forbidden romances bring to the table, captivating hearts and minds alike.

The Mirror of Society

In the tapestry of literature and art, forbidden romances don’t just spin tales of clandestine affairs and passionate rendezvous. Instead, they often become poignant mirrors reflecting the complex facets of the societies they’re set in. These narratives, imbued with undertones of societal challenges, cast a spotlight on prevailing prejudices, unspoken taboos, and deep-seated biases. Whether it’s the tragic love of two individuals separated by rigid class barriers, the fervent romance thwarted by racial divides, or a love story ensnared in the web of conflicting religious beliefs, each story offers a profound commentary on societal constructs and expectations.

These tales, in their heart-wrenching beauty and drama, give authors and creators a potent medium to dissect, scrutinise, and often confront societal norms. The audience is not merely served a love story; they’re invited to introspect, to question ingrained beliefs, and to challenge the status quo. The layered narratives compel readers and viewers to reflect on their own perspectives, biases, and roles within their communities. By masterfully blending entertainment with deep societal introspection, forbidden romances not only captivate hearts but also stimulate minds, making them timeless pieces that resonate across ages and cultures.


While not everyone has experienced a forbidden romance in the literal sense, most can relate to the idea of yearning for something they can’t or shouldn’t have. This universal feeling of longing and the dilemmas it creates can resonate with a wide range of audiences.

The Promise of Hope

No matter how dire the circumstances, forbidden love stories often carry a glimmer of hope. Even in tragedies like “Romeo and Juliet”, there’s a belief that love, in its purest form, can transcend even death. This unyielding hope can be deeply comforting.

Evolution of the Trope

While the essence remains, the trope has seen many adaptations over the years. Modern forbidden romances might involve characters from different planets or beings from different species. This evolution ensures that the trope remains fresh and relevant to contemporary audiences.

Notable Examples Of Forbidden Love

If you’re looking for a dive deep into worlds where love challenges conventions, magic intertwines with reality, and destinies await the brave, look no further. Each of these novels offers readers a unique journey, from forbidden romances in bustling markets to royal intrigues in faerie lands. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping action or heart-wrenching romance, the following books promise stories that captivate, challenge, and inspire.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The ultimate tale of young lovers from feuding families, their tragic story showcases the devastating consequences of unchecked hatred and prejudice. (If you don’t have a copy of Romeo and Juliet and you’re after a gorgeous one, I’m obsessed with my Shakespeare in Autumn collection from the Thomas Nelson Seasons Editions.)

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

A love story unfolding against the backdrop of World War II, this novel delves deep into the intricacies of loyalty, nationality, and unbridled passion.

Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx

A groundbreaking modern narrative about the challenges of same-sex relationships in conservative environments, highlighting the personal sacrifices made to conform to societal expectations.

The Shape Of Water by Guillermo del Toro & Daniel Kraus

A distinctive story about a mute woman who forms an intimate bond with an aquatic creature, it challenges and reshapes our notions of love.

A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Cass

As Princess Annika faces a loveless political marriage, and Lennox is devoted to reclaiming a stolen throne, fate brings these unlikely lovers together, defying all odds.

This Woven Kingdom by Tahereh Mafi

A narrative of empires in conflict and a forbidden romance, Alizeh, the hidden heir to a Jinn kingdom, and Kamran, the crown prince, find their destinies intertwined.

Set against the glamorous world of K-pop, Jenny’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself in love with Jaewoo, a top K-pop idol with whom relationships are strictly off-limits.

Beyond The End Of The World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

As worlds fall apart, Nimh and North defy their destinies to find each other amidst chaos, questioning whether their love can save or destroy their worlds.

The Kindred by Alechia Dow

As the galaxy stands on the brink of revolution, Joy and Felix, bound by the Kindred pairing, must navigate their complex feelings for each other while confronting dangerous political conspiracies.

Self-Made Boys by Anna-Marie McLemore

This modern reinterpretation of The Great Gatsby places the tender relationship between Nicolás and Jay at its centre, revealing unspoken desires and challenging societal norms.

An Arrow To The Moon by Emily X.R. Pan

Mingling Romeo and Juliet with Chinese folklore, Hunter and Luna confront family secrets and external threats as their love for each other becomes their guiding light.

Teach The Torches To Burn by Caleb Roehrig

In this Romeo & Juliet redux, Verona’s age-old feud takes on a new hue as Romeo and Valentine grapple with societal expectations and their growing affection for one another.

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

Set in 1920s Shanghai, Juliette Cai and Roma Montagov find their love caught in the crossfire of a turf war, all while a sinister force threatens the very fabric of their city.

A Pho Love Story by Loan Le

Two Vietnamese-American teens, Bao and Linh, fall for each other amid a family rivalry over competing pho restaurants. Can love prevail against a backdrop of old feuds and culinary competition?

Circle Of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

Apprentice warriors Sora and Daemon infiltrate a mysterious camp, leading them into deception that could change Kichona’s future. Will the kingdom’s peace be preserved or torn apart?

Girls Of Paper And Fire by Natasha Ngan

Lei, a girl of the Paper caste, is taken to the palace where she navigates intrigue and falls in forbidden love, setting her on a quest for justice and revenge in a world that suppresses her.

Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth

Cyra and Akos, from enemy nations, find themselves entangled in politics, rebellion, and unexpected affection. When loyalties clash, will they choose family or love?

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Juliette has a deadly touch. While the regime sees her as a weapon, a reunion with a past ally helps her discover her strength and potential.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Jude, a mortal, is thrust into the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Amidst royal intrigue, she fights for her place and gets embroiled in a civil war.

The Fire Of Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

Betrothed Princess Dennaleia hides a forbidden magical affinity for fire. In a kingdom where magic is taboo, her growing bond with Princess Amaranthine complicates matters further.

The Wrath And The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

In a land of dawn executions, Shahrzad marries the Caliph Khalid to avenge her friend’s death. However, she finds herself falling for him while uncovering dark secrets.

A Web of Forbidden Love: Where Tropes Intertwine

Forbidden love often merges with other romance themes, creating complex and engaging narratives. This blending enriches the storytelling landscape, showcasing the multifaceted nature of love against diverse challenges.

Enemies to Lovers

There’s an undeniable allure when two individuals, supposed to be adversaries, find themselves inexplicably attracted to each other. The danger and tension inherent in both their enmity and their forbidden romance amplify the emotional depth of the story. Examples that deftly blend forbidden love with the enemies to lovers trope are A Pho Love Story and The Cruel Prince .

Love Across Class or Cultural Lines

Sometimes, love is forbidden because of societal hierarchies or cultural differences. These narratives explore not just romance but also broader societal challenges and prejudices. Girls of Paper and Fire illustrates this, where status and class play pivotal roles.

Magical Abilities or Curses

In some stories, it’s supernatural elements that make love forbidden. Perhaps one of the lovers possesses a power that endangers the other, or there’s a curse that makes their love lethal or impossible. Both Shatter Me and Carve the Mark meld the forbidden with the supernatural, heightening the stakes of the love affair.

Secret Identity or Hidden Agenda

When one lover hides their true identity or motives, it brings a layer of intrigue. Discovering the truth can either tear the couple apart or bring them closer, but the journey to that revelation, fraught with secrecy and betrayals, keeps readers on their toes. The Wrath & the Dawn beautifully explores this dynamic, where ulterior motives clash with genuine affection.

Sacrifice for Love

Central to many forbidden love stories is the idea of sacrifice. Lovers might have to give up their status, family, power, or even life itself to be together. The decision to choose love over other pressing obligations creates a poignant and often heart-wrenching narrative.

Friends to Lovers

One of the most endearing and relatable tropes in romance literature is the evolution of friendship into romantic love. When the boundary between platonic and romantic affection blurs, it can lead to powerful emotions of confusion, fear of rejection, and the potential loss of the foundational friendship. Making the move from friends to lovers can sometimes feel just as forbidden, especially when the stakes are a deep and longstanding bond. Stories like Of Fire and Stars tap into this delicate transition, exploring how the depth of friendship can organically evolve into something even more profound, and at times, forbidden.

By intertwining forbidden love with these and other tropes, authors craft multi-dimensional stories that resonate deeply with readers, making the pursuit of love not just an act of passion, but one of bravery, defiance, and profound transformation.

Why We All Route For Forbidden Love

Forbidden love, as a trope, captures the essence of human emotion, desire, and rebellion. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to reflect our deepest fears, hopes, and desires. As society changes, so do the contours of this trope, ensuring that it will remain a beloved fixture in storytelling for generations to come. Whether it’s the thrill of the chase, the intensity of hidden passions, or the reflection of our own desires, forbidden love stories will always find a place in our hearts.

Are you a fan of this trope? Have I missed any great books that feature this trope off my list? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’ll add them in!

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Dawson English Journal

Publishing dawson student writing since 2010, forbidden love in ovid’s metamorphoses: an analysis of the pygmalion myth.

An essay by Evangelos Nikitopoulos

For Prof. Liana Bellon’s course entitled Introduction to College English

            Greek and Roman mythology, with its colorful setting and vivid characters, constitutes a fascinating realm of imagination, mystery and morality that has entertained and educated for millennia. Ovid’s Metamorphoses , written in 1 C.E., is a compilation of some of the most popular of these stories and has exerted a lasting influence in Western culture. Recently, it has been maintained by the writer Ted Hughes, who translated the myths, that passion is the main topic of Ovid’s work. Through an analysis of the fact that Galatea, the object of devotion in Pygmalion , is a lifeless, ivory sculpture, the idealized concept of woman that she is made to represent, and the lack of reciprocity in her relationship with her lover, I will argue that it is the concept of forbidden [1] love, not passion, that prevails in the Metamorphoses . An investigation into this subject will reveal that Ovid is, in fact, implying that ideal love is impossible.

            The clearest support for this theory is provided by the very nature of Galatea. Despite Pygmalion’s futile attempts to perceive her as a living woman, she remains a non-living piece of ivory. For Pygmalion, Galatea is nothing short of real; he speaks to her, compliments her, dresses, caresses and buys her gifts. When unclothed, she is not presented as nude, an adjective used to describe statues, but naked (120), a term applicable only to humans (class notes). Even so, she continues to exist in the realm of art: her features are of exquisite proportion (94), an echo of a perfect reality unrivaled in the real world; she is handled with care and laid in luxurious pillows and drapes (121-124), as one would place a painting in a beautiful room; even when she comes to life, Galatea is detached, perfectly posed and silent, just like a waxen figure. When confronted with the bitter truth of his obsession’s “cold fingers” (112) and unyielding flesh, Pygmalion despairs, refusing to “find her the solid ivory he had made her” (104) and imagines a life that is not there. Ultimately, this frustrating reality constitutes the supreme barrier to the sculptor’s love.

            Ovid continually stresses that this love is not for earthly women, whom Pygmalion finds imperfect and wicked, but for the unattainable ideal of femininity (class notes). Pygmalion’s hatred and anger towards the former is stressed in the sixth stanza of the myth through the use of a particularly violent h-alliteration: hardened (36), heaven (38), hardened (39), hearts (40), heartless (41) and hardness (41). This passage is referring to the corruption of the Propoetides and, by extension, of all women. Despite this, Pygmalion loves the concept of women with a passion, as the repetition of the word “perfect woman” in stanzas eight and nine highlights. Yet this passion is restricted to the sculptor alone. It is used by the text simply as a manner to emphasize his solitude, the devotion being entirely one-sided.

            The eternal barrier between Pygmalion and Galatea is made evident. What Pygmalion in fact dreams of is an impossible abstraction that can never exist on Earth. He might as well have fallen in love with the moon, because, like the moon, Galatea is beyond reach. She is “a woman lovelier than any living woman” (72-73), the embodiment of female virtue “woven from the fabric of […] dream” (80); she is pure, as symbolized by the white of the ivory (class notes), beautiful, modest (78) and submissive. Pygmalion’s passion for her all the more reinforces his unquenchable desire. In this respect, even though she is tangible and, as of line 168, wholly alive, she remains in every other way unreal.

   The final component of this relationship is the complete absence of free will on Galatea’s part. As stated above, she is submissive and, quite literally, “under [Pygmalion’s] thumb” (176, class notes). Her flesh is also likened to wax (167), which is malleable and can be manipulated and shaped (class notes). There is the fact that she is given no lines of dialogue, which constitutes a conspicuous absence. This lack of free will is expressed in Edward Burne-Jones’ painting The Soul Attains [2] , which depicts Galatea and Pygmalion. As a virtuous woman, Galatea submits herself to the sculptor’s male gaze, refraining from adopting a more active role of observation. Furthermore, the whiteness of her body stands out from the more shadowy tones of the work, marking her innocence. Lastly, it is important to note that although Galatea is represented as fully human, her eyes are devoid of life (class notes); she possesses no freedom or character and is thus eternally divided from her creator.

   As we have seen, through Galatea’s lack of life, her lack of reality, and her lack of liberty (the absence of power or personality), Ovid makes a strong statement about the impossibility of Pygmalion’s love and of all other relationships which idealize the Beloved. By presenting a hyperbolic example of forbidden love, he condemns perfect romance as something that is bound to lead to separation and failure, and is a proponent of natural, reciprocal love.

Fig. 1. The Soul Attains , oil on canvas by Edward Burne-Jones (1870)

Works Cited

Burne-Jones, Edward. The Soul Attains . 1870. Oil on canvas. Private collection.

Class notes taken on 11 September 2013.

Hughes, Ted. “Pygmalion.” Tales from Ovid. New York: Farrar, 1997. 133-139

[1] The word “forbidden” is here used in the sense of something fated which hinders or prevents the relationship from existing, and which separates the two parties, presenting an insurmountable obstacle to their being together in an emotional and mutual way. Forbidden love should therefore be considered distinct from the idealized relationship, in which the two parties can be together, albeit in a fantasized manner. Idealizing one’s partner is the cause of the separation; forbidden love in itself is its effect . 

[2] See fig. 1

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“Romeo and Juliet”: Forbidden Love in the Eponymous Movie by Baz Luhrmann


The works of William Shakespeare have lived through centuries in order to be awarded the title of unprecedented classics. However, with the major change in the overall perception of society and its behavioral patterns, many creators felt the urge to interpret this classic to mitigate the gap between the author and the recipient.

Hence, one of the most notorious Shakespeare’s works, Romeo and Juliet , found its echo in an eponymous movie directed by Baz Luhrmann in 1996.

With a difference of almost half a century, the stories bear a striking resemblance in terms of the plot despite some modifications introduced by the director. One of the scenes significant to the overall story is the one with famous Juliet lines:

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet (Shakespeare 16)

These lines from the original play displayed word-for-word in the interpretation serve as a reference to a classic frame narrative, displaying a story within the story, as the movie’s plot is completely modified according to late-20th-century society. The words, however, are known even to those who are not familiar with the play itself. Another important scene is, by all means, the story’s ending, modified by Luhrmann. The last timid kiss before the death was made to create a notorious Hollywood effect that drags the recipients into the story despite the fact that it is so well-known for people.

Considering these facts, it may be concluded that “ Romeo and Juliet” will always be the major frame of reference when dealing with the theme of forbidden love. With a constantly changing social background, the basis of Shakespeare’s narrative will familiarize people regardless of their cultural or social affiliation. The aforementioned adaptation of the movie serves as a prime example of how different sets of characters made recipients relate to the story on a whole different level.

Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet. Learning Storm, 1597. Learning Storm, Web.

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StudyCorgi . (2022) '“Romeo and Juliet”: Forbidden Love in the Eponymous Movie by Baz Luhrmann'. 13 March.

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StudyCorgi . "“Romeo and Juliet”: Forbidden Love in the Eponymous Movie by Baz Luhrmann." March 13, 2022.

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The Most Enticing Forbidden Love Story Ideas (2024)

the best forbidden love story ideas

Looking for enticing and creative forbidden love story ideas and writing prompts? You’ve come to the right place!

Read on for story ideas like a convict finding refuge in a monastery only to fall in love with one of the priests/nuns, or a doctor’s dangerous obsession for one of his patients!

Jump to Section

Story ideas

Picture prompts, but what makes something forbidden, famous stories featuring forbidden love.

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Forbidden Love Story Ideas and Writing Prompts

So what are some of the best forbidden story ideas? Here are a few to get you started!

Please note that the genders in these prompts and story ideas are just placeholders. It is not the intention to enforce any hurtful stereotypes or offend anyone.

Let’s explore story ideas that challenge societal expectations, unveil hidden desires, and traverse the boundaries of social conventions, cultures, and even realms.

forbidden love story ideas

  • An Affair in Space: This story delves into the theme of infidelity among the crew members of a spaceship, who are forced to be away from their loved ones for years on a space mission.
  • Twisted Obsession : A detective’s obsession with a key witness drives him to fabricate and mastermind serious threats against her, all to create a reason to whisk her away to presumed safety.
  • Compromised : In exchange for precious bits of intel, a female detective who’s investigating a case reluctantly agrees to give an informant various sexual favors. (Originally appeared in my post Detective Noir Writing Prompts and Story Ideas .)
  • Unhealthy Fixation : A doctor becomes dangerously obsessed with one of his patients, and as he delves deeper into her case, he begins to blur the lines between professional curiosity and personal desire.
  • Sweet Revenge: As a revenge for ruining his business, a man orchestrates his brother’s bankruptcy before swooping in to manipulate his wife and bedding her. (This idea originally appeared in my post Dark Romance Story Ideas .)
  • Captive Consequences: A gang leader kidnaps a politician whose oncoming political agenda might threaten the future of his business. But an unlikely attraction develops and complicates the entire thing.
  • The Suspect from the Past: When an established psychiatrist is tasked to gain intel from the newest police suspect, she never expects that he’s someone from her past. A highly unethical liaison soon develops. (Originally appeare in my post Intriguing Mafia Romance Story Ideas .)
  • Love Thy Neighbor: A convict flee to a monastery for refuge and a forbidden love blossoms between them and one of the nuns/priests there.

forbidden love story ideas

  • A Winning Love An immortal deity falls in love with a mortal chosen by a rival god to be their champion.

Here are some forbidden love picture writing prompts, because a picture speaks a thousand words! What kind of forbidden love prompt or story jumps out at you when looking at the picture prompts below?

an essay about forbidden love

There’s Something about Forbidden Love…

As humans, we are naturally drawn to forbidden stories. There is something alluring about the taboo, the things we’re told not to do or talk about. From forbidden romances to hidden secrets, forbidden stories have captivated readers and writers alike for centuries.

These topics vary depending on the culture, time period, and personal beliefs of the reader or writer. But typically, forbidden love stories deal with topics that are considered socially unacceptable or taboo like sexuality, religion, politics, and violence.

Despite the potential for controversy, we’re drawn to these topics because they offer a unique opportunity to explore the human experience , challenge our beliefs and push us outside of our comfort zones.

There are many famous stories throughout history that feature forbidden love as a central theme. Here are a few examples:

1. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare – Perhaps the most famous story of forbidden love. Two young lovers from feuding families are forced to keep their love a secret.

2. Tristan and Isolde – This medieval tale follows the tragic love story of Tristan, a knight, and Isolde, the wife of his uncle, who fall in love after drinking a love potion.

3. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte – This classic novel features two passionate people who are unable to be together due to their different social statuses.

4. Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx – This short story (later adapted into a movie) tells the story of two cowboys, Ennis and Jack, who fall in love during a summer.

5. The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje – This novel tells the story of a nurse named Hana who cares for and falls in love with a mysterious figure with a dark past.

If you need more story ideas and prompts, please browse our Story Ideas & Writing Prompts Category!

Have any question or feedback? Feel free to contact me here . Until next time!

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The Sitting Bee

Short Story Reviews

Forbidden Love by Can Themba

In Forbidden Love by Can Themba we have the theme of fear, love, apartheid, hypocrisy, defiance and acceptance. Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises from the beginning of the story that Themba may be exploring the theme of fear. Dora’s family live their life in fear. An irrational fear of having any involvement with black South Africans. It is through their beliefs and the actions of their peers that they consider black South Africans to be beneath them. To be less human than them. Though ironically Davie has had a relationship with Salome in which a child was conceived. Despite this Davie still considers it appropriate to beat Mike up due to him having a relationship with Dora. Which may leave some readers to suggest that Davie, like many white South Africans at the time, is a hypocrite. He believes in his sister living her life one way while he turns his back on the same ideology which results in him being afraid that he will be exposed for the fact that he has a child of mixed race. Dora’s father likewise appears to have his head in the sand when it comes to the idea of white and black South Africans mixing together or forming personal relationships with one another. He calls Salome a liar when she suggests that Davie is the father of her child.

There is also an outside influence in the story which is interesting. Meneer believes it to be appropriate to tell others in authority that Dora is in a mixed race relationship. Though the reader knows that Meneer is driven by bitterness. Having been rejected by Dora. It is also interesting that the headmaster refuses to take the matter further and rightly considers that there is no necessity for anyone to know that Dora is seeing Mike. However despite the headmaster’s inclination to remain quiet matters come to a head when everybody discovers that Dora is in a relationship with Mike. It is as though Dora is being defined by her relationship with Mike and the fact that he is black. Though it is interesting that Dora remains defiant and does not care that others know she is in love with Mike. This may be important as Themba may be using Dora’s character as a device to separate Dora from others. To have her not live her life in fear of the consequences of what might happen because she has broken the rules held so strongly by not only her family but by white South African’s in general.

If anything Dora’s attitude highlights to the reader just how deeply in love she is with Mike. She is not prepared to give him up or bow to the pressure she is under from others. Something that is noticeable by the fact that Dora stays in Mike’s apartment till he gets better. Whereas Davie continues to live his life in fear that he will be exposed by Salome for being the father of her child. Something that is also noticeable by Davie’s last letter to Salome in which he tells her not to tell others that he is the father of the child. In reality the real strength in the story lies not with the physicality of Davie but with both Dora and Salome. It is through their strength that Mike is able to recover and the truth is able to come out about Davie and Salome’s child. Even if Davie’s father considers Salome to be a liar.  Dora also accepts what has happened to her as too does Salome. Something which would further suggest that both women are strong and not necessarily dependent on others.

The fact that black South Africans are not allowed to attend the cinema for the film that is being shown might also be important as Themba could be using this exclusion to further place a spotlight on apartheid and the effects it had on black South Africans. Simple things like being unable to go to see a film separated society more than it brought people together. Which was the obvious intention of the apartheid regime. To separate black and white South Africans and to create an environment in whereby black South African’s were treated as though they were the lesser of white South Africans. Apartheid caused South Africa many problems. Some of which are clearly represented in the story. Dora and Mike having to hide in bushes when they were together being an example. Both being fearful of the backlash that would occur should white South Africans see them together. Though it may be significant that Themba ends the story on a positive note when Dora’s mother appears to be openly happy that she has a grandchild. She does not think of the child’s skin colour rather she appears to just be happy that there is a new member in her family. Even if Davie and his father are not prepared to accept the child.

  • The New Tribe by Buchi Emecheta
  • The Test by Njabulo Ndebele
  • The Story of Nosente by Nosente of Umgqwashe
  • Mercury by D.H. Lawrence


' src=

I really like this short story cause it determines where you come from

' src=

All YOUR analyses of short stories are very interesting & empowering but i think you’ve got Dora’s or Davie’s racial classification wrong. I stand to be correceted but they’re actually coloured. Hence, Louisa’s darker complexion & kinky hair which results in her fear of Africans

' src=

Please help am still also in the dark about race classification of the two. Is there anyone who knows the correct answer?

' src=

Dora is colored and Mike is a black African

' src=

I also got the same idea when I read the book.

' src=

True they are colored

Yes, I agree with you, you have correctly racially categorized them, they are colored and live in a colored township/surbab – Noortgesig

' src=

can please you post an analysis of the crepuscule by can Themba

' src=

Can’t identify figure of speech o ” He clambered towards…. curled her into his arms”

' src=

Can you give me the full line?

“… Curled her into his arms…” metaphor referring to their embrace which is very seductive and comforting

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Essays on forbidden love

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Story of Forbidden Love Essay Example

Story of Forbidden Love Essay Example

  • Pages: 3 (662 words)
  • Published: June 9, 2018
  • Type: Essay

The short story written by South African author Nadine Gordimer entitled, “Country Lovers” takes place in South Africa. The story deals with the consequences of a forbidden love between a young black girl and a white boy during the Apartheid rule in Africa. It is clear from the beginning of this short story that the theme is centered on inter-racial relationships.

During the Apartheid rule in South Africa, in the 1970’s, segregation was enforced by the government. As a reader we are engaged by this short story from a sociological/psychological perspective. Our scope of engagement in the story is not only determined by the language used, actions taken, and the views that the author presents, but by the limitless boundaries of our minds (Clugston, R. 2010). The settings as well as the strong characters portrayed contribute greatly to t

he forbidden inter-racial relationship theme of the short story.

The story unfolds over a period of years and details the relationship between Thebedi, a young black girl and Paulus Eysendyck, a young white boy whose family owns the farm where Thebedi lives and works with her family. They grow up together as friends which blossoms into love when they are older. This is implied by the thoughts and actions provided about each character throughout the story. The narrator also clearly illustrates the division that exists between black and white children, especially where education is concerned.

The lives of these characters show the reader the very different worlds each is from and what they are subjected to with regard to privileges of race. Thebedi only gets a very minimal education while Paulus has the opportunity to go to high school an

college. Even though many racial barriers are in place to keep them apart, it does not keep them from falling in love during Paulus’ last year in high school. Once he returns from college and the relationship becomes a sexual relationship, it seems that this was all the relationship now meant to Paulus, “He did not tell her about school or town anymore.

She did not ask questions any longer. He told her, each time, when they would meet again”(Country Lovers 1991:20). Paulus is in control of the relationship because Thebedi has no skills or knowledge of the real world like Paulus does. Her life basically has stood still and even after she becomes pregnant with his child she remains loyal to Paulus. Paulus however has had other sexual relationships at college and only has time for Thebedi when he comes home to the farm.

The voicelessness and the powerlessness of Thebedi that is portrayed to the reader show that she has no control over what happens next. This forbidden inter-racial relationship set in the Apartheid era, must be kept a secret, and when the child is born, which is obviously the results of their love affair with one another, there is a new element of conflict that must be addressed. Paulus in a rage, kills the baby, but because he is an educated white male the government does not charge him with any crime, and states there is not enough evidence to charge him.

Thebedi is given very little opportunity to provide her side of the story during court. This clearly demonstrates, as does the relationship between Thebedi and Paulus, the dominance of whites over blacks in

South Africa in the setting of this story (Kgokong, A. 2009) The characters in “Country Lovers” and the setting of Apartheid in South Africa are used to show the fatality of racial segregation and the reasons why an inter-racial relationship cannot develop the same as a same-race relationship.

Unknown to Thebedi and Paulus as young friends, the love affair they would later develop was doomed before it ever began.

  • Clugston, R. W. (2010). Journey Into Literature. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (https://content. ashford. edu)
  • Kgokong, M. A. (2009). Narrative Responses to Forms of Discrimination in South African Literature. Retrieved January 28, 2012 from: http://posthighdef21. wordpress. com/2009/04/24/narrative-responses-to-forms-of-discrimination-in-south-african-literature/
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The 10 Best Forbidden Love Movies, Ranked

"In solitude, I felt the liberty you spoke of. But I also felt your absence."

One of the most romanticized and beloved "tropes" in both films and movies is forbidden love. Often seen in literature, with writers like William Shakespeare featuring it in their works, forbidden love tales have been around for the longest time. But what is it exactly that makes these romance stories so appealing? To put it simply, humankind's obsession with wanting what they can't have is the major culprit.

It's not difficult to feel drawn to movies that explore taboo relationships as they can be extremely passionate and exciting, mostly because they defy and break societal norms. Over time, countless great films about these relationships have graced the big screens. From the thought-provoking science fiction Her to the gut-wrenching period drama Portrait of a Lady on Fire , we look back at the best movies about forbidden love .

10 'Her' (2013)

Director: spike jonze.

Directed by Spike Jonze , this highly unconventional sci-fi romantic drama follows Joaquin Phoenix 's lonely, newly divorced Theodore, who is left to deal with his soul-crushing heartbreak. When he strikes up a friendship with his new artificially intelligent virtual assistant, voiced by Scarlett Johansson , Theodore finds that his world is changing for the better. This leads him to build a strong connection with A.I. device Samantha, who he later falls for.

With incredible cinematography, production design, and world-building, this thought-provoking, Black Mirror -ish movie is essential viewing in the science fiction genre. At its core, Her is a tragic romance movie that deals with forbidden love, loneliness, alienation, and the quest to find meaning . It also inspires artificial intelligence-related questions that are more relevant than ever these days, making viewers wonder if our current technology will ever get that advanced.

Watch on Max

9 'Titanic' (1997)

Director: james cameron.

The legacy of James Cameron 's Titanic endures unmatched to this day, and for good reason. One of the highest-grossing movies of all time (even when adjusted for inflation), this romantic tragedy is based on the real accounts of the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912, even though the relationship between its lead characters, a seventeen-year-old aristocrat and a poor artist (played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio ) is purely fictional.

While Titanic 's storyline features both historical and fictionalized aspects, the result is nothing short of heartbreaking and breathtaking (especially considering all the stunning visuals and Céline Dion 's timeless song). Dealing with topics of class conflict, love, death, and grief, Cameron's iconic forbidden love tale between Jack and Rose has managed to touch the hearts of many viewers across the globe .

Watch on Apple TV

8 'Romeo and Juliet' (1968)

Director: franco zeffirelli.

Although there have been a few adaptations of one of William Shakespeare 's most famous works , Franco Zeffirelli 's 1968 Romeo and Juliet takes a spot at the top of the list as it is very faithful to its source material. Starring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey as the titular characters, the romantic tragedy movie focuses on the feud between the Montague and the Capulet clans, which ultimately originates Romeo and Juliet's forbidden bond.

Featuring stunning cinematography that earned the picture a Best Cinematography Academy Award (alongside a Best Costume Design Oscar, too), Romeo and Juliet is certainly a must-see when it comes to forbidden love movies . Although slightly cheesy — as expected from this Shakespeare tale — this is still an effective adaptation that will keep audiences invested throughout.

Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Watch on Fubo

7 'The Handmaiden' (2016)

Director: park chan-wook.

Told from multiple perspectives , Park Chan-wook 's psychological thriller The Handmaiden is among South Korea's best thanks to its gripping story surrounding a young woman ( Kim Tae-ri ) hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress ( Kim Min-hee ) who is secretly involved in a plot to double-cross her with unexpected results. It is inspired by the 2002 novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters. However, Chan-wook took the liberty of changing the setting from Victorian-era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule.

The perfect pick for those enthusiastic about the historical genre, Chan-wook's utterly captivating psychological drama is guaranteed to provide audiences who decide to hit the play button with a great time. Its unexpected plot twists, visually stunning photography, costume design, and slow-burn queer narrative make the forbidden romance movie stand out from other films in the genre .

The Handmaiden

Watch on Amazon Prime

6 'West Side Story' (1961)

Directors: jerome robbins, robert wise.

Although Steven Spielberg 's take on the William Shakespeare tale is not unworthy of admiration, Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise 's take on the film endures the superior one. West Side Story is inspired by Romeo and Juliet and adapted from the 1957 Broadway musical of the same title. Its story follows two youngsters from rival New York City gangs, who fall head over heels for each other. However, tensions between their respective friends arise.

Aside from being the perfect fit for those who are into gripping, melodramatic romantic musicals, the highest-grossing film of 1961 is, at its core, a well-executed piece of filmmaking that will probably fascinate moviegoers who aren't into the genre as well. The forbidden love story of Tony and Maria, brought to life by Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood in this, remains one of the most discussed in both cinema and the stage realm.

West Side Story (1961)

Watch on Hoopla

5 'Carol' (2015)

Director: todd haynes.

Starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in two of their most memorable roles, Todd Haynes ' Carol is set against the backdrop of New York City and illustrates the lustful, forbidden affair between an aspiring female photographer and an unhappily married older woman going through a turbulent divorce. It is based on the groundbreaking 1952 romance novel The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith .

With six very much deserved Academy Award nominations, Carol is a landmark in LGBTQ+ cinema , often praised for the way it depicts the complexity of lesbian relationships back in the day . Furthermore, the on-screen connection between Blanchett and Mara is likely to pull on audiences' heartstrings, as it is exceptionally believable and emotional, with the stars' fantastic chemistry to blame.

Watch on Netflix

4 'Atonement' (2007)

Director: joe wright.

Joe Wright 's Atonement is not for the faint of heart. Filled with twists and turns, this soul-wrenching romance film based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Ian McEwan stars Keira Knightley and James McAvoy as the leading couple and depicts their tragic story which involves a thirteen-year-old girl ( played by a young and talented Saoirse Ronan ) who irrevocably changes the course of several lives after accusing her older sister's lover of a crime he did not commit.

With stunning cinematography and a gripping storyline that meditates on the consequences of seemingly small lies, this Best Picture nominee, which took home the Oscar for Best Original Score, keeps audiences invested. Knightley and McAvoy deliver two tour de forces in Atonement , the perfect forbidden romance watch for those who enjoy moving stories and unexpected narratives .

Watch on Peacock

3 'Brokeback Mountain' (2005)

Director: ang lee.

Any forbidden love movies list would not be complete without Ang Lee's Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal-led Brokeback Mountain , a neo-Western film that focuses on the relationship between two American shepherds, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, on the isolated Brokeback Mountain in the American West from 1963 to 1983. As readers would expect, the two develop a physical and emotional relationship.

Equal parts entertaining and heartbreaking, Lee's unforgettable romance movie, adapted by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana from a short story by Annie Proulx , takes the genre to another level by providing audiences with a truly moving viewing that will have them reaching for the tissues. Its portrayal of persevering love and desire between two men in a conservative society is unlike any other.

Brokeback Mountain

2 'the graduate' (1967), director: mike nichols.

Nominated for Best Picture and Best Director Oscars, Mike Nichols ' iconic The Graduate — American Film Institute's seventh greatest film of all time — follows Dunstin Hoffman 's 21-year-old college graduate who, while attempting to find direction in life, finds himself torn between his relationship with his older lover ( Anne Bancroft ) and her daughter, Elaine ( Katharine Ross ).

While The Graduate is mostly a commentary about upper-middle-class, mid-life crisis, and existential dread, Nichols' film is still a solid love story about forbidden love , as the protagonist finds himself in the middle of a love triangle he seemingly can not escape. Furthermore, it also offers audiences — particularly younger ones who are still trying to find their place in the world — a somewhat relatable protagonist who may or may not be undergoing some of the same struggles.

The Graduate

Watch on Criterion

1 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' (2019)

Director: céline sciamma.

For readers on the lookout for intense films about longing and yearning with a queer couple at its center, Céline Sciamma 's Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the obvious pick. The 2019 film received many accolades when it came out and cemented itself as one of the most poignant films directed by women. The plot surrounds Adèle Haenel 's aristocrat Héloïse who is supposed to get her wedding portrait done on an isolated island by painter Marianne ( Noémie Merlant ).

Marianne and Héloïse's secret love affair was quite scandalous for the era the film is set in (the end of the eighteenth century), which is why (spoiler alert!) their relationship did not quite work out in the end. The intimate forbidden love tale of Portrait of a Lady on Fire is thoroughly compelling, hard to look away from , and is elevated by two powerhouse performances on top of its stunning cinematography, with each shot looking like it came out of a painting.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Watch on Hulu

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Gaza’s Shadow Death Toll: Bodies Buried Beneath the Rubble

With hand tools and bare hands, families and rescuers continue to search broken buildings for missing friends and relatives.

  • Share full article

A cloud of smoke or dust rises as people are seen inspecting the remains of a destroyed building.

By Vivian Yee ,  Iyad Abuheweila ,  Abu Bakr Bashir and Ameera Harouda

Vivian Yee reported from Cairo, Iyad Abuheweila from Istanbul, Abu Bakr Bashir from London and Ameera Harouda from Doha, Qatar.

A curly-haired young man shakes as he bends over the mound of smashed concrete that used to be his friend’s home. He clutches his rain-spotted iPhone in his trembling hands, but there is no answer. “Please God, Ahmed,” he sobs in a video posted on social media. “Please God.”

A father crawls over a mountain of gray concrete shards, his right ear pressed to the dust. “I can’t hear you, love,” he tells his absent children in a different video shared on Instagram and verified by The New York Times. He scrabbles over a few yards to try again. “Salma! Said!” he yells, hitting his dusty hammer against the mute concrete over and over, before breaking down. “Said,” he cries , “didn’t I tell you to take care of your sister?”

Another man on another rubble heap is looking for his wife and his children, Rahaf, 6, and Aboud, 4. “Rahaf,” he cries, leaning forward to scan the twisted pile of gray before him. “What has she done to deserve this?”

Gaza has become a 140-square-mile graveyard, each destroyed building another jagged tomb for those still buried within.

The most recent health ministry estimate for the number of people missing in Gaza is about 7,000. But that figure has not been updated since November. Gaza and aid officials say thousands more have most likely been added to that toll in the weeks and months since then.

Some were buried too hastily to be counted. Others lie decomposing in the open, in places too dangerous to be reached, or have simply disappeared amid the fighting, the chaos and ongoing Israeli detentions .

The rest, in all likelihood, remain trapped under the rubble.

The piles of debris have been multiplying ever since Oct. 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, killing about 1,200 people, according to Israeli officials. Israel launched its retaliatory war, and the number of search-and-rescue operations — both professional and, increasingly, amateur — also soared.

After airstrikes, a small crowd of would-be rescuers gathers. In Instagram videos like the ones described above, the searchers — a mix of professional civil defense workers, family members and neighbors — can be seen clambering over and onto the dusty wreckage of homes and buildings to dig.

But hopes dwindle quickly. The people they are looking for are usually found dead beneath the wreckage — days, weeks or even months later.

The buried make up a shadow death toll in Gaza, a leaden asterisk to the health ministry’s official tally of more than 31,000 dead , and an open wound for families who hope against hope for a miracle.

Most families have accepted that their missing are dead, and it is unclear how much of the estimate of those unaccounted for is already reflected in the official death toll. The continuing shelling, crossfire and airstrikes often make it too dangerous to sift through the wreckage for the bodies. Other times, relatives are too far away to do so, having separated from the rest of their families in the search for somewhere safer to go.

Photographs that have emerged of Gaza’s rubble heaps testify to families’ intention to recover the dead someday: “Omar Al Riyati and Osama Badawi are under the rubble,” reads the spray paint on a tarp draped across the door of one blown-out building.

“Forty days my family has been under the rubble, and we can’t reach them,” Salem Qassem said in November. He had fled Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza for nearby Jabalia early in the war, four days before he heard that his father was dead.

He rushed back to Beit Hanoun as soon as he could, he said, to find his father’s three-story house had been reduced to rubble. The people who had been there — his father, his father’s wife, his sisters and his brother — were nowhere to be found.

He tried to dig, he said, but fled when the neighborhood came under renewed attack. Now, even if he could get past the Israeli military still operating in the area, he said, “I won’t find bodies. I’ll find ashes.”

When a multistory building collapses, it is impossible to comb the hill of debris without heavy machines or fuel to power them. Often, neither is available.

Gaza has been under a debilitating blockade jointly enforced by Israel and Egypt since Hamas took control of the strip in 2007, and the types of equipment typically used to rescue people after earthquakes and other events of mass destruction are largely forbidden from entering the territory.

Across all of Gaza, Ahmed Abu Shehab, a civil defense worker in the territory, is aware of only two excavators available for the task. Without them, rescuers rely on shovels, drills and their own hands: a grimly monotonous mission, undertaken mostly by men running on anger and grief but little food, water or rest.

Last fall, Mr. Abu Shehab said he was part of a team that used bulldozers and an excavator to pull dozens of people from the ruins of a three-story house — a lengthy job, given the size of the building. It took 48 hours to reach the people inside. By then, all of them had died, he said.

In late October, when an airstrike brought down a multistory building in Al Nuseirat, there was so much wreckage that a bulldozer first had to come and clear the road, said Ahmed Ismael, 30. The two families in the building next door were not spared: More than a dozen people died there, including several children, said Mr. Ismael, a nurse whose cousin’s family was among the dead.

The extended family had sought refuge there after leaving their own home in Sheikh Radwan, in Gaza City, early in the war, Mr. Ismael said. They had chosen to split up between several locations, so that if a group sheltering in one place was killed, the others might survive.

That was what happened. Searchers had managed to pull some bodies from the second floor by digging with their hands, but Mr. Ismael said his cousin, Salwa, one of her sons and her brother, Mahmoud, were still buried. So were five members of the family hosting them.

The bulldozer was no help. The buildings had been too massive, and after clearing the road, the driver told the diggers that he did not have enough fuel in any case, Mr. Ismael said.

Calling 101, the Gaza equivalent of 911, is of little use: Communications networks are weak, erratic or nonfunctional. Instead, many people have taken to braving the heavy fighting and rubble-choked streets to request help in person at civil defense headquarters.

Even if they do get through, the lack of fuel, along with continuing attacks, means ambulances and rescue workers are hard-pressed to move around Gaza to answer their pleas.

Since mid-November, after the Israeli military occupied most of northern Gaza and Gaza City, Palestinian Red Crescent Society teams have been unable to enter that part of the strip freely, said Nebal Fesakh, a spokeswoman for the group. There is nothing they can do to respond to desperate calls on the 101 line from people trapped there, or to treat the wounded, to take away a body, to dig for the missing.

“Unfortunately, we just felt helpless because we were completely denied access to those areas,” Ms. Fesakh said. “Thousands of people are still stuck under the rubble, and now they’ve most probably died because it’s been so long.”

Nevin Almadhoun, 40, was on the other end of Gaza, in a school turned shelter in the southern city of Rafah, when she was told that an Israeli airstrike had hit the building where her brother, Majed, and his family had been staying in the north.

She felt an impulse to get up and go back, to help dig for them with her bare hands. But there was no way to get around the Israeli forces that had cut off the northern part of the strip from the south.

Other relatives went to the site and began heaving the stones and shards of concrete away by hand, she said. She begged them to try to find at least one person alive. Anyone.

They said there was no hope, Ms. Almadhoun recalled. Majed and his family had been staying in the basement. The entire building had fallen in on them.

After days of searching, the diggers managed to recover them, one by one: her brother, his wife, two sons and two daughters.

It took longest to find Siwar, 14, a high school basketball player who hoped to become a trainer. Her uncle, who was among the searchers, said he dreamed one night that Siwar was calling him from a particular spot. He found her body there the next morning.

“When I heard that they were killed, I started to cry, to shout, but no one can hear you — you’re alone in a strange place,” Ms. Almadhoun said. “But when they told me they got them out, I took some comfort. Because lots of people are not.”

All of them were buried in the family plot in Beit Lahia. After she returns to northern Gaza, Ms. Almadhoun said, “we want to visit their graves, to find a place to cry for them.”

She does not know when that will be.

Nada Rashwan contributed reporting from Cairo.

Vivian Yee is a Times reporter covering North Africa and the broader Middle East. She is based in Cairo. More about Vivian Yee

Our Coverage of the Israel-Hamas War

News and Analysis

​Russia and China vetoed  a U.S. resolution at the U.N.Security Council that called for “an immediate and sustained cease-fire”  as part of a deal in Gaza. The United States had vetoed three previous resolutions  demanding a stop to fighting.

​​Since the start of the war, President Biden has tried to influence Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel behind the scenes. As tension rises over what is next in the conflict, some say it is time for a different approach .

The Israeli military said that it had killed several people it described as terrorists  during a raid at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, one of Israel’s longest and deadliest such operations since the start of the war.

A Power Vacuum: Since the start of the war, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has done little to address the power vacuum that would appear after Israeli forces leave Gaza. The risks of inaction are already apparent in Gaza City .

Chuck Schumer’s Speech:  Speaking to the U.S. Senate, the majority leader and highest-ranking Jewish official in the United States branded Netanyahu a major impediment to peace. In an interview, he explained why he felt obligated  to call for new leadership in Israel.

A Tough Balancing Act: Israel has been noticeably out of step with Western nations when it comes to relations with Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. That approach reflects unique security needs that have gained new relevance  since the start of the war in Gaza.

A Struggle for Life’s Basics: Most of Gaza’s population fled to the southern territory of Rafah , hoping to escape the war. As they hunt for food and shelter, a potential Israeli invasion has added to their fears.


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