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Got Ghost Net Worth

What is got ghost's net worth.

Got Ghost is an American YouTube channel with over 106.00K subscribers. It started 5 years ago and has 1316 uploaded videos.

The net worth of Got Ghost's channel through 12 Jan 2024

Videos on the channel are categorized into Lifestyle, Entertainment.

How much money does Got Ghost make from YouTube?

Below is an estimated average earnings from advertising on the channel, depending on language, price and current audience.

This income is valid for channel visits till Jan 12 and must be updated when channel data changes. The channel may have additional revenue streams, such as sponsored content and product sales, that are not reflected in these figures.

Got Ghost channel's current stats and earnings

Here are the stats for the last two weeks, separated by days.

  • The lowest daily views during this period are 1.47K
  • The highest daily views are 6.01K

Forecast of next month's revenue

Got Ghost net worth for February 2024 - $18,790

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got ghost youtube channel

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The Best Horror YouTubers


If you're a fan of all things morbid and macabre, these horror YouTubers will satisfy your itch for all things spooky. Whether they're exploring allegedly haunted locations, hunting ghosts, or recounting true paranormal encounters, these horror videos will give you chills and possibly keep you up at night. 

Some scary YouTube channels feature more hands-on content than others. Moe Sargi, for example, actually participates in challenges where he stays overnight at allegedly haunted locations. Other channels simply recount spooky tales. If you head over to Mr. Nightmare, you'll find countdowns and roundups of terrifying stories regarding basements, theaters, and more. Other horror YouTubers include AldosWorld, Brittyy44, and MrCreepyPasta. 

What are the best horror channels on YouTube? Vote your favorites to the top of the list, and feel free to add anything you think is missing. 


Mr. Nightmare

Lazy Masquerade

Lazy Masquerade


Sam and Colby


Lulling you into beautiful Nightmares.





Be. Busta

Marble Hornets

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband


Darkness Prevails

Cayleigh Elise

Cayleigh Elise



The G Team Paranormal Investigators

The G Team Paranormal Investigators


Madame Macabre

Amy's Crypt

Amy's Crypt

This Is Dan Bell.

This Is Dan Bell.

Rob gavagan, ghost pirate entertainment.

Moe Sargi

ddogg vlogs

Youtuber who explore abandoned and haunted places and documents the adventures.



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10 best ghost youtube channels.

got ghost youtube channel

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that specialize in anything from ghost music, comedies, caught on camera videos, and much more? Look no further! We've curated a list of the top YouTube channels to satisfy your video cravings. Whether you're into spooky ghost videos, funny comedies, official Vevo music videos, or creepy caught on camera videos, we got you covered! Keep reading to find out which channels are the best for you!


TheghostradioOfficial Youtube Channel

TheghostradioOfficial is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things ghostly and supernatural. It features original Thai ghost stories, as well as covers of ghost stories from other countries. It also goes live to share ghost stories and interviews with real people who have had paranormal experiences. Other videos cover ghost hunting, paranormal gathering and more. It's a great place for fans of ghostly tales and stories to enjoy. Take a listen now to TheghostradioOfficial and hear some of the most spine-tingling ghost stories from Thailand and around the world!

Ghost Hlubi Vlogs

Ghost Hlubi Vlogs Youtube Channel

Ghost Hlubi Vlogs is a YouTube channel that provides entertaining lifestyle content about ghosts. It is presented in a vlogging format that offers an insight into the supernatural world. The channel is family-friendly yet full of spooky and mysterious adventures.

Travel Channel

Travel Channel Youtube Channel

The Travel Channel YouTube channel is home to some of the best paranormal, travel, and culinary programs on television. Notable series include Ghost Adventures, starring Zak Bagans and Nick Groff, Bizarre Foods with Anthony Bourdain, and Dhani Jones' show on world travel. Bridget Marquardt also makes frequent appearances on the channel. Each series offers unique glimpses into the strange and wonderful worlds of travel, cuisine, and supernatural phenomena.

Hoezaay Youtube Channel

Hoezaay is a funny podcast channel run by VJ Jose and VJ Hoezaay . It features videos of misheard lyrics, ghost stories, and Kaan Masti - an irreverent comedy show starring Jose Covaco. Fans of Hoezaay can enjoy their latest videos and funny compilations featuring some of the most hilarious misheard lyrics by VJ Jose. Tune in for some rib-tickling fun!

Kalai Vlogs

Kalai Vlogs Youtube Channel

Kalai Vlogs is a popular Tamil vlogging channel, focusing on historical places and haunted locations. They upload the latest Tamil vlogs and ghost videos, with topics ranging from paranormal experiences to historical monuments and landmarks. The content is engaging and informative, making this the go-to channel for ghost and Tamil vlogging. Kalai Vlogs has become one of the most watched Tamil vlogging channels in India.

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby Youtube Channel

Sam and Colby is a YouTube channel created by Sam Golbach and Colby Brock, two former Vine stars. On their channel, they explore abandoned buildings, investigate urban legends, and most notably, search for spiritual explanations for unexplained phenomena. Their channel allows viewers to join them on their ghostly adventures and paranormal investigations.

Thriller King - Horror

Thriller King - Horror Youtube Channel

The Thriller King - Horror YouTube channel features terrifying videos of real ghost activity, scary ghost videos, and thrilling videos in Telugu. From ghost videos to interesting facts, this channel is sure to provide viewers with a spine-tingling experience.

Nuke's Top 5

Nuke's Top 5 Youtube Channel

Nuke's Top 5 is an entertaining YouTube channel featuring the top 5 lists of scary things caught on camera. From real ghosts to creepy videos and scary stories, you can always find entertaining and chilling content on this channel. Plus, viewers get the chance to watch real ghosts caught on camera in high-quality footage. If you are looking for an entertaining source of scary content, this is definitely the channel for you.

Depths of Despair

Depths of Despair Youtube Channel

Depths of Despair is a YouTube channel showcasing scary videos, including the top 5 ghost videos, 5 scary videos caught on camera, paranormal investigations, TikTok ghost sightings, and other creepy videos. Get ready to be spooked!

MINDJUNKIE Youtube Channel

MINDJUNKIE is a YouTube channel known for its ghost, scary videos, and top 5 shows like Nukes Top 5 and Caught on Camera. The channel serves up a steady stream of the scariest videos and things caught on camera, leaving viewers with a thrilling experience. Get ready to be spooked by their 5 scary video series, each featuring intense scares and encounters with the paranormal.

Understanding the Different Types of Ghosts

Ghosts are a mysterious entity that remain an enigma today. Many cultures around the world include stories of ghosts in their mythology, but the existence of these otherworldly beings is still a topic of much debate. Regardless of whether or not you believe in the existence of ghosts, understanding the different types of ghosts can still provide insight into the folklore and history of different cultures.

  • Typically ghosts are divided into two distinct categories: benevolent and malevolent. Those deemed to be benevolent ghosts are usually viewed as messengers of the gods, providing some kind of spiritual guidance. Some examples of benevolent ghosts would be ancestral guardian spirits, ghosts that provide comfort to those who have experienced loss, and benevolent spirits that are believed to bring good luck.
  • Conversely, malevolent ghosts are generally believed to be malicious or evil entities that bring misfortune and chaos to the living. These malevolent entities may take the form of malicious poltergeists, spirits of those who died in terrible ways, or vengeful spirits who seek to harm the living for past wrongdoings. When encountering malevolent entities, some cultures might perform exorcisms or rituals to drive away the ghost.

No matter what your beliefs may be on the subject, understanding the different types of ghosts helps us gain more insight into the cultural context of a given society. It is also important to remember that different societies have different ways of approaching ghosts, whether benevolent or malevolent, and that respect should be shown for the beliefs of each culture.

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Ghosts

There have been plenty of theories and popular misconceptions about ghosts floating around for centuries, often causing fear and confusion for those who don’t know the facts. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about ghosts and set the record straight.

  • Firstly, one of the most popular misconceptions about ghosts is that they are vengeful, angry spirits of the dead who will haunt you if you do something wrong. This is completely false. In reality, ghosts are the spirits of people who once lived on this Earth and continue to exist in the spiritual realm for their own purposes. Many of them are simply curious, harmless observers, and if they appear to you, it’s most likely due to a mutual curiosity or because they want to provide some sort of guidance.
  • Another common misconception is that ghosts are able to physically interact with and hurt the living. This isn’t the case at all. Ghosts do not have the power to physically or even emotionally hurt you. If a ghost ever seemed to be “attacking” you, it’s most likely because they’re trying to communicate and you’re responding to it with fear. If you can learn to relax and talk to the ghost, it’s more likely to retreat and move on.

These are just a few of the misconceptions about ghosts. In reality, most ghosts are harmless, friendly spirits who may just be curious about the living world and don’t pose any real threat. Knowing the truth can be much more comforting than believing in myths or legends.

Fictional Representations of Spirits in Media and Literature

Media and literature often explore the idea of spirits living among us in creative, interesting ways. Representations of spirits in these two forms are fictional, and often take the form of supernatural beings like ghosts, vengeful spirits, or otherworldly entities. These representations have become some of the most celebrated characters, often capturing the public’s imagination and creating a lasting impression.

  • In visual media, stories about spirits range from comedies like ‘Ghostbusters’ to horror classics like ‘The Ring’. More modern works such as ‘Insidious’ and ‘The Conjuring’ still employ a variety of spirits to create tension and suspense. Spirits also feature prominently in literary works, such as Ambrose Bierce’s short stories ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’ and ‘A Man of Intelligence’, which employ spirits to explore themes of betrayal, mortality, and karma.
  • Spirits in these works are often developed through specific mythologies, such as Chinese ghosts in the ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’, or through mystery and discovery, as in ‘Coraline’ and ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’. These characters have become iconic, and we often feel a connection with them, despite having no interaction with real-life spirits. Fictional representations of spirits have the power to entertain as well as teach us about morality and the consequences of our actions.

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Margaret Patel

Hi, my name is Margaret and I'm an aspiring author, entertainer, and lifestyle blogger. I have a passion for music, hobbies, and the entertainment industry. I'm still learning the ropes, but I'm excited to continue to pursue my passion and share my experiences through my writing.

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got ghost youtube channel

The Associated Press

The Associated Press

DeSantis and Haley go head to head: How to watch the fifth Republican presidential debate

Posted: January 9, 2024 | Last updated: January 10, 2024

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The fifth Republican presidential debate of the 2024 election season will also be its first head-to-head matchup.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley are the only candidates taking part in Wednesday night's debate in Iowa. President Donald Trump , widely considered the GOP field's front-runner, will again be skipping the event.

Other previous debate participants, including conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie , didn't make the cut. Hours before the debate was set to begin, Christie dropped out of the race .

Here’s how to watch the debate:

The debate will start at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday. It's being moderated by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

CNN is carrying the debate live on its broadcast network, as well as on CNN International, CNN en Español and CNN Max. It's the first debate of the 2024 election cycle that CNN is hosting.

The setting for the fifth GOP debate is Des Moines' Drake University, which has played host to presidential debates in each of the four-year cycles since 2007.

The debate comes just five days before the Iowa caucuses kick off the 2024 voting calendar.

Three candidates — Trump, DeSantis and Haley — qualified for the debate stage, but only DeSantis and Haley have committed to attend.

Instead of joining his rivals, Trump is participating in a town hall on Fox News, airing at the same time and taking place about 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) from the debate site.

Haley and DeSantis were both scheduled to take part in their own Fox News town halls earlier this week in Des Moines. The rivalry between the two has only increased as they vie to be the leading GOP alternative to Trump.

DeSantis has said he expects to win Iowa despite trailing far behind Trump in polls. He has portrayed Haley, a former South Carolina governor who was Trump’s U.N. ambassador, as a puppet of wealthy donors and someone who has flip-flopped on key issues.

Haley, who hopes to edge out the better-organized DeSantis in Iowa, has accused him of misrepresenting her record, especially on taxes, and of falsely portraying himself as tough on China.

To qualify for CNN’s Iowa debate, candidates needed to register at least 10% support in three separate polls, either nationally or in Iowa.

Ramaswamy, who qualified for other debates but not this one, said he would be participating in a podcast with Tim Pool instead.

There are already other debates on the books in the next state to cast GOP votes: New Hampshire, on Jan. 23.

ABC has announced plans for a debate on Jan. 18 at Saint Anselm College. CNN also intends to hold another debate on Jan. 21 at New England College.

Candidates who finish in one of the top three spots in the Iowa caucuses will be invited to participate in CNN's New Hampshire debate, as well as those who meet the network's polling qualification, which includes a 10% polling threshold in New Hampshire.

Meg Kinnard can be reached at

FILE - This combination of photos shows Republican presidential candidates, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and former South Carolina UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. The fifth Republican presidential debate of the 2024 election season will also be its first head-to-head matchup. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley are the only candidates taking part in Wednesday night’s debate in Iowa. (AP Photo, File)

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A woman was hired to investigate racial harassment after a suicide. Then she encountered it herself

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A $174,000 salary isn't enough for members of Congress. In fact, they should probably give themselves a $100,000 raise.

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Former Tennessee Vols star becomes NFL head coach

‘I question the fairness’: My parents want to pay off my $200,000 mortgage, and move into my rental. They say I’ll owe my sister $100,000. Is this risky?

My parents want to pay off my $200,000 mortgage, and move into my rental. They say I’ll owe my sister $100,000. Is this fair?

Minnesota tribe builds first-of-its-kind manufacturing facility for game-changing building material: ‘A no-brainer’

Minnesota tribe builds first-of-its-kind manufacturing facility for game-changing building material: ‘A no-brainer’


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Ex-Trump Attorney Slings Mud At Alina Habba Over Handling Of Fraud Case

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Andrew Knizner.

Rangers sign former longtime Cardinals catcher

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An aircraft takes off to join the U.S.-led coalition to conduct air strikes against military targets in Yemen (US Central Command / via REUTERS)

Bomb cyclone hits the U.S. and Houthi rebels vow retaliation for strikes: Morning Rundown

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First Pete Carroll, now Kalen DeBoer

First Pete Carroll, now Kalen DeBoer

A YouTube channel catches would-be child predators. Not everyone is happy about it

A white triangle inside of a red square inside of a white square inside of a black square that reads "YouTube"

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Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter . It’s Wednesday , Jan. 19. I’m Justin Ray.

Warning: This story discusses child abuse.

An activist behind a YouTube channel based in California is catching people in the state who are trying to meet kids for lewd acts. His followers have hailed his work and praised him for keeping kids safe, while others in law enforcement and legal experts say he’s putting himself in danger and jeopardizing potential criminal cases.

The channel, called CC Unit, has 137,000 subscribers. It is led by a man who operates under the moniker “Ghost.” He tells The Times that he is a student in his early 20s based in San Diego. He’s in his last year of college.

Recently, the account reportedly led to the arrest of a man in Elk Grove.

Ghost said his team is made up of about five people who serve as decoys, perform phone calls and act as security for encounters. Some members are based in San Bernardino, Hawaii and Texas.

He explains that he finds people on online forums, messenger apps, dating apps, social media and other web mediums. Ghost said he and his team never make first contact. “Let’s say they get arrested,” he adds. “It’s better in court if they reached out first, because it doesn’t look like we enticed them or we instigated the conversation first.”

He said his knowledge of law regarding child abuse came from lawyers he contacted, fans of the page who gave him advice and reporter Chris Hanson’s controversial NBC series “To Catch a Predator.”

“Once they reach, we basically tell them, ‘Hey, we’re underage, we’re 11, 10 years old, 13 years old,’” Ghost says. “Then they eventually set up a time and a place to meet the kid for bad purposes. And then that’s when we go and confront them.”

Although some of the sting operations are dangerous, Ghost doesn’t appear to be afraid.

“I know that these guys are criminals and stuff, and they’re probably carrying weapons sometimes. But that’s the risk that we take, just like police officers. . They go out and they deal with criminals all the time, and they know what they’re getting into,” Ghost says. “I bring my security with me,” which consists of Ghost’s friends. “I have a bunch of witnesses around. I do it in a public area, so that way there’s cameras around.”

Why does he do it? He said he was a fan of “To Catch a Predator” and “always wondered how many creeps were in my area.’

“And then, once I started doing it, I was like, Wow, that’s crazy. It kind of snowballed where, you know, I can’t just stop now.” He says he’s never been a victim himself, but he knows some victims.

“I do it for survivors, I do it for victims, I do it for kids out there. I serve the community,” he says.

Ghost says he gets some money from viewers through donations, which goes to traveling throughout the state to find potential abusers. He also receives money from a part-time job.

He says he often contacts local police departments before conducting stings. Many departments enjoy the channel’s work, while others that aren’t as enthusiastic “usually just say, ‘Let us handle it. You don’t have to do this,’ or like, ‘Oh, you’re putting other people in danger or you’re putting yourself in danger,’ like stuff like that usually.”

The Elk Grove Police Department — the agency that recently arrested a suspect — as well as three other departments that Ghost says he’s reached out to did not respond to The Times’ requests for comment. Google also didn’t respond to an inquiry about the YouTube channel.

However, CBS Sacramento reported that Elk Grove Police aren’t happy about “Ghost vigilantes,” citing the fact that the suspect in that case had a weapon. “We have our own local and federal units that will do these operations,” Elk Grove Police spokesperson Jeremy Banks told the station.

Is the YouTube channel breaking the law?

Is this work legal? UC Irvine law professor Bob Solomon says, mostly yes, but there are more things to consider.

“I understand that he’s trying to do what he thinks is a good thing, but generally vigilante plans do not end well, and he should leave this to law enforcement,” Solomon tells The Times. “I think people have a sense of their own power and ability to intervene in systems, but usually it creates more problems than it solves.”

Narrowly looking at the law, Solomon explains that the main question is whether Ghost’s actions qualify as entrapment. In criminal law, entrapment occurs when law enforcement or government agents try to induce or encourage someone to commit a crime.

But, because the people behind the YouTube channel aren’t affiliated with the police or government, it doesn’t qualify as entrapment, according to Solomon. “It is not entrapment for a private citizen to accumulate information and turn it over to the police, which does happen, in drug cases.”

But Solomon condemns Ghost’s YouTube channel.

“There’s always the chance that this can escalate to violence, and he’s not prepared to deal with that,” Solomon says. “And so when someone gets hurt, the answer is, ‘Well, you know, I was doing a good thing. It’s not my fault.’ Well, in part, it is your fault because you’re trying to take the law into your own hands and make decisions that really aren’t yours to make.”

When asked if he believes that pedophiles can change, Ghost says perhaps people in their 20s.

“But the older ones? No, I don’t think they can change. They’ve been doing it for their whole life. It’s not like, one day out of the blue, when they’re 50 years old, they wake up and they want a kid. It’s not how it works.”

To report online child sexual abuse or obtain resources for help, you can reach the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at (800) 843-5678.

And now, here’s what’s happening across California:

Note: Some of the sites we link to may limit the number of stories you can access without subscribing.

5 things to know about ordering free COVID tests. Here’s important information about getting at-home COVID-19 tests through the federal government’s website. Los Angeles Times


You’ve noticed it, right? There’s just something about L.A.’s light. The setting sun in Los Angeles has captivated locals, painters, moviemakers and even social media users. Here’s the secret behind its allure. Los Angeles Times

The setting sun lights the sky as a cyclists peddles around the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti has picked Deputy Chief Kristin Crowley to lead the Los Angeles Fire Department , his office confirmed Tuesday. If confirmed by the City Council, Crowley would become the first woman to lead the city’s fire agency. Garcetti, in a statement, said there is “no one better equipped to lead the LAFD at this moment than Kristin.” Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles has been chosen by the Biden administration to host this year’s Summit of the Americas, a key gathering that U.S. officials hope will help mend diplomatic fences in the Western Hemisphere, officials familiar with the decision said. The meeting — to be held on U.S. soil for the second time since the forum was created nearly three decades ago — will take place in early June. Los Angeles Times


A retired San Jose Police officer was convicted of a multimillion dollar fraud scheme. Robert Foster, 48, of Morgan Hill, pleaded no contest to a series of felony fraud charges last week, including $1.13 million in insurance fraud and $18 million in money laundering to cover it up, tax evasion and worker exploitation. Foster is the owner of Atlas Private Security, now Genesis Security, with his wife, Makaila Foster, 46, who also pleaded no contest to a variety of related fraud charges. An investigation revealed they reduced their insurance premiums and taxes by reporting false and inaccurate payroll, underreporting headcount and paying employees off the books, according to the Santa Clara County’s district attorney’s office. Foster is set to be sentenced on Feb. 25, and his wife will be sentenced on April 29. KRON 4

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California has recorded more than 7 million coronavirus cases, after its fastest accumulation of reported infections in the history of the pandemic. The unprecedented count, recorded in California’s databases late Monday, comes one week after the state tallied its 6-millionth coronavirus case (here is an up-to-date look). California’s daily COVID-19 death rate has also risen dramatically. Los Angeles Times

Dr. Marwa Kilani talks with a patient at a hospital.

How to avoid Omicron — and COVID fatalism. The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has proven itself highly transmissible, causing a surge of cases in California and the rest of the United States. It has come along as the county passes the two-year mark of the pandemic. Many people are feeling fatigued at this point: In fact, a friend of mine told me he wanted to just get it over with. This is the subject of a recent KQED radio report explaining why attempting to contract COVID-19 isn’t a great plan. KQED


A Tijuana journalist who covered crime and security issues in the border city was shot to death Monday outside his home as he left for work. Margarito Martínez Esquivel, who worked as a journalist and “fixer” assisting international outlets including the BBC, as well as for the San Diego Union-Tribune and Los Angeles Times, was shot three times, according to his wife, Elena. Crying outside the family’s home in the Camino Verde neighborhood of Tijuana, she said, “Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything for him.” . San Diego Union-Tribune said this week that it stopped all deposits and withdrawals while it investigates “unauthorized activity” on some accounts. The crypto wallet provider and trading platform said in a Twitter post that the measure was temporary to allow it to improve security, and it would resume activity once the update was complete. The company added that all funds are safe. The company bought the naming rights to the venue formerly known as the Staples Center in downtown L.A. Los Angeles Times

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Los Angeles: 66 San Diego: 62 San Francisco: 56 San Jose: 63 Fresno: 62 Sacramento: 58. There are two kinds of dogs.


Also, I recently asked readers for the music they listen to when they want some nostalgia in their lives. Here is a response from Theo Moreno :

I had seen the Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night” twice in the summer of ’64 and was thrilled to do so. As with so much of the youth of America, after seeing them perform on Ed Sullivan in February 1964, I was completely captivated by the group and their music, and am STILL a Beatles fan to this day. Eleven years later, living in Ocean Beach/San Diego and going to college, I went to the Strand Theatre in OB one Saturday night because they were showing “AHDN” and it was 99 cents to get in! I was stunned when the opening chord and scene of the movie’s title track burst forth, with the boys running down the street, George tripping and falling, and before I could give it a thought, tears were rolling down my face from the sheer joy of seeing it all again on a big screen. It was beautiful.

If you have a memory or story about the Golden State, share it with us . (Please keep your story to 100 words.)

Please let us know what we can do to make this newsletter more useful to you. Send comments to [email protected] .

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got ghost youtube channel

Justin Ray is a former Metro reporter who wrote the Essential California newsletter. He joined in 2020 from Columbia Journalism Review, where he grew the magazine’s digital audience as a digital media editor. Previously, he served as a web editor for NBC New York and NBC Chicago. He’s originally from Cincinnati.

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SAN PEDRO, CA - APRIL 7, 2023 - A tugboat is the only thing moving in an idle Port of Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro on April 7, 2023. The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been closed since Thursday because of a manpower shortage that may have been exacerbated by drawn-out labor talks. The port terminals were shut as of 5 pm local time because of a shortage of labor, according to notices sent to the trucking community that were viewed by Bloomberg News. It's unclear when they will reopen. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

U.S. strikes Yemen: Are L.A., Long Beach ports ready for cargo surge?

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 08: Sam Haskell, charged with three counts of murder in the killings of his wife, Mei Haskell, and her parents, appears for arraignment in Dept. 30 Criminal Courts on Friday, Dec. 8, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Hollywood executive’s son pleads not guilty in triple murder of wife and in-laws

Los Angeles, CA - July 13: Portrait of Sandra Munoz, a celebrated civil rights attorney in Los Angeles. She is holding a photo of her husband Luis on January 3, 2024, in Los Angeles, CA. They have been separated since 2015. Luis, who was undocumented, applied for a waiver of his illegal entry to seek citizenship after they got married. The final step was considered a formality -- he would go back to El Salvador for an interview at the U.S. consulate there and fly back to the U.S. once it was approved. Instead, it was denied. When their lawyers pressed the government for why, the State Department admitted that his tattoos -- of La Virgen de Guadalupe, a tribal design and theatrical masks -- were among the reasons they had found him to be an MS-13 gang member, an assertion he vehemently denies. Last year, the 9th Circuit sided with the couple, but the Biden administration appealed to the Supreme Court. The high court is expected to decide next month whether to take up the case, which would have ripple effects for any immigrant seeking to challenge the government's views of their character. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Supreme Court to hear case of Los Angeles man denied visa over his tattoos

WEST LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30: A homeless encampment outside the West L.A. Veterans Affairs facilities on Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. The encampment is on San Vicente Boulevard in an unincorporated area near Brentwood in West Los Angeles, CA. Dozens of veterans live at the encampment, sometimes called Veterans Row, where some tents are decorated with U.S. flags. Recently a homeless veteran had been stapped to death near by. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Supreme Court to rule on clearing homeless encampments in California and the West

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15 best horror YouTube channels for creepy, ghost, and scary stories

Horror films and stories may not be everybody's everyday cup of coffee, but some individuals find entertainment in the scary stuff. However, if you are a fanatic of creepy and scary films, you may be disappointed at how long you have to wait to release new ones. Luckily, some of the best horror YouTube channels have got you covered because they post scary videos and stories daily.

best horror YouTube channels

Sometimes you watch a horror film and can't help but wonder if it is a true reflection of someone's fantasies or if it is just a world of imagination. Either way, the world would be an ugly place if scenes from the best horror films turned into reality. Yet, it is not an unfamiliar road because evil things beyond the wildest imagination happen, and horror films only amplify them to teach a lesson.

The best horror youtube channels

got ghost youtube channel

150+ best YouTube comments that will attract more likes

If you are in the mood for a horror movie or story, you are in luck because you don't have to go into the deep web to quench your thirst for stories that will make you jump out of your skin. It gets even better because you don’t have to browse through all YouTube channels to find the best ones. Below are the 15 best creepy YouTube channels:

1. LoeyLane

Having over 2.29 million subscribers is enough to tell you that LoeyLane is a master at what she does. The channel is based on scary stories on the internet as well as paranormal experiences in her life. She does not offer you dull narrations, but her videos usually have graphic effects to set the mood for her storytelling.

LoeyLane also reacts to the scariest viral videos on YouTube, which she compiles on her channel. In a way, hers is a one-stop shop for horror videos, so you don't have to go search for yourself. Her Try Not to Get Scared Challenge is a video worth checking out.

got ghost youtube channel

Nazar Switch TV: full story, episodes, cast real names and photos

2. MrCreepyPasta

MrCreepyPasta is the stuff that legends are made of when it comes to horror stories and movies. His channel mostly features creepy stories that can make anyone sweat, even in the coldest of winters. All the scariest stories that have ever been posted on the CreepyPasta website are narrated on this channel.

While the channel does have too many horror videos, there are tons of scary audiobooks. Listening to them will surely make you want to pull up the blanket over your head. Without a doubt, it is among the most unsettling YouTube channels.

3. Mr Nightmare

best horror YouTube channels

Mr Nightmare is a YouTube channel that can give anyone nightmares. What's more, this channel focuses on fiction and shares true stories that can be very disturbing. So if a house party turned tragic in a scary way or a hitchhike that ended in mysteriously evil ways, be sure Mr Nightmare will cover it.

got ghost youtube channel

14 best conspiracy movies to watch in 2020

It does not matter whether it is a little girl left alone at home by her parents and robbers broke into the house or a grown man tricked by a tinder date into going into the woods alone at night; it can all be found in this channel. Mr Nightmare always tries to present evidence before following it up with backstories.

4. ReignBot

ReignBot is among the most expansive channels when it comes to horror stories. It is owned by an anonymous girl whose voice can be heard narrating all the videos on the channel. The owner has made it her business to assemble the weirdest and creepiest mysteries that can be found on the internet. The silver lining with her horror videos is that she does not stop until she gets to the bottom of a mystery,

ReignBot’s series of Stories from Our Disturbing World tells chilling tales that unmask the ugly side of humanity. It features such chilling stories as child po*nography, rape, unsolved disappearances, and gruesome murders, making it one of the scariest YouTube channels.

got ghost youtube channel

Top 20 interesting anime movies that you must watch

5. Brittney Crabb (Brittyy44)

Brittney Crabb's channel, Brittyy44's Fear , was inspired by the early 2000s show MTV's Fear . The channel owner describes herself as a paranormal investigator, which is enough to tell you that things will go beyond reality. She is the kind of person who likes to be in places like a haunted hotel room or a mysterious park, and the good thing is that she documents it all.

If you think that a YouTube video titled The Doll that Aged is the strangest and scariest thing you have ever had, then you are about to face some rude awakening in this channel. Brittyy44 has covered it all, from evil ventriloquist dummies and haunted houses to demonic dolls. She is not afraid to go the extra mile to find scary entertainment for you.

6. AmysCrypt

AmysCrypt's introductory channel video features evidence of scary ghosts, but that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to other videos on the channel. She takes her viewers on terrifying journeys as she hunts for ghosts and paranormal occurrences. One wonders whether her adventures are real or conspiracies, but they are a good source of entertainment either way.

got ghost youtube channel

List of 2018 adventure films ranked

AmysCrypt is not one of those YouTubers who would lie that they are never scared about the horror stories they post. She acknowledges being freaked out in most of her videos but never backs out of a good horror story. If you have seen her videos, you will never have to look for other disturbing YouTube channels.

7. Darkness Prevails

best horror YouTube channels

When darkness creeps in, the only person who becomes happy is a ghost-buster eager to connect with the mysterious world. This channel is like a factory where nightmares are manufactured. Once you watch the videos posted there, you will shiver and sweat deep into your sleep.

The channel usually features horror audiobooks narrated by a male voice. Some of the top horror stories include disturbing unexplained things found in the woods, visiting the morgue alone, haunted environments and paranormal road trips. There are many stories that one can watch the entire night into the morning.

got ghost youtube channel

20 Latest Bollywood movies 2022: List of new Hindi films to watch

8. David Firth

Cartoon and animation films can capture human imagination in a way actual films could never do. Just when you thought no creature can ever be as evil as man, then you come across man's most incredible creation, animation! Yes, so many good and heart-touching stories have been told through animation films, but so is the case with horror stories.

David Firth's channel has some weird animations with even more terrifying graphics. You might think that an animation titled Burnt Face Man sounds silly, but then Firth introduces the scariest horror themes such as brutal murders and stone-cold assaults.

9. This is Dan Bell

Like most paranormal YouTube channels, Dan Bell shares some frightening urban exploration experiences he has gone through over the years. He has been to abandoned and haunted structures in search of paranormal events. He is not afraid to book a reservation in motels where the coldest murderers have previously stayed.

got ghost youtube channel

2018 Netflix movies you must re-watch

The channel welcomes viewers with an original series titled ‘The Dead Mall in which Dan Bell walks viewers through some of the most chilling murders in history. In addition, Dan has posted videos about abandoned schools, malls, and even mines that are creepy. All these are places you do not want to find yourself alone.

10. KrainaGrzybowTV

best horror YouTube channels

This is one of the few horror channels that are not predominantly English and reminds us that scary has no language. You do not need to understand what the narrator is saying to know that it is creepy. It usually features a weird-looking girl who talks to haunted dolls or does things an average person wouldn't do.

The channel manages to incorporate 1980s-style cartoons with weird sounds that can cause anyone nightmares. The irregular painting around the girl's eyes is also a scary sight in itself. It is not easy to understand what the channel is all about, which adds to the mystery.

got ghost youtube channel

Top 10 best cartoon movies- best animated movies of all time

11. Swamp Dweller

Swamp Dweller is a YouTube channel in which audio horror stories are constantly posted. There are narrations of horror stories from different areas such as California, Vietnam, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Cascade Mountains, among many others. Each week, an average of four new videos are posted on the channel, ensuring fans are kept busy.

The channel covers all sorts of creepy stories like mysteries, horror legends and disturbing stories. These are usually narrations that people can listen to when they want to pass the time. Even without horrific videos to accompany the audios, the narrations are still scary enough.

12. BlackBoxTV

BlackBoxTV is home to a series of short horror anthology films. The work contained in the channel is not made by a single person but made by several people. It features creators like Slender Man, Pennywise, FNAF, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, etc.

got ghost youtube channel

Funny Whatsapp videos in Kenya

Most of their videos are made for Oculus, HTCVive, PlayStation VR and the YouTube app. Unlike most YouTube horror channels that post long narrations that can be boring, BlackBoxTV opted for short videos about five minutes long, yet they are as scary as any horror film you have ever watched.

13. Corpse Husband

Everything creepy can be found on this channel, starting with weirdly sounding music, evil-looking animations and vein-chilling horror narrations. In most cases, it features a narration of a game that is very violent. With the amount of content on this channel, it’s like its creator never leaves the keyboard.

Corpse Husband features terrifying games, animations, music, and narrations. Some of the top horror stories include actual terrifying encounters with hardcore criminals, impostors, and stalkers. In addition, the listening experience is heightened by the unique voice of the narrator.

14. Lets Read

best horror YouTube channels

If you read the horror YouTube channel name, you might think that this is a standard channel containing audiobooks. While you might be right about that, you may not be privy to what is in store for you. These are not your everyday prince and princess stories but rather scary horror stories. The channel description that lulls you into beautiful nightmares does not prepare you for what you are about to encounter.

It primarily focuses on school horror stories involving both teachers and students. On the channel, you can find creepy school teachers stories, paranormal ghost stories, college horror stories, and scary beach stories, among many others.

15. Sir Spooks

Sir Spooks closes the list of the creepiest YouTube channels. The channel is all about reacting to scary videos that can be found on the internet. In addition, the content creator compiles various mysterious videos about paranormal activities.

If you are looking for something to satisfy your curiosity, this is not the place for you because you will leave with more questions than answers. You will see locked doors opening themselves, scary ghosts and dolls coming to life. The stuff is not for the faint-hearted because it can cause nightmares that keep you up at night.

There you have it, the 15 best horror YouTube channels that will keep you glued to the screen until your eyes bleed. These are undoubtedly creepy, unexplained YouTube channels that can make even the toughest people have nightmares at night. But if such content gives you the adrenaline rush that springs you to life, then you are in the right place. has created a list of the richest YouTubers in the world. The list is meant to not only showcase how people are making money from the platform but to also inspire those who want to start making videos for a living.

In the list, YouTube stars such as Ryan’s World and Dude Perfect make over $20 million monthly, while others such as Logan Paul and Anstatasia Radzinskaya make $19 and $20 million respectively. While it isn’t easy to reach that level, you too can make a decent income on the platform.


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Screen Rant

10 best paranormal youtube channels, according to reddit.

As Halloween quickly approaches, Redditors share their recommendations for the very best paranormal YouTube channels.

Ryan Vergara and Shane Madej from Buzzfeed Unsolved, otherwise known as the Ghoul Boys, have finally returned with a new paranormal series from Watcher and it is now available on YouTube. Ghost Files welcomes back the hilarious and successful paranormal investigators who guide audiences into questioning "are ghosts real?"

But Ryan and Shane are not the only YouTubers that wonder about the existence of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and other mysterious creatures of an unseen realm, and there are multiple YouTube channels that explore the endless possibilities of the paranormal by exploring haunted places, reviewing spooky videos or sharing fascinating cases. Fortunately, Redditors have found the best ones out there.

Redditor femineon named Nexpo as their favorite paranormal channel and a great amount of Redditors said the same. She then commented "not always paranormal but lots of creepy stuff" which sums up how rich the channel is in its content.

RELATED: 10 Best Paranormal TV Shows To Watch On Discovery +

Its unique way of addressing each case with a reasonably skeptical approach makes his videos all more interesting and believable, which makes it the perfect channel for viewers who seek cases that are somewhat truthful, genuinely intriguing, and open for scientific and paranormal discussion.

Nuke's Top 5

User DirtRacing commented "Nuke's Top 5 is the best hands down" and met plenty of other Redditors who suggested the same channel. Nuke's Top 5 compiles multiple videos of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, apparitions, and other disturbing occurrences that are perfect for viewers who seek to creep themselves out at night before going to bed.

Although there are plenty of other channels that share the same premise, Nuke's Top 5 stands out from the rest with its great narration and commentary of events, and the channel's selection of videos could be comparable to the best horror movies of the last decade.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej changed the ghost hunting game with their successful channel Buzzfeed Unsolved which garnered millions of views and subscribers within the six years of its release. Redditor MaisyMoo88 mentioned the channel and added "yes it is BuzzFeed but it’s fantastic!" and no other Redditor could contradict them.

It's undeniable that the combination of Ryan Bergara, a paranormal enthusiast, and Shane Madej, a total skeptic, results in wonderful and hilarious chemistry that no other paranormal channel has. Their interactions are entertaining enough in themselves, but their truthful investigations with little to no evidence of the paranormal, make each actually "spooky" moment believable and worth a lot of consideration.

Mr. Nightmare

Redditor Silent-Yandere mentioned, "Mr. Nightmare and Creepypasta" but only the first one was praised by other Redditors. Mr. Nightmare has it all, from spooky compilation videos of paranormal sightings to scary stories' podcasts, among other mysterious content that gives anyone the creeps.

RELATED: 10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Programming And Coding

Viewers must be aware that most of Mr. Nightmare's videos do not focus on the paranormal, but on anything that is considered terror. However, every channel's release counts with a serious and sober description and commentary that effectively builds up the horror that all paranormal enthusiasts seek.

User bkay17 commented "Reignbot" and Motanfoutune added, "with the music alone that give chills". Reignbot does not only review paranormal cases but also true crime. It could easily be considered to have one of the best true crime YouTube series : "Stories From Our Disturbing World".

Although the channel covers mostly dark true crime cases, plenty of other videos review mysterious occurrences where viewers can only wonder if the paranormal had something to do with it. Either way, the content is always spine-chilling, and befitting of real-life horror fans.

Redditor BoomBangkapow mentioned the channel that was often mentioned and praised by other users, and Tlentic added "Valley of the Headless Men was hands down his best in recent times". The ex-soldier who now runs a successful YouTube channel has an undeniable gift for story-telling and captivates millions with its endearing way of recounting horror stories.

MrBallen 's narration is accessible, simple, and clear, which makes any viewer feel as if they were just in a conversation with a friend. His most distinguishable trait is how within his sort of "light-hearted" talk MrBallen is able to deliver a powerful and engaging story that can hook listeners for hours, just like the best nerve-racking story horror games of all time.

Spot-One commented, "Find them really good at explaining the places etc, but also Elton started out as a skeptic and has slowly changed his view". Overnight inevitably hints at more successful ghost hunting programs that were popular in the early 2000s, like MTV's Fear or Paranormal State. YouTuber's visit and investigate haunted locations and captivate viewers with their scary findings.

RELATED: 10 Best So-Bad-It’s-Good Horror Movies, According To Reddit

However, much like the TV programs from the 2000s, the over-dramatization of the events occurring within the investigations can sometimes make it all seem exaggerated or fake, and while it is amusing to follow the explorations, it may not be up to everyone's taste.

Lazy Masquerade

Redditor WonderWoman808520 commented, "A co-worker got me hooked on this channel" and named Lazy Masquerade . The channel addresses all sorts of cases that could be considered mysterious. Whether it is true crime or other occurrences that open up the discussion of the paranormal.

Lazy Masquerade is great at its storytelling. As many of his followers admit, he is particularly pleasant to hear in the dark of the night, just moments before heading to sleep. His content is comparable to the most creepy documentaries available on streaming platforms, and therefore is a must for paranormal enthusiasts.

MindSeed TV

" MindSeed TV " is the perfect channel for those who only wish to watch videos that focus exclusively on the paranormal. Redditor skiddodles99 aside "I really like mindseed TV on YouTube". The channel dedicates only to haunted places explorations, attempts to communicate with the dead, cursed items investigations, and searches within the deep web.

The YouTube channel is befitting for paranormal believers and fans of homemade video horror, but their overwhelming amount of "evidence" inevitably makes their content doubtful for skeptics or other paranormal enthusiasts that consider supernatural beings cannot manifest that easily and with that much frequency.

Paranormal Quest

Redditor thoraxe92 mentioned the Paranormal Quest and added "I really enjoy Paranormal Quest for the serious vibe", although it is this very serious tone that makes it a little hard to watch for some others. Nonetheless, they follow very interesting stories.

Paranormal Quest lacks the skepticism that can sometimes be necessary for paranormal channels to make the content intriguing, but they do have solid investigations and discussions. Like many shows of its kind, it is guilty of showing too many moments where the explorers "felt" something, instead of showing quantifiable proof or footage, which can make it a little boring at times.

NEXT: 10 Best Body Horror Movies, According To Reddit


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15 Ghost Youtube Channels for Ghost Hunters

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Haunted Scouse TV

F.D.L Paranormal

F.D.L. Paranormal

Planet Weird

Twin Paranormal

Twin Paranormal

Katrina Weidman

The Ouija Brothers

The Ouija Brothers At The Haunted Museum, Nottingham

Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Quest

Paranormal Quest

The Paranormal Files

Amy's Crypt

Amy's Crypt Paranormal YouTube Channel

Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop Stoke

Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop Stoke

The Paranormal Scholar

Alex Matsuo

Alex Matsuo

Ghost Doctor

Green Ghost Hand Caught On Camera By Chris Bores

Most Haunted

Most Haunted At HMP Gloucester

Haunted Auckland

Haunted Auckland - What Does The Paranormal Mean To Me?


Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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Daily horoscopes.

got ghost youtube channel

You are definitely looking into a vacation right now. You may feel you don't have the money for it, but there may be other, more creative ways to get out into the world that you have not considered. Brainstorm on... Read More

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Mediumship Survey Reveals 76% Believe In Psychic Powers

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Phone Calls From The Dead: When A Ghost Calls Your Phone

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Blue Flame

Flames Turn Blue In The Presence Of Ghosts

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'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' Returns In January For Series 3

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Higgypop's Top 10 Pages Of 2023

The Best Of The Paranormal World 2023

Paranormal Review Of 2023

Carn Cottage - Aleister Crowley's House, Zennor, Cornwall

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Aliens at a Miami mall? Police say ‘lol’

Police respond at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami on Jan. 1, 2024.

Teens running, police converging and a grey splotch that appears to be moving: Videos from an outdoor mall in Miami stoked wild claims this week on social media that aliens had landed on Earth. But the truth is far more terrestrial.

On Monday, a group of roughly 50 teenagers caused a riot at Bayside Marketplace, an outdoor mall roughly 5 miles from South Beach, according to the Miami Police Department.

The teens were setting off fireworks, which led to a panic as some assumed there was a shooting, said Miami Police Department public information officer Michael Vega. Four teens were arrested.

Police were dispatched “for crowd control due to the juveniles refusing to leave,” Vega said in an email to NBC News. “Some businesses were temporarily closed to allow us to clear the area.”

In the days after the incident, users on social media launched a speculation frenzy, homing in on what they described as “Miami Mall Aliens.” Some suggested police were responding to aliens, not teenagers. Several people reviewed video of the incident circulating online and claimed they could see an alien figure in the grainy footage. Others quickly posted memes.

While many of the responses online appeared lighthearted, the posts show just how quickly and easily misinformation can spread on social media. The response also underscores an uptick in interest in extraterrestrial activity, from hearings in Congress last summer about “unidentified aerial phenomena” or “UAPs” to Mexico’s Congress showing off what it claimed were “nonhuman” aliens. Both of those events also became prime meme fodder.

However, Vega said aliens had nothing to do with Monday’s incident.

“There were no aliens,” he wrote in the email. “No airports were closed. Nothing is being withheld from the public. LOL.”

Still, by Friday afternoon, “Miami Mall Alien” was trending on the social media site X.

“10ft Aliens/Creatures (caught on camera?) fired at inside and outside Miami Mall, media silent, cops are covering it up saying kids were fighting with fireworks, yet all these cop cars, & air traffic stopped that night except for black military choppers…and no media coverage,” claimed one post on X, which on Friday appeared to trigger a slew of conspiracy theories and memes.

One person posted what appeared to be an AI image of a generic alien holding shopping bags, and joked it was “The Miami Mall Alien.”

Another person shared an image of golfer Tiger Woods holding out his hand, as if to shake another person’s hand, with the caption: “Me to the aliens if I’d been at the Miami mall.”

Others remarked that the new year was bound to be wild if aliens had been spotted mere days into January.

“5th day into the New Year now people spotting Aliens in the Miami Mall 2024 is in for one hell of a ride,” the person wrote.

There were, of course, some who wondered: If there was an alien sighting, where’s the proof?

“Everybody have cell phones, but nobody have an up close video of the 8-10 foot alien by the Miami mall?” wrote one X user .

got ghost youtube channel

Kalhan Rosenblatt is a reporter covering youth and internet culture for NBC News, based in New York.

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What Is YouTube Shadowban & How To Remove It?

Maybe you are currently wondering why your videos and comments are getting fewer likes and engagements than you have always expected. If you are experiencing this situation, you are most likely getting YouTube shadowbanned.

However, what exactly is YouTube shadow banning? Is it similar to shadow bans on other social media platforms? Sit back and relax as this post will answer your questions.

We will guide you to the basic yet extensive information about the YouTube shadowban, providing you with reasons why you can experience it and how you can solve it.

Stay on this page and keep on reading to know more!

What Is A YouTube Shadowban?

A YouTube shadowban, also known as ghost banning, stealth banning, or comment banning, is a circumstance where the platform restricts and limits a YouTube account’s overall reach. It partially or fully blocks users or their content from some areas in the online community, making them not readily visible and apparent to other users. They will become hidden, even if the account still exists on the platform. 

Shadowbanned posts and comments will be more challenging to find on YouTube, even if you search them manually. Since they will not be visible to others, it will lead to a massive decrease in engagement across the platform. You will barely get any views and likes, provided that your subscribers will not open and check your account directly.

Moreover, even if your followers have turned on their notifications on your YouTube channel, they will still not get any notifications that you have posted a new video or post.

Experiencing a YouTube shadowban is something that everyone wants to avoid because it is awful. What makes it worse is that you will not get any warning or notification that you got shadowbanned. You will not know it until you perform different ways of identifying it.

The History of Dani - Why Youtube Banned me for 5 Years

Reasons Why Your Channel Got The YouTube Shadowban

Getting shadowbanned will never be a good thing for a YouTube channel. It reduces your chances of becoming popular on this social media platform. However, what causes content to lose views and engagements?

Here are the reasons why your channel seems shadowbanned:

1. Useless Content

Sometimes, getting few to almost no views is not a result of shadowbanning. You will need to reflect on yourself and think if your content is worth watching. If you post uninteresting videos, you will likely fail to become viral and known.

2. Lack Of Content Innovation

If you also try to upload the same topics and content over time, people will get bored and incurious on your YouTube channel. In this case, it is advisable that you change, improve, or innovate your videos so that viewers can feel that your posts are new and fresh.

3. Sudden Content Change

It is better to change content than stick with a standard and similar one. However, if you change your video topics abruptly, you will also experience a massive drop in views. Uploading YouTube posts that are significantly unrelated to your previous ones will require you to grind by posting more content until the algorithm finds a new audience.

4. Removal Of Videos Containing Large Amounts Of Views

Your YouTube channel will most likely suffer from sudden death in YouTube’s recommendations once you delete numerous videos containing a big chunk of your watch time. If you remove one from your channel, its views will also get deleted.

Remember that the more watch time and views your channel heaps, the more authority it will have. Moreover, it will also affect your recommendation levels.  So, don’t forget to follow your channel statistics .

5. Owning Several Channels On The Same Device Or IP Address

Your YouTube channel will also experience a shadow ban or a massive drop in views if you run too many channels on the same IP address, AdSense, or device. The system will consider this activity a shadowban or hidden views threshold limitation to protect the platform from many money spammers who try to climb with low effort.

Nowadays, many people are greedy, so they try to scale to high levels by spamming similar or duplicate content using multiple channels to increase their revenue. Consequently, YouTube’s system will flag you for spamming if you manage too many channels on the same IP address, AdSense, or device.

6. Spamming

YouTube’s system will also detect if you use any content or method to spam the platform. Trying to harm or negatively affect the user experience on YouTube in any way possible can be a malicious activity for them. It will shadowban your channel, making you lose your views and engagements.

7. Posting Controversial Content

If you upload disputable videos and content that can cause disagreements, your viewers will likely go away from your channel. It will not be advisable to post things that can lead to issues and conflicted points of view.

8. Too Much Saturation And Spam

YouTube can also flag specific spam niches or trends manually. They can also limit a channel’s reach once it has become too saturated. For this reason, your content will have a drop in views or, most likely, a shadowban.

9. Death Of A Trend

If you post videos based on trends or things that currently pique the viewers’ interests, you can expect they will lose their curiosity and enjoyment once the fad disappears. The algorithm can detect and identify this phenomenon based on collected data. It will then look for new content to recommend to the users.

Accordingly, the algorithm will also stop recommending old videos people got uninterested in since most viewers will not click on them anymore due to a loss of interest. You can opt to upload new content based on more recent trends to keep riding these so-called “trend waves.”

10. Copyright

You will also need to be aware and cautious of getting copyrighted because it can also lead to a crash in views (the background music became a very common issue here). Copyright strikes can cause a loss of engagements that can last for approximately three months or more. It can be a form of hidden punishment by YouTube for channels trying to abuse its system.

11. Taking Long Breaks

If you are a frequent content poster, taking such long breaks from posting can cause the algorithm to punish your channel. However, it will still depend on your channel’s schedule and the frequency of your posting activity. It may also depend on the content’s P-score and quality levels that the algorithm usually identifies.

Still and all, some channels can post videos once or twice every year and still receive many views and engagements compared to the others that spam daily.

12. Reaching The Global Recommendations On Their Highest Peak

Coming to the highest point of global recommendations for any available viewers per niche can lead to a crash in views and engagement. This circumstance can be a consequence of either swapping the channel, restarting a new recommendation cycle, or making excessive improvements to your channel.

People usually commit this mistake so that the algorithm can refresh the recommendation cycle from scratch to the same available YouTube viewers within that niche.

13. Sandboxing

The sandbox is a feature hidden in YouTube that protects the platform from several hacks, spam, and abuses. It applies most to old or inactive channels and newly made accounts.

Once you undergo sandboxing, your channel, features, recommendations, and reach will become limited. It will take around one week to a month before you can even start to appear in the search and suggestions sections.

However, active channels that run well and are getting suggested to other viewers must not feel too relaxed because sandbox can still apply to them. A sudden change of device, IP address, and channel ownership can be some reasons to trigger sandboxing.

If such sandboxing happens to your channel, you will need to wait for the mentioned time frame earlier until Google regains trust in your account.

14. Algorithm Cycles

You will not need to worry about this because algorithm cycles are usual in most YouTube channels. They can experience spikes and drops in views on random days in their entire lifetime. For example, you can get a million views today and receive a hundred thousand a week later.

15. Views Threshold Theory

The channel size or authority also affects view counts. They are directly proportional, provided that you do not use promoting sites and services to advertise your content.

In this theory, you will need to reach a specific views threshold before you can have YouTube recommend you to other viewers. Since there are only limited YouTube users, global populations, global advertisers’ budgets, and payouts, YouTube’s algorithm gives a fair chance to all creators to get many views. Not to mention that content creators have been increasing lately.

In this case, you can expect that your view counts will not increase steadily. It may rise and go down to give chances to other creators.

Tips On How To Remove Shadow Ban On YouTube

1. report the problem to the youtube support team.

Go to your YouTube application and open the YouTube help . Go to the bottom of the page and click on Send feedback about our Help Center. Then select General Help Center Experience.

To do that, send a personal message and attach a screenshot of the issue. It is also better to write a clear description of the conflict you are experiencing. Once you have submitted the feedback, wait for an email from YouTube.

Send Feedback to YouTube

2. Promote Or Advertise

You can upload simple stories, posts, or pictures about your new videos and content. It will be best if you have many followers on your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also do cross-promoting if you have other YouTube channels.

3. Improve Your Content

You can spend some time reflecting and re-watching your old videos. Look for the possible reason you have been shadowbanned. Have you violated YouTube’s community guidelines ? That is for you to know.

You can also ask your friends about their honest reviews of your channel. Gain insights and research for creative content that people may look for in the platform.

After that, try improving your ideas to create more appealing videos.

4. Follow Guidelines

Many people are using YouTube nowadays. Consequently, YouTube created community guidelines to protect the interests of all people who use, watch, and produce content. These community guidelines are rules regarding harmful or dangerous content prevention, child safety, copyright, and similar risks.

You will need to follow these rules to ensure that your usage is free from malicious acts. It also safeguards you from online scammers and dangerous people. Once you have encountered these situations, you can be prone to drop in views or shadow banning.

5. Upload Videos Frequently

You can experience a loss of views when under a shadowban. However, that must not stop you from uploading your videos regularly. This technique can help you let the platform and viewers eventually accept the content, lifting your shadowban.

Aside from the given tips, you can also consider these suggestions:

  • Avoid posting links or copy-pasted content repeatedly
  • Do not share content if you are unsure if it is appropriate or not
  • Do not use malicious and banned hashtags and keywords
  • Treat others respectfully and politely
  • Follow and watch other power users in your category to see what and how they share

What are the types of YouTube shadow banning?

YouTube shadow banning may come in two different types. The first one is the comment shadow banning, which prohibits your channel from commenting on other people's videos and content. It mostly happens when you are spamming or when the YouTube bot feels like you are using banned keywords several times. Your comment will not be visible even if you refresh the page, scroll the entire thing down, or log in to a different account to check. It can also go to the held for review section, where the content creator will need to manually accept your comment for it to appear on the comment box. The second one is the video shadow banning. It leads your video to be hidden and not displayed, even if you search its information on the YouTube search box. YouTube will not also suggest your video to other users and your followers.

How to know if I have been shadowbanned?

Unfortunately, YouTube will not send you any notifications that you have been shadowbanned. Instead, you can ask your friends to check and search your account to see if they can find it. You can also do it by logging into a different account. If they fail in looking for your channel in the search box and recommendations, you can now say that you are under a shadowban.

YouTube Shadowbanned

YouTube shadowbanning disables your account from getting discovered by other users and creators. It hides everything you post or comment on the platform. Using banned words, posting unpleasant content, taking long breaks, and algorithm cycles can be some reasons for experiencing this situation.

Nonetheless, you can still remove your shadowban by creating better content, following guidelines, and the likes. It may take some time to recover, but you can still upload videos despite the problem.

Since you have read this extensive guide to the YouTube shadowban, you can now overcome such situations if they happen in the future.

What Is YouTube Shadowban & How To Remove It?

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What Is YouTube Shadowban & How To Remove It?

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The Real Reason These YouTubers Quit Their Channels

Colette Butler Shay Carl Butler

Where have all the YouTubers gone?

As mainstream entertainment outlets continue to mine so-called "new media" for talent, outlets like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube have become launchpads for breakout stars. The latter of which has been creating new celebrities, who, for years now, have been making serious bank on ad revenue from the video-sharing platform alone. But for various reasons, many YouTubers have turned their backs on the social media site whence they came — or, in some cases, they stayed but abandoned their original channels.

Everything from disillusionment with the platform and creative exhaustion to criminal behavior and the literal breakup of marriages is covered here — after all, these are the kind of stars who specialized in commodifying their dirty laundry for all the world to see. After a while, however, the money and fame apparently just weren't worth it. Let's take a look at the real reason the following YouTubers quit their channels, despite their massive success.

See ya, Smosh

It came as a shock to longtime Smosh fans when the comedy channel's co-founder Anthony Padilla announced he was leaving. Not only was the YouTuber clearly instrumental to the success of the channel — Variety reported in June 2017 that Smosh "has generated more than 11 billion YouTube video views to date" — but Padilla was also a beloved performer himself.

But after 11 years of collaboration with his friend and Smosh co-creator Ian Hecox, Padilla felt that he was no longer "creatively excited." In an interview with Variety , Padilla said, "When I first started, it was just me being excited about creating things. It wasn't about numbers."

Padilla also said he wanted to branch out from comedy, the format for which he's largely known. Specifically, Padilla said he wants to try to "help people who are dealing with [panic attacks and anxiety]," which are issues with which he personally struggles.  

In a video announcing his departure , Padilla and Hecox revealed that Padilla's decision to leave was something they had discussed for "a while," and that there was absolutely no bad blood between them as a result. Padilla can now be found on YouTube on his own channel , which already has an impressive following of over 2.6 million followers. He is also actively pursuing an acting career .

Once a cheater, always a cheater

Austin and Brittany Null were the popular Christian vlogging couple known as The Nive Nulls — that is, until Austin got caught cheating not once but twice. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in the end of their YouTube collaboration and, sadly, also their marriage.

The first cheating incident occurred in 2015, according to BGLH Marketplace , who reported that the Nulls kept the affair under wraps. Unfortunately, a series of racy photos and videos of Austin *ahem* communicating with his online-only, cam girl mistress got leaked to the web, triggering the couple to release a since-deleted video laying out the whole scandal.

Fast-forward less than two years, and history repeated itself — minus another embarrassing cache of leaked photos and videos. According to IB Times , Austin said in another since-deleted video that their divorce was his decision and he took "the full blame for it." He also referenced his past infidelity and said that it "recently happened again." Yeesh.

Austin and Brittany then went their separate ways, although both still vlog on YouTube. Brittany rebranded their old channel as Britt's Space , which boasts an impressive 400,000 followers. Austin, on the other hand, has perhaps justifiably not done as well over at his eponymous channel , which has just over 9,000 followers.

Another day, another cam girl scandal

On September 28, 2016, Colette and Shay Carl Butler, the parents of the popular vlogging family, Shaytards , uploaded a video titled, " CHANGE! (a mostly un-edited raw conversation) ." In it, they spelled out their intention to shut down their channel on March 5, 2017 for exactly one year in an effort to "smell the roses a bit" and "be a normal family that doesn't have this worldwide audience."

Unfortunately, in another YouTuber-who-cheated-with-a-cam-girl scandal, Shay preemptively set the crew's hiatus in motion when his online affair with cam girl Aria Nina was revealed in February 2017. According to International Business Times , it was after Nina  disclosed suggestive texts from Shay and claimed that she had "a compromising video" of him that he allegedly came clean on Keemstar's web show, Drama Alert . However, Shay insisted that he was "baited" by Aria into sending the messages.

Around the same time, Shay posted an emotional confession to Twitter regarding his relapse with alcoholism , writing, "I hate myself for it! ... The reason I haven't been uploading vlogs is because my life has slipped back into this horrible state." Two days earlier, the family had uploaded what has become their last video — for a while, at least — titled, " LET'S DiSAPPEAR FOR A YEAR! "

The couple later returned to YouTube on March 20, 2018, though they said they're "not making any commitments." So, we'll just have to wait and see just how long they'll stick around this time.

It just wasn't fun anymore

Ready for a YouTuber not affiliated with a scandal in some way? Good, us too. Like the Shaytards, The Schuerman Show was a family vlog that got in on the ground floor of the YouTube vlogosphere in 2010. But after seven years of daily updates, and with their kids Phoenix and Lily largely out of the house for school and activities all day, Samantha Schuerman and her husband Jay began to struggle with making the compelling family content their viewers came to love.

As a result, Sam and Jay decided to shelf The Schuerman Show for good in July 2017, which Sam spoke about in an upload titled, " HARDEST VLOG I'VE EVER MADE ." Throughout the nearly 22-minute video, Sam talks about her increasing discomfort with continuing to make videos, specifically making them in public with the kids. She said that, among "so many more detailed reasons" that she didn't feel the need to get into, led to a loss of passion for the format. And with that, The Schuerman Show was no more.

But fans of Sam can still get their almost daily fix of the family matriarch over on her self-titled beauty channel . Also, Sam did leave a tiny opening for the possibility of future videos with the fam "for special occasions like birthdays or things like that," although as of this writing, that has yet to happen.

Don't count KevJumba out just yet

Another YouTuber who found massive success as an early adopter but later disappeared was Kevin Wu a.k.a KevJumba . According to The Hollywood Reporter , Wu joined the platform in 2006 and became the third most subscribed to channel by 2008. He then parlayed his online fame to reality TV and even a starring role in Revenge of the Green Dragons , an actual studio movie executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

But by 2014, Wu grew weary of being a YouTube celebrity, and he began to retreat from the page that made him famous. "I always knew that this internet popularity would maybe come and go," Wu told THR , adding, "Maybe I got tired of watching myself talking into the camera — I didn't see that format as something very sustainable." Though he was still eyeballing an entertainment career, Wu also sought enlightenment in the very strictest definition of the term.

Wu spent a year studying spirituality at Santa Monica College before a "near-fatal" accident derailed his plans: He was hit by a car while walking, which resulted in him suffering a broken spine and collapsed lungs.

After a long recovery at his parents' Houston home, which included intensive physical and mental rehabilitation, Wu restored his channel (which he'd previously set private) in March 2017. But he's no longer vying for the YouTube crown. THR characterized Wu's current approach to social media as "tentative," and that his focus is still on acting. 

Godspeed, KevJumba.

Breaking news: Social media is not real life

Essena O'Neill is a former Instagram model who went viral when she decided to stop going viral. O'Neill not only pulled the plug on her YouTube channel  but she exited the entire world of social media, citing the deceptive nature of her online appearance.

In her farewell video titled, " WHY I REALLY AM QUITTING SOCIAL MEDIA ," O'Neill said that she was doing this for her "12-year-old self," whom she claims was obsessed with internet personalities to the point where she eventually became one. She then went on to expose sponsored posts, product placement, and the fact that most people who are making a living from social media are doing so by carefully curating an unobtainable image of themselves.

The world responded by saying, "Well, yeah..." But there were some detractors who pointed out that O'Neill didn't really leave her public persona behind — she merely changed platforms. She started a website, Let's Be Game Changers , but eventually abandoned that as well.

The last communiqué from the former Instamodel appears to be an email she sent to her newsletter subscribers one year after her exit from public life. In the message, O'Neill wrote that she'd received threats and contemplated suicide after her final video. She also claimed that she donated all of the money she made from social media to charity and that she was planning on "getting a job at a local bar and pursuing writing full time." As of this writing, she hasn't published anything yet.

You're gonna need a permit for that

Better known as FPSRussia , YouTuber Kyle Lamar Myers is the Georgia resident who could be generously described as a "gun enthusiast." Others would use the less-flattering term "gun nut," which wouldn't be out of line considering this is a guy who accumulated over six million subscribers by uploading videos of himself shooting military-style weapons and blowing stuff up . 

Oh, and for some reason he does all of this using a dubious Russian accent, and under the alias, Dmitri Potapoff, so there's that as well.

Anyway, Myers stopped uploading videos to his channel in April 2016 without any explanation. In the comments and on Reddit threads , fans wildly speculated about Myers' disappearance: They cited everything from his passing (he is very much alive), to the unsolved murder of his business partner, to his 2017 arrest for drug possession, which resulted in the ATF seizing "more than 50 firearms" from his property as possible reasons.

In reality, it was much simpler. During a December 2017 episode of the PKA podcast , Myers said, "I've always had rules and regulations imposed on me that no other gun YouTube channel had imposed on them — with the licensing that I had to have." He also said that the "overhead" to produce his videos was considerable and with "YouTube's demonetization" it had become difficult to do.

But fans can rest easy, because Myers also said, "We're going to do some cool things on that channel next year." Take cover, y'all.

Marching to the beat of a new drum

YouTuber Adam Dahlberg used to be known as SkyDoesMinecraft, because, well, he played the popular building block game for six years to the delight of his staggering 11 million subscribers. But in his " quitting video ," uploaded in July 2017, Dahlberg said he was done with the game for good.

"I can't force myself to sit here and play this game anymore. It's not fun for me. I don't enjoy it," Dahlberg said, adding that he was "unhappy with the community" surrounding the game, "unhappy with being labeled a Minecrafter," and that he wanted to "go back to making f***ed up content." (Minecraft is a kid-friendly game, and as such, so was the YouTube content based on it.)

The old SkyDoesMinecraft page has been rebranded as simply, Adam . Dahlberg says he plans to let the page exist as an archive of SkyDoesMinecraft videos, as well as a new platform for skits and his Project Happiness show, which he describes as "a travel show where I go from place to place with different music artists and we just enjoy our time, make music , and have fun."

And speaking of music, Dahlberg also revealed that his "new passion" is making tunes, which he now shares on his new channel, NetNobody . So far, he's amassed over 1.5 million subscribers after eight months of uploading his original music content, so it would seem that many of his fans are down for whatever Dahlberg is playing.

Fernanfloo...the coop

Unless you're a hardcore gamer who also speaks fluent Spanish, then you're probably not familiar with a former YouTube star named Luis Fernando Flores Bracamontes. Better known by his screen name Fernanfloo, the Salvadoran star had one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world up until April 2018, with more than 27 million subscribers  who loved to watch hundreds of videos of the star playing games and goofing around.

The last video he posted on the streaming service was titled "Se Acabo," which translates to the very final sounding "It's Over." In addition to sporting a weird fake beard and creepy blue contact lenses and making jokes about his testicles, the clip features Fernanfloo waxing on why he's done with YouTube. In the clip, it seems he's getting ready to turn the ripe old age of 25, and he figures it's time for a change. He's apparently ready to move on from something relatively passé like YouTube and onto the hipper and more video game-centric world of Twitch, exclusively. 

Trading child neglect for clicks

Known as DaddyOFive , Maryland couple Mike and Heather Martin are the YouTubers who built a massive following of more than 700,000 subscribers with their prank videos that often involved them using profanity and anger to generate emotional reactions from their kids, whom they tricked into thinking they'd done something wrong. Hilarious, right? Though this was their entire schtick for years , the Martins got into serious legal trouble after one video apparently showed the father shoving their youngest son, Cody, into a bookshelf , and another (above) where the same child is reduced to tears after being made to belief he spilled ink all over his bedroom floor.  

As a result, Cody and his sister Emma, were removed from the home and placed into the custody of their biological mother. Mike and Heather were sentenced to five years probation on two counts of child neglect, according to The Frederick News-Post , despite their repeated  apologies and claim that the children were all in on the pranks. They were also been barred from seeing Cody and Emma outside of authorized court visits and ordered not to publish any images of the children to social media "except for family purposes."

Subsequently, DaddyOFive exists now only as a small archive of videos that mostly link to the Martins' new channel, FamilyOFive , where they're still posting videos with their other three children, whom they they say via a disclaimer on their "about" page "will not be target of any pranks displayed on this channel, NOT even staged!"


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    A YouTube shadowban, also known as ghost banning, stealth banning, or comment banning, is a circumstance where the platform restricts and limits a YouTube account's overall reach. It partially or fully blocks users or their content from some areas in the online community, making them not readily visible and apparent to other users.

  24. 10 Best Paranormal YouTube Channels, According To Reddit

    Fortunately, Redditors have found the best ones out there. Nexpo. Redditor femineon named Nexpo as their favorite paranormal channel and a great amount of Redditors said the same. She then commented "not always paranormal but lots of creepy stuff" which sums up how rich the channel is in its content. See full article at 10/22/2022.

  25. Favorite Ghost Hunting YouTube Channels? : r/Ghosts

    2nd would be Sam & Colby. Personally think they've dropped off lately, but their latest Estes Method was incredibly interesting. Also, Haunted Nights have just started a channel, only got 1 video at the moment, but seen them on Overnight and they're pretty cool fellas, so will be keeping up with them. SomeGuyNamedJ13.

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    Breaking news: Social media is not real life. Essena O'Neill is a former Instagram model who went viral when she decided to stop going viral. O'Neill not only pulled the plug on her YouTube ...

  27. Any good Japanese ghost hunt YouTubers like Omagatoki Film?

    His vids often includes highlights from their most recent encounters, but not all of the greatest hits since he can't include the entire videos. He always gives credit unless there isn't any information available about the video, so you can find a good number of Asian ghost hunters via his uploads. 4. TypeOPositive.

  28. 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship: Michigan ...

    The No. 1 Michigan Wolverines used a punishing rushing attack to down the No. 2 Washington Huskies in Monday night's College Football Playoff National Championship game.