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Ghost Bikes Kato FS 3 2015

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At A Glance

The Kato is Ghost's entry-level price offering for the full suspension trail market. It comes in multiple builds and this is The Kato 3, yours for £1259.99. With a suspension design inherited from its bigger brother the AMR, it features 120mm travel out back paired with a 130mm fork courtesy of RST, a manufacturer I haven't seen much from in years.

ghost kato 3 2015

The strong colour scheme looks smart and is matched throughout the bike's components. Designed with the intermediate rider in mind, the geometry would appear to be pretty forward thinking for a bike at this price point, featuring a long(ish) front centre and a relatively slack head angle. Combined, this suggests a nod towards stability at speed as well as having fun on steeper trails.

The Kato features a tried and tested Horst Link suspension set up, controlled by an X-Fusion shock with a compression switch to firm up the suspension on the fly. The frame has some great attention to detail: neat welding and a good paint job; there are even torque ratings on all pivot bolts for servicing.

For a full suspension bike of this price, components will never be top shelf, but some clever speccing puts some quality where it’s most needed, e.g. an XT rear mech matched with some work-horse Deore drive-train, brakes and hubs. Wheels are finished off with some Rocket Rons and the RST fork does the honours up front with 130mm of travel.

The fork features a rebound adjustment and a remote lockout, but on a modern bike, the lack of a bolt-through axle is a shame. Finishing kit is functional rather than flashy, with some narrow bars paired with a rather elongated 80mm stem.

On The Trail

The Kato looks like a bike that should feel at home heading up the hills, especially with its long stem, and with a triple chain ring, running out of gears would not be an excuse. From the off, the Kato pedals well, offering a good return on power through the pedals with little bob. The fast rolling tyres make light work of roads and fire trails and the bike has a great feeling of efficiency.

From the Front

The fork is impressively supple in its initial travel and has a bar mounted lockout, which may be of interest to some riders wanting to stiffen things up on long climbs. The rear suspension works remarkably well, finding traction and staying glued to the ground. However, as the trails get steeper and the climbs more technical, the rather skinny Rocket Rons found it hard to keep turning pedal power into grip.

Shifting from Shimano is always accurate, and speccing an XT rear mech is nice to see, but the triple chain-ring gives more gears than I knew what to do with. I managed to complete an entire ride without shifting out of the 30t middle chain ring, but it's nice to have a 22t just in case for when the legs tire.

I wasn't expecting too much as I pointed downhill, imagining that the bike and I would survive rather than perform on the descents, but as the terrain became more exciting the Kato performed surprisingly well, the handling is reliable and predictable, however it isn’t exactly inspiring, for reasons explained below.

The reasonably long front centre keeps it stable, but this is then coupled with a long (by modern standards) 80mm stem, narrow bars and a lot of stack height. This combination of frame geometry and cockpit set up left the bike feeling a bit tall and stretched.

In an experiment to inject a bit more fun into the handling, I swapped out the long stem for something shorter and headed out for some trail centre action. Immediately it became apparent that things had improved, and the handling and feel of the bike changed dramatically, making cornering sharper and front wheel lifts more controlled.

When things got rough away from the trail centre, the limits of the RST fork could be found quickly and although supple in its travel, it easily gets bogged down when required to respond to multiple big hits. The lack of a bolt through axle means the front end has a degree of flex you need to keep on top of.

On the second ride out the rebound adjuster fell out of the bottom of the fork, which was an easy fix, but it didn't inspire confidence. In stark contrast to the front, the rear suspension works really well, staying responsive even under hard peddling and braking, making for a very comfortable ride.

Another modern touch missing was a clutch rear mech, which made for a noisy time and numerous chain drops from the middle chain ring. With clutch mechs now commonplace throughout the Shimano range, it was a shame not to see one specced on this model. However, you do have to bear in mind the price point of the Kato FS 3, and when that is considered you can’t really complain at the niggles.

This bike really does well on long days out where it can stretch its legs and cover the distance, efficiently climbing and reliably descending providing the trails don't start getting overly technical. Modern bikes are a wonderful thing; and these days you can get a lot of bike for your money.

The trickle down effect is clear in the Kato's geometry and rear suspension and it is a very competent package. However, it lacks a few modern touches in the cockpit set up and fork that would really help it perform.

That being said this bike has a good frame and rear suspension set up, which is a great base from which you can upgrade the cockpit and fork at a later date if you desire. The next bike up in the range, the FS 5 features a Fox Float Evolution that should prove more capable.

Frame: Kato FS 27.5 aluminium Fork: RST First GTRL Air RLO 130 mm Shock: XFusion O2 RL 120 mm Stem: GHOST AS-GH2 31.8 mm Handlebar: GHOST Low Rizer light 700 mm 31.8 mm R. Derailleur: Shimano XT 10-Speed F. derailleur/chainguard: Shimano Deore Shifter: Shimano Deore SL Crankset: Shimano Deore 40-30-22 Cassette: Shimano CS-HG50 11-36 Brake: Shimano 396 Disc 180 mm Tire: Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25 Rims: Ryde Rival 19 Hub front: Shimano Deore QR Hub rear: Shimano Deore QR Seatpost: GHOST light SP DC1 31.6 mm Saddle: GHOST VL 3315

This review was in Issue 37 of IMB.

Ghost Bikes ASX 5500

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By Ewen Turner Ewen Turner is a self-confessed bike geek from Kendal in the Lake District of England. He runs a coaching and guiding business up there and has a plethora of knowledge about bikes with an analytical approach to testing. His passion for bicycles is infectious, and he’s a ripper on the trails who prefers to fit his working life around his time on the bike.

Tried this? What did you think?

First Look: German ‘Ghost’ Bike

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ghost kato 3 2015

This year, REI inked a deal to import bikes from German company Ghost. The established Euro brand sells budget models to $8,000 carbon steeds. Here we look at the  Kato FS 7 .


For the past two months I’ve been testing the Ghost Kato FS 7 along the Front Range near Denver and around Carbondale, Colo.

The full-suspension, 27.5-inch bike comes with quality components on a frame geometry made for singletrack and all-mountain use.


The Kato FS 7 is aimed at consumers like me — weekend warriors who like to ride a big variety of terrain, have fun, and most likely not care if they are on the fastest or lightest bike ever.

We want a bike to work flawlessly across a lot of terrain. Here’s a rundown on the Ghost ride.

The Gear: Ghost Kato FS 7 ($2,600 retail; on sale now at REI for $2,209 )

First Impressions:  Unboxing and assembling the Kato, I noted neat, clean welds on the aluminum frame and quality components. Once the bike was rolling along the trail I was all smiles.

During the first rides, I enjoyed the quick, accurate shifts and easily controlled braking afforded by Shimano XT components. The frame design allowed for confident climbs and fast descents.

The Ghost has a 9mm QR on front, which is a standard axle size, but the bike can at times feel “twitchy” along fast trail, lacking the solid tracking and feel of 15mm thru-axle wheels, which are becoming standard on bikes of this caliber.


Where To Test It: This really is an “all terrain” bike, good for technical singletrack to rolling fire roads, to moderate downhill.

Who’s It For: Mountain bikers who want a quality all-around ride. It’s not inexpensive, but compared to race bikes you’re going to spend significantly less than your buddy looking for utmost speed and lightweight.

Suspension: A Fox 32 Float Evolution CTD provides 130mm travel in the front. A Fox Float CTD XV gives 120mm of travel in the rear. CTD means “Climb, Trail, Descend,” and it’s good. In “climb” mode, the suspension locks out for efficiency. “Trail” mode limits bobbing while pedaling on modest climbs and flats. Finally, switch to “descend” mode for a soft, floaty downhill blast.

Frame Geometry: With a head tube angle of 68º, seat tube of 73º, and a wheel base (size medium) of 44.5 inches, geometry-wise it’s parked squarely in the middle between cross country and downhill bikes. (Note: See page 2 for complete specs.)


Killer! This is a lot of bike for $2,600, and it can be purchased at a discount during REI sales . It comes with the assurance of REI’s lifetime warranty. Shimano XT components, Fox shocks, and a comfortable, versatile frame design on 27.5-inch wheels make for a solid deal.

Made In: Ghost is owned   by Accell Group NV, and thus the frame is made in an Accell factory in China. Accell also owns Raleigh, Diamondback, Torker, Currie, Redline and SBS in the U.S. and imports European brands Haibike and Lapierre.

Weight: At 28 pounds for a medium frame, the Kato FS 7 isn’t light, but it’s not heavy, either.


Flaw: To keep the price down, Ghost cuts a couple things out. The bike has a 9mm QR front axle, which is uncommon on bikes of this price range. No remote lockout on the front shock is a bit of a let down, but not a surprise at this price.

Finally, there’s the name. “Ghost Bikes” is also a term for memorials to bikers killed in accidents. Painted white and chained at sites of accidents, this unfortunate coincidence may be off-putting for some cyclists.

Who Should Buy It: Cyclists looking for a value in an all-around, full suspension mountain bike that can ride anything and will last for years.

Contact Brand/More Beta: Ghost Bikes

See page 2 for complete specs…

Writer and editor Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy is the Editorial Director of GearJunkie, and 5+ other All Gear websites.

He has been writing about hunting, fishing, trail running, camping, skiing, and more for 15+ years.

Prior to GearJunkie, he was the chief photographer for the Virgin Islands Daily News and former Editor In Chief for GearJunkie. Based in Denver, Colorado, McCoy is an avid trail runner, camper, hunter, angler, mountain biker, skier, and beer tester.

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ghost kato 3 2015

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Ghost Kato 3 (2016)

Ghost Kato 3 (2016)

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Ghost Kato 3 (2016) Technical Specifications


Ghost Kato 3 (2016) Product Overview

The Ghost Kato 3 (2016) comes with a Kato 27.5 aluminium frame.

The Ghost Kato 3 (2015) comes with Shimano SL-M370 shifters, a Shimano altus FD-M370 front derailleur and shimano deore RD-M592 rear derailleur.

The Ghost Kato 3 (2016) comes with front and rear disc brakes and Shimano BL-M355 brake levers


The Ghost Kato 3 (2016) comes with a SR Suntour XCM RL suspension with 120mm of travel

The Ghost Kato 3 (2016) comes with Schwalbe Smart Sam 27.5x2.1 tires and Alex TD19 650B rims.

The Price of the Ghost Kato 3 (2016) is Rs.59550.

Who should buy this bicycle?

This is a well-performing MTB with impressive components at it's price range. It is an ideal bicycle for cyclists looking at tacking mild trails and can be used fro urban riding too.

About Brand

Ghost Bikes is a German manufacturer of bicycles founded in 1993. Philosophy, passion and enthusiasm are the three characteristics that go into the development of each Ghost Bicycle made. Ghost has a wide range of MTBs and Hybrids available in India.

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I had a fantastic and seamless experience of cycle delivery and it was delivered in an amazing turn around time of 2 days, since I live in Chennai, the cycle was promptly shipped in a safe and unharmed manner. The sales and support was brilliant. I purchased the NUZE S3 cycle. I got information from the cycle experts since I am a newbie. My overall experience was amazing and nothing like the other customers mentioned in this site.

Kudos to the CMB team and i will ask all my colleagues and friends to buy theirs here only.

Recently bought Road bike from CMB & I can say, I am one of the happiest customers of CMB.

My experience was really superb from booking to delivery to post-sales support.

As this was my first road bike and was unaware that pedals are not included with the cycle, which I came to know after booking. To my surprise CMB had included the pedals from their side “Fitted and ready to ride”.

Thanks CMB team.

CMB is a website which helps us to choose the right bicycle, had a hassle free experience while buying my Waltx Summit 27.5 from CMB, along with the cycle, was thrown in a host of goodies worth almost 4000, the buying experience was seamless and the cycle was delivered in just 6 days including a Sunday and this while there was a heavy downpour in Chennai, still the CMB Team showed ownership and updated and kept me informed of all the checkpoints. On delivery I found out that a accessory was broken, CMB Team arranged a replacement within few hours of sending the mail to them with pictures and video of the broken item, shows volumes about a company and its staff of providing a perfect seamless solution and ensuring that the customer always stays happy.

I have now become a permanent client of CMB and all my future cycles and of my near and dear ones will be bought from ChoooseMyBicycle only.

With an informative and easily guiding portal, CMB comes across as the most user friendly platform for cycle riders. I bought Giant ATX 2021 in March End, however I have been engaged with the portal for cycling information for a couple of months ahead of my purchase decision. CMB has guided me systematically in my cycle purchase experience that has been quite satisfying even in the Covid 19 situation which adversely affected their services. Based on personal experience, I recommend CMB, for people who intend to make an informed purchase. Also, CMB should work upon direct integration with the OEMs to eliminate the teething issues, if any, arising in executing their transitional responsibility.

Got the delivery in 5days and as said 99% assembled only pedals need to fit and handle bar needs to tighten up.. and all this is in lockdown And the service team is very responsive.

Bought a Firefox road runner pro d from the website. Happy with the product. All major installations were done by their team. Only handle bar and pedal need to fit by me. At that time my pedal was not fit it into the crank arm. When I reported the issue they have sent me the original crank arm with support of Firefox at free of cost. They have best team to support client. Advise to buyers. They will only sent product after their quality check. But there will be a 1% chance of a mistake, so record a non stop video of unboxing of your bicycle . If any problem with the product.,Then you can prove it is their fault with the video footage. In my case I was unable to prove it is their mistake . So I have to accept that was my mistake but they really amazed me by giving the original part at free of cost

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2015 Ghost kato fs 3

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Ghost Kato FS 5 review

Mid-travel mid-ranger with a great spec

ghost kato 3 2015

Occupying a slot in the middle of Ghost’s Kato full-suspension trail bike range, the FS 5 is the kind of bike that should have broad appeal. With 120mm (4.7in) of rear and 130mm (5.1in) of front wheel travel, Fox Float CTD air springs at both ends and a kit list that majors on Shimano Deore but throws in a smattering of XT stardust for good measure, it’ll tick a lot of boxes on a lot of riders’ wishlists.

The question is, does the experience live up to the spec?

Frame and equipment: quick-release niggles mar an impressive build

Ghost hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel – or even the full-suspension trail bike – with the Kato, which marries elegantly curved hydroformed tubes to a classic four-bar rear end. The low pivot point, Horst Link style chainstay pivots and rocker-driven, vertically-mounted shock are all straight out of the How To Build a Full-Suspension Bike book. It’s a tried, tested and trusted system that’s been around, in one form or another, for more than 20 years now.

Neat touches include pivot bolts with visible torque settings and that Fox Float CTD rear shock – a comparatively rare sight on a full-susser at this price. Even though most riders will probably leave the shock’s CTD lever in the ‘trail’ setting most of the time, it’s good to have the option of adding more low-speed compression damping for non-technical climbs and road sections (‘climb’), or running the shock fully open for the downhills (‘descend’).

ghost kato 3 2015

We’d prefer to see a shorter stem and wider handlebar on the Kato FS 5 to make the most of the relaxed head angle and 130mm fork

Plugged into the chunky, tapered head tube up front is a matching Fox 32 Float CTD fork. Aside from the novelty of finding a paired Fox set-up at this price, there are no surprises here in terms of performance. What is a surprise is Ghost’s choice of a standard quick-release axle at both ends. We’re used to seeing a 135mm axle at the rear at this price in a nod to cost cutting, but a 130mm fork with tapered steerer but no 15mm axle is an anachronism. The improved torsional rigidity of the steerer is pretty much cancelled out by the flexy noodliness of the QR axle – it’s a bit like locking the front door but leaving the back door wide open to all and sundry.

Elsewhere, full Shimano Deore stop-go bits, with a crowd-pleasing upgrade to an XT rear derailleir, make for a good looking, slick operating set of controls that should provide many, many miles of trouble free service. Schwalbe’s ubiquitous Nobby Nic treads work reasonably well in any conditions you care to throw at them too, while the own-brand finishing kit gets on with the job in hand – although by current standards the 700mm bar is a bit narrow and the 80mm stem a tad long.

Ride and handling: appealingly lively but less capable when the going gets rough

With an all-up weight (13.4kg/29.5lb) that puts the Kato at the lighter end of its mid-travel, full-sus peer group, you’d expect a lively ride. You won’t be disappointed. Grippy tyres on reasonably light wheels hook up well and accelerate quickly, giving the Ghost a hint of XC racing inspired eagerness that’s lacking from a lot of trail full-bouncers at this price. It’s still nudging the psychological 30lb barrier, but the Kato can be hussled along a trail in a way that some of the heavier competition struggles to match.

It’s unusual to see a pair of Fox CTD shocks at this price, but a shame that Ghost couldn’t spec the fork with a 15mm axle

Backing up this get-up-and-go liveliness is a rear end that walks the fine line between responsiveness and comfort. The conventional four-bar suspension configuration paired with the CTD shock in ‘trail’ mode delivers a fairly firm feel that some riders will love, taking the edge off hits without ever descending into wallowy mushiness. The downside to this firm connectedness is the need for more rider input on slower, more technical lines – the Ghost isn’t a bike that you can simply sit down and pedal up a rocky, steppy climb on.

It’s as the pace picks up and the trail gets trickier that the Kato begins to come unstuck. Despite a fashionably relaxed head angle, the combination of a comparatively short wheelbase with a long stem, narrow handlebar and noodly fork makes for a squirelly handful on fast, steep or rocky descents.

The rear end’s 120mm of travel doesn’t have the bottomless feel of some of the competition, but the fork would easily handle more if only it were possible to keep it pointing in the right direction. Some of the nervousness could be tamed by fitting a slightly shorter stem and wider bar, but what the Ghost really needs is what most mid-travel full-sussers have had for a while – a 15mm thru-axle holding the front wheel in the end of the fork. And that’s not an easy or cheap upgrade to make.

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2015 Ghost Kato 3

Bike photo

  • Serial: CR1058998J
  • Other serial/registration/sticker: EN147663
  • Manufacturer: Ghost
  • Name: Kato 3
  • Model: Kato 3
  • Primary colors: Red
  • Frame size: XS
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

Distinguishing features

It's red with blueish writing. Front suspension only (hardtail). You can lock out the suspension with a button on the handlebars. There is no rubber ring on the shocks. It's relatively light. It's a mountain bike with knobby tires. Currently the tires and wheels are original, but the pedals are new: with metal spikes to grip shoes. I usually have a small bag under the seat with repair gear. Blue forks.

ghost kato 3 2015

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Ghost Kato FS 5 review

Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle fork

  • Light'ish weight
  • Playful handling
  • Plush rear end
  • Outdated cockpit
  • Too many chainrings
  • No dropper post
  • Flexy rear end

Ghost Kato FS 5 2017


Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Bicycle handlebar Bicycle Azure


Hey, stop trying to kill off the front dérailleur! Some of us want closer gear ratios and don't have issues operating two shifters. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find decent 2X bikes these days thanks to 1X mania, and though 1X certainly has its place it's not a universal solution. Looking at the Ghost website it seems that this bike is marketed as an entry level full squish for beginners, which might explain the steeper head angle and longer stem. They list the bar width as 760 mm with a 15 mm rise, but no spec for stem length, so there could be differences in the mtbr review bike spec and what's available in the shops. Tyres, bars, seat and pedals are all very much a personal choice, so whatever a new bike comes equipped with here is going to be wrong for a lot of riders. Still, I quite agree that there's no excuse for a QR rear axle and lack of dropper post. At least the latter can be upgraded easily, but a QR-to-10 mm thru-axle upgrade could be trickier, even assuming the hub allows it.  

Interestingly all 7 of the REI reviews rate this bike 5 Stars. Clearly an MTB for these consumer happy campers. For under $2K a steal. The biggest short fall is the red cable housing. Yuck !  

I almost burst out laughing when I read this: "Tires are one of the cheapest ways to improve overall handling. Replacing these mini [2.25] tires with 2.3 rubber made a world of difference." You do realize that you're talking about 0.05" of tire width? IE, less than 1/16 of an inch, or 1.25 mm. There are plenty of 2.25" tires that measure larger than plenty of 2.3" tires. Such a blanket statement comes across as dumb.  

Saris Mercanti

@ALKD You're right, a lot of brands don't measure their tires accurately. In fact, when I took calipers to the stock tires on this bike, the measured 2.1" at the widest point! Yikes. @GG If you're only looking at the XT drivetrain and Fox suspension, this is a killer deal. Unfortunately, the rest of the package feels dated. To a novice rider buying their first bike, those issues wouldn't be obvious. Take any rider with experience on modern platforms and you'll hear a different story.  

@ Saris - If you had mentioned going from a lower volume tire to a higher volume tire, it would have made perfect sense / I wouldn't have batted an eye at the comment.  


I just picked up a 2017 FS3 from REI for under $1,200 OTD. I ride this all over the SF Bay Area--mostly Skeggs--ya.., at age 64 I'm not shredding the trails like a 20-something and I don't ride the North Shore steep chutes or get big air, but I haven't noticed any rear end flex, given the blend of XT & Deore components---they work very well together and will be upgraded when the time comes. I changed the handle bar to an Answer Pro Taper because I like the bend, the stock 80mm stem fits & the cockpit ergonomics fit my 5-8 height just fine. I did upgrade to a 203mm rotor up front which helps immensely. This is an underrated & very capable trail bike. It gets me where I want to go in style, speed, comfort, and reliability. I also ride a Fuse Fatty 6--that thing is a beast and you can haul ass on that thing and I also have a carbon OnOne456 27.5 hardtail-- a little hard on my 64 year old knees, but hey...don't knock until you've tried one....  

the more I think about it--this may be the ultimate bike for us old guys--which the MTB industry is ignoring--it's easy to ride and easy to go fast on, I find it quite plush for us older slower 70% type riders--so many bikes require that you ride hard & push them to their limits to get maximum performance--with my glory days behind me--I have nothing to prove--just get off the couch--go cruise & have fun--isn't that why we all got into mountain biking in the first place? It may not have the slack head angle or some geometry that your looking for, so if it doesn't fit your needs--go elsewhere--it's real simple. I like this bike, I'm proud to have it in my stable. It works for me and that's all that freakin' matters. Hope to see you on the trails. I would like to hear about other tires that you may have tried & the maximum width you have found that works.  

Yes, I ride the FS3 and would be interested to upgrade tires to wider ones. What is the maximum width can it take?  

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ghost kato 3 2015

Let the ride begin

ghost kato 3 2015

Unbiased Bike Reviews, Guides & How-To's

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Review Of Ghost Kato Series

' src=

Just a few years ago, Ghost was not a too well-known bike brand in the US. However, these competitive German-made mountain bikes are now becoming a go-to choice for more and more Americans.

The Ghost Kato series is a beginner mtbr’s dream as it consists of entry-level and mid-range hardtail and full-suspension bikes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Packed with quality Shimano, SR Suntour, and RockShox components, as well as Schwalbe tires at the higher price points, all Ghost Kato bikes have excellent value propositions.

All Katos have 100 mm of travel, but they roll on 29″, 27.5″, and even 26″ wheels and tires. They have a balanced geometry and are super-fun to ride.

These bikes are a good choice for any mountain biker who is just starting out on the trails. If you want a real no-frills MTB that will get you out more and help you have some fun in your free time, check out the Ghost Kato Series.

Read our review of the entire Kato lineup below to learn more and start riding as soon as possible!

Kato Base 26″

26″ Model for Junior Riders

Ghost Kato Base 26

Juniors and shorter riders finally have a proper MTB to ride to the trails. Ghost Kato Base is an attractive-looking XC Tour bike with 26″ wheels.

It’s a fast and agile bike with nimble geometry that can climb and tackle twisty flats equally well. As you can guess from the name, this Kato comes with an aluminum frame. It’s available in two colors — blue and red — so juniors will love it.

With a 31.5 lbs. total weight, we can’t really say Kato Base is lightweight. However, it’s packed with high-quality and durable parts that require little maintenance and have low upkeep costs.

The SR Suntour front plush gives you 100 mm of travel and the Shimano Tourney drivetrain equips you with a total of 24 wide-range gears.

You also get Shimano BR-MT200  disc brakes which are a bargain at this price point. This setup opens up most mountain, gravel, and dirt roads to you, as well as moderate trails without severe jumps and drops.

The 26″ tires are 2.10″ wide , which makes Ghost Kato Base ride well on both paved and unpaved roads. If you plan to stay off-road, wider tires would be a good upgrade.

Get it if you’re hunting for your first MTB!

Kato Essential 27.5

Cheapest 27.5 Model for Adults

Kato Essential 27.5

Budget mountain bikes for adults start with the Ghost Kato Essential 27.5 model. This 27.5″ XC bike comes in two color solutions (light grey/black and light blue/orange), packed with Shimano components and an RST Blaze fork.

At the front, this bike has an RST Blaze  fork with 100 mm of travel. This model does not provide a lot in terms of adjustability but offers good vibration dampening.

Ghost Kato Essential is a foolproof choice for beginners and casual riders who want a simple bike they can ride anywhere. A ride with the kids? Check. A ride on the trails? Check. A trip to the store, to work, or to school? Check, check, check.

The drivetrain gives you 24 speeds and consists of Shimano Tourney (front) and Shimano Acera (rear) derailleurs. The brakes are Tektro HD-M275 with 180mm rotors, which are definitely off-road ready.

Ghost Kato 2.7 AL maintains contact with the ground with Rodi Excalibur XC 19 wheels and Mitas Ocelot 27.5 x 2.10 tires . These wheels lean toward the heavy side and the tires are a bit skinny, but they’re more than fine for recreational riders.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all mountain bike , you will love Kato Essential the moment you leave the paved roads.

See Available Models on REI

Ghost Kato 29

Most experienced mountain bikers nowadays swear by 29ers. They rely on them for climbing, descending, XC and trail rides. Ghost made the Kato 29 model for beginner riders to get a taste of the big wheels and big rides. 

Kato 29 is pretty much the same as Kato Essential in terms of appearance, there are some differences in components. It sports an SR Suntour 100 mm fork, and Shimano Tourney components, and Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes.

The biggest difference is the wheels and tires. They’re the same brand and model, but 29ers are much beefier than 27.5″ tires.

The question is — do you need bigger or smaller tires?

If you plan to take your Ghost Kato 29 to rough trails and forest roads with big bumps, roots and rocks, its bigger wheels will make you happy and content.

Ghost Kato 29 is better for flatter XC rides with a lot of twisty bends, as its handling is nimble and responsive. Kato 29 will gobble descents a lot better and roll over obstacles more easily.

Whichever you choose though, you’ll end up with a quality budget bike that will ride well on a variety of terrain.

Kato Pro 29

Widest Gear Range 29

Kato 29 Pro

Better Shimano components and a more capable SR Suntour fork characterize the Ghost Kato Pro 29 model. On the trails, that translates to more efficient flat riding and climbing , but also better performances and more confidence when descending.

To be more precise, this bike touts a Shimano Deore drivetrain, which much higher on the Shimano hierarchy and offers more than Tourney groupset. 

The RockShock Judy fork on Ghost Kato Pro is a rather entry-level option, but its 100 mm of travel will feel velvety smooth on moderate dirt roads and trails.

Another improvement Ghost Kato Pro has seen is bigger rotors. Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes clamp 180mm rotors which is a big improvement in terms of stopping power and braking precision.

The tires are Mitas Ocelot 29″ x 2.25″ wide, which is a go-to choice for most Kato models.

As a result of these upgrades, Kato Pro gives beginner riders more confidence to wander deeper into the forest and explore bike paths that were off-limits before.

Kato Universal 29

Most Versatile 29er

Ghost Kato Universal

Entry-level mountain bikers who are buying their first bicycle or upgrading from a Walmart bike should give Ghost Kato Universal a serious consideration.

This is a versatile aluminum bike with remarkable specs for the money. As a budget model, it has some downsides, but these are negligent for recreational cyclists.

Thanks to massive 29″ wheels and not too thick 2.35″ tires, Kato Universal rides well on tarmac and on dirt. If you want a comfy MTB to commute and ride trails on the weekend, this is the one.

Just like its smaller brother Kato Essential, this bike boasts Tektro HD-M275 brakes with 180mm rotors, a RockShox Judy fork (100mm of travel), and reliable Shimano Alivio components.

You can choose from two colors — a greenish blue combination and a black/blue paintjob — both of which look modern and give the bike an expensive appeal. 

Buy it if you don’t want to pay through the nose but want to ride every day and then some. 

Kato Advanced 29

Top Value Upgrades

Ghost Kato Advanced

Ghost Kato Advanced 29 is where the real improvements begin to show. This model comes with almost better everything, except for the fork which is still an SR Suntour XCM with 100 mm of travel and remote lockout.

First of all Kato Advanced has received better shoes compared to its Ghost siblings, so it now wears Schwalbe Smart Sam tires that are 29″ in diameter and 2.25″ in width. They’ll provide you with more grip, stability, and maneuverability on the trails. The wheels, however, are the same Rodi Excalibur XC.

Ghost Kato Advanced comes with many improvements in terms of components, but still maintains a reasonable price.

The rear derailleur on this bike is a Shimano Deore 10-spd, which is considered to be an excellent low mid-range option. It shifts smoothly and is quite durable. Compared to previous models, all the components on this model are from the Shimano Deore family.

The brakes are similar to the previous models – Shimano MT200 disc brakes with 180 mm rotors take care of stopping the bike.

These upgrades make Ghost Kato Advanced more capable on the trails and allow beginner and intermediate riders to feel more confident and head out for longer and more challenging XC rides.

Ghost Kato FS

Cheapest Ghost Double-Squish

Kato FS

The majority of Ghost Kato models are excellent hardtails, but this German company also offers some affordable full-suspension models .

Kato FS  has an SR Suntour XCR 34 fork with 130 mm of travel and an SR Suntour Raidon  rear shock also with 130 mm. These are light and nimble suspension parts that lean toward the mid-range spectrum, so they are a good deal.

Learn more: Suspension Explained

Ghost Kato FS is an affordable trail bike intended for beginner riders who are considering a purchase of their first FS MTB.

The groupset on this FS bike is SRAM SX Eagle . The rear derailleur has a flatter profile, so it is more resilient to falls and impact. In total, you get a solid range of gears.

When it comes to rubber, Kato FS has WTB Ranger tires. This combo gives you the best balance of speed and grip you can get. The wheels are Schürmann Yak, which is pretty new compared to other models.

Buy this bike if you want to experience front and rear suspension and push the limits on your trail rides.

Ghost Kato FS Universal

Best Kato FS You Can Get

Ghost Kato FS Universal

If you have a few extra dollars to spare and you want the best Kato FS has to offer, you should end your search with the Kato FS Universal model.

At the front, Kato FS Universal eliminates vibrations with a RockShox Recon Silver RL 130 mm fork. At the back, it improves comfort and trail performance with a RockShox Deluxe Select R 130 mm shock.

Shimano XT and Deore components give a mix of reliability, making sure to get you through every situation.

Ghost went all out with Kato FS Universal and equipped it with the best components money can buy for this much money.

When it comes to braking, riders will get a pair of Shimano BR-MT501 hydraulic discs with 180 mm rotors and dual pistons. These brakes will stop you on a dime when you need them to.

The wheelset and the tires are the same as on the cheaper Kato FS model, but they’re an excellent deal for the money.

So, if you’re getting deep into the trail riding rabbit hole and you need a bike that can follow along, we recommend Ghost Kato FS Universal.

Ghost Kato Series For Kids

Ghost Kato Kids Bikes

The love of trails and off-road cycling should be nurtured from an early age. Ghost gives you the tools to do that with the Kato Kid lineup of four affordable and capable models.

These 20″ and 24″ XC machines can go anywhere and do anything, painted in colors that all kids will love.

  • Kato Base 20″ – This 20″ kids’ mountain bike is everything a kid needs if they love exploring forest trails and fire roads. Kato Base 20″ has frame geometry tailored toward kids and a saddle that’s comfy for their hips. It sports wide tires, 8-speeds, and Shimano components that can handle some abuse.
  • Kato Essential 20″ – Some kids take riding seriously from an early age and need a bike that can handle it. Kato 2.0 has a 40mm front suspension that will make off-road rides more comfortable. But that doesn’t mean this 20″ MTB is not a good choice for neighborhood rides and trips to the school.
  • Kato Essential 24″ – Older schoolkids and teenagers can choose Kato 2.4 AL which comes with 24″ wheels, wide tires, Shimano components, and front squish. It’s an all-around good bike that does not weigh a lot and costs reasonably low.
  • Kato 24 Full Party – This bike is almost the same as some of the models we’ve seen previously. Quality Shimano components and wide tires give kids confidence and high performance on the trails.

Our Thoughts About the Kato Series


We love the low prices and quality brand names such as Shimano, RockShox, SR Suntour, and Schwalbe. We think riders will also love the excellent XC and Trail geometry, as well as the choice of colors.

What we don’t like as much is the weight of some cheaper models that sometimes exceeds 33 lbs. However, that’s a common problem with many XC bikes in this price category.

All in all, our conclusion is that the Ghost Kato series is comprised of thoughtfully-created bikes that don’t cost much. They’ll allow budding riders to go out more, practice their skills, and return home muddy and happy with their choice.

Where to buy Ghost Kato bikes?

Unfortunately, Ghost isn’t as popular in the US (yet) as it is in Europe. We’ve only found them available on REI and on Wiggle (and they sell at the speed of light!). So act fast!


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ghost kato 3 2015

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Ghost Kato FS 3 AL

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €


Size / XS, S, M, L, XL

Weight / 14,2 kg (frame size M)

At a glance

The KATO FS perfectly epitomizes the benefit of our platform concept. Our entry-level bike into the full-suspension world greatly benefits from the experiences and developments of our AMR series – and pays off: sensational value for money. It is both a premium quality and low-maintenance bike with first-class suspension kinematics and low-maintenance bearings. A truly carefree bike whose balanced geometry guarantees maximum fun on tours and trails even to those who are just starting out – and all that at minimal cost.

Where To Buy

Ghost Logo


  • Frame KATO FS 27.5 Alloy AL SL
  • Fork Rock Shox Recon Silver Solo Air 130 mm
  • Hubs Front: Shimano Deore 15 mm Rear: Shimano Deore QR
  • Crank Shimano XT 40-30-22
  • Front Derailleur Shimano Deore
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano XT 10-Speed
  • Shifters Shimano XT SL
  • Cassette Shimano CS-HG50 11-36
  • Brakeset Shimano 506 Disc 180 mm SMRT 10
  • Handlebar GHOST Low Rizer 720 mm 31.8 mm
  • Saddle GHOST VL 1353
  • Seatpost GHOST Light DC 1 31.6 mm
  • Stem GHOST AS GH2 31.8 mm
  • Headset 16012

Q: How much is a 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL?

A 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL is typically priced around €1,699 EUR when new. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal.

Q: Where to buy a 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL?

The 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL may be purchased directly from Ghost .

Q: How much does a 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL weigh?

A 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL weights 14,2 kg (frame size M).

Q: What size 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL should I get?

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ghost kato 3 2015

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Ghost Kato FS Universal

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Ghost Kato FS Essential

Ghost Kato FS Essential

- AMR four-bar linkage rear suspension design - External cable routing with internal dropper seatpost routing - European price: 1599 EUR

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ghost kato 3 2015


In this section you will find instructions and other technical documents for your GHOST bike.

When it comes to GHOST technologies, you will always come across two terms: SuperFit and Tractionlink .

On this page we explain what these technologies are all about.

ghost kato 3 2015

Technical documents

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ghost kato 3 2015

SuperFit is an equipment concept developed by GHOST that allows us to build a bike that is perfectly adapted to every body size for more efficient pedalling, less fatigue and terrific bike control.

No matter if you are 1.56 m or 1.96 m tall or somewhere in between: Your new GHOST bike fits you. This is ensured by our SuperFit development approach, which focuses on proportions.

ghost kato 3 2015


Tractionlink is what we call the rear end of the bike developed by GHOST.

The unique rear construction gives your bike a particularly sensitive damping behaviour, excellent shock absorption and the best possible grip. For more bike control, efficient pedalling and optimised braking.

TractionLink absorbs the hardest impacts as well as fine bumps, smoothes the terrain to a large extent and ensures permanent grip even in the most demanding situations. This brings safety reserves and peace of mind to the bike, saves you energy and lets you concentrate fully on the track.

ghost kato 3 2015


If you have any questions about our technology, please feel free to contact our service team or your GHOST dealer.

We will be happy to help you.

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    ghost kato 3 2015

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    ghost kato 3 2015

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    ghost kato 3 2015

  4. Ghost Kato FS 3 2015

    ghost kato 3 2015

  5. VTT GHOST KATO 3 27,5" Noir/Rouge 2015

    ghost kato 3 2015

  6. Ghost Bikes Kato FS 3 2015

    ghost kato 3 2015


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  3. Ghost Kato Base 29 Brown

  4. Обзор велосипеда Ghost Kato 2

  5. Ghost (2015) movie explain in hindi/Urdu part 1 #shorts

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  1. Ghost Bikes Kato FS 3 2015

    71,614 Reviews Bikes Trail Bikes Ghost Bikes Kato FS 3 2015 At A Glance The Kato is Ghost's entry-level price offering for the full suspension trail market. It comes in multiple builds and this is The Kato 3, yours for £1259.99.

  2. Ghost Kato 3 reviews and prices

    The 2015 Ghost Kato 3 is a hardtail bike designed for trail riding. It has 27.5-inch / 650B wheels, an aluminum frame, 120mm of travel, and basic-level components.

  3. Will it send?!

    46 3.8K views 3 years ago POCAHONTAS STATE PARK Since my bike is in the shop. My dad graciously allowed me to borrow his 2015 ghost kato fs 3 27.5. So I figured why not give it a bike...

  4. First Look: German 'Ghost' Bike

    The Ghost has a 9mm QR on front, which is a standard axle size, but the bike can at times feel "twitchy" along fast trail, lacking the solid tracking and feel of 15mm thru-axle wheels, which are...

  5. Ghost Kato 3 2016|Gear Cycle with Disc Brakes|27.5

    Ghost Kato 3 2016|Gear Cycle with Disc Brakes|27.5" MTB cycles below Rs.1Lakh|[email protected] Ghost Kato 3 (2016) Price Online Fully Fitted and delivered to your doorstep after a 23 point quality check. Buy this Ghost cycle online with Alloy Frame, Alloy Hardtail Fork, 27.5

  6. 2015 Ghost Kato FS 3 Never Ridden Medium Full Suspension

    2015 Ghost Kato FS 3 Never Ridden Medium Full Suspension Category: Enduro Bikes Frame Size: 18" Wheel Size: 27.5" / 650B Original Post Date: Jan-01-2017 10:37:58 Last Repost Date:...

  7. GHOST-Bikes 2015 by GHOST Bikes

    1 2015 33 German bicycle technology ENG This saying gained us quite some attention last year. Our engineers, designers and all other employees whose contributions made our RIOT into this...

  8. 2015 Ghost kato fs 3 For Sale

    2015 Ghost kato fs 3 For sale on Pinkbike buysell. Original Post Date: May-15-2019 6:05:00 Last Repost Date: Jun-24-2019 6:34:52 Still For Sale: Sold View Count: 1,487

  9. Ghost Kato FS 3

    #1 · May 20, 2015 so,i just got back into riding after about 18 years.A few months ago i picked up a new 27.5 Giant Talon 4 hard tail (love it) But want to get into a full suspension for under 2 grand. So ?? is does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on the REI's Ghost Kato fs3 for $1,700.00 ? 1 - 7 of 7 Posts Z zombinate 934 posts · Joined 2009

  10. Ghost Kato FS 5 review

    Mid-travel mid-ranger with a great spec

  11. Ghost Kato FS 3 Mountain Bike

    Ghost Kato FS 3 Mountain Bike - 2016, Medium Or Schedule a Time to Chat. Sizing Guide. The chart below provides a general suggested range of heights and is not exact. Sizing may vary across brands. The tailoring of any bike is an important step in the long term enjoyment of riding and it can take time to adjust to the fit of a new bike. ...

  12. GHOST Kato 5 27.5 Bike

    GHOST GHOST Kato 5 27.5 Bike - 2015 0.0 0 Reviews Item #881863 This product is not available. Shop similar products Built to help you attack tough singletrack and rip down descents, the Kato 5 27.5 offers 30 versatile gears, plush front suspension and agile handling so you can match speeds with friends or rivals. Wheel Size 27.5 inches

  13. 2015 Ghost Kato 3

    Red 2015 Ghost Kato 3, serial: CR1058998J. It's red with blueish writing. Front suspension only (hardtail). You can lock out the suspension with a button on the handlebars. There is no rubber ring on the shocks. It's relatively light. It's a mountain bike with knobby tires. Currently the tires and wheels are original, but the pedals are new: with metal spikes to grip shoes. I usually have a ...

  14. Ghost Kato FS 5 review

    The Ghost Kato FS is a 130mm full suspension trail bike and is available at three different price points, starting at $1700 and topping out at $2700. The Kato FS 5, reviewed here, is the top of the line model and right now on it's marked down to $1889. Pros Good value Light'ish weight Playful handling Plush rear end Cons Outdated cockpit

  15. Spotlight on the GHOST Kato FS

    Discover the Kato FS - the popular GHOST mountain bike - now also as a Fully. This MTB inspires with proven geometry and technology.

  16. Kato

    Filter & Sort. Show Results ( 0) International. Close. Discover our Kato Bikes.

  17. 2016 Ghost Kato FS 3

    2016 Ghost Kato FS 3 27.5. 2016. 2017. View All Reviews. Not eligible for trade in. Learn more. TRADE-IN RANGE. $120 - $123. Private Range.

  18. Ghost Kato

    Kato Pro 29. Widest Gear Range 29. Better Shimano components and a more capable SR Suntour fork characterize the Ghost Kato Pro 29 model. On the trails, that translates to more efficient flat riding and climbing, but also better performances and more confidence when descending.. To be more precise, this bike touts a Shimano Deore drivetrain, which much higher on the Shimano hierarchy and ...

  19. 2017 Ghost Kato 3 AL

    At a glance The 2017 Ghost Kato 3 AL is a Trail and Cross Country Aluminium / Alloy mountain bike. It is priced at €699 EUR, comes in a range of sizes, including S, M, L, XL, has SR Suntour suspension and a Shimano drivetrain. The bike is part of Ghost 's KATO range of mountain bikes.

  20. Ghost Kato FS 7 Mountain Bike

    Ghost Kato FS 7 Mountain Bike - 2015, Large | The Pro's Closet Sorry, this Ghost Kato FS 7 Mountain Bike - 2015, Large has been sold. Try these similar items: Ghost Ghost Kato FS 7 Mountain Bike - 2015, Large Item #BMT21589 Condition: Certified Pre-Owned What's this? Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more Unavailable

  21. GHOST hardtail MTBs: Discover bikes for mountains and valleys

    1. Hardtail Mountain Bikes The name says it all with this mountain bike variant. The term "hardtail" refers to the rear end of the bike having no suspension. Which means: · Hardtail MTBs have a fixed rear end. · These bikes only have the suspension fork on the front wheel to absorb shocks.

  22. 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL

    Specifications Related Discussion 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL Trail Cross Country Compare Colour / NIGHTBLACK, RIOTGREEN, NEONRED Size / XS, S, M, L, XL Weight / 14,2 kg (frame size M) Manufacturer Website At a glance The 2017 Ghost Kato FS 3 AL is a Trail and Cross Country Aluminium / Alloy mountain bike.

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    DOWNLOADS & TECHNOLOGY In this section you will find instructions and other technical documents for your GHOST bike. When it comes to GHOST technologies, you will always come across two terms: SuperFit and Tractionlink. On this page we explain what these technologies are all about. DOWNLOADS Technical documents Assembly instructions