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15 Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free

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Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free

Is your thirst for knowledge limited by expensive subscriptions? Explore the best websites to download research papers for free and expand your academic reach.

Today, navigating through the academic terrain often feels like being stuck in an intellectual desert, parched for knowledge.

With paywalls acting like impenetrable fortresses, accessing scholarly articles becomes a herculean task. However, a beacon of hope exists in the form of free-access platforms, quenching our thirst for intellectual wisdom. Let’s set sail on this scholarly journey.

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Do you recall the Z Library, a once-prominent source of free academic resources? While its seizure by the FBI was a stark reminder of copyright considerations, it also marked a transformative phase in the digital academic landscape. 

Today’s champions of academia aren’t just about offering free access, they uphold ethics and copyright respectability. Let’s delve into these repositories that are reshaping the academia world. You can download free research papers from any of the following websites.

Best Websites to Download Research Papers

#1. sci-hub – best for accessing paywalled academic papers.

Credits: Armacad, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Unlocks millions of academic articles
  • Known as the ‘Robin Hood’ of research
  • Free and easy to use

Sci-Hub is the defiant maverick of the academic sphere. Often termed the “Pirate Bay of Science,” it presents an unconventional solution to the paywall barrier, freely providing access to a vast range of scholarly literature.

What are the benefits of Sci-Hub?

  • Unlimited Access: Unlocks paywalled research papers
  • Extensive Database: Hosts a wide variety of academic disciplines
  • User-friendly: Features a simple interface and easy navigation

Despite its contentious standing, Sci-Hub offers an invaluable service to knowledge-seekers. While navigating the tightrope between access and legality, it represents a game-changing force in the world of academic research.

Source: https://www.sci-hub.se

#2. Library Genesis (Libgen) – Best for a Wide Range of Books and Articles

Credits: Wikipedia, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Houses a comprehensive collection of books and articles
  • Allows downloading in various formats
  • Free and efficient

If the pursuit of knowledge was a grand voyage, Library Genesis, or Libgen, would undoubtedly be your trusty compass and map. Like the vast sea brimming with hidden treasures, Libgen is an expansive library with riches ranging from academic papers to rare textbooks, and even popular fiction. 

It’s not just a repository, but a vibrant confluence of multiple disciplines and interests, catering to the unique intellectual appetite of each knowledge seeker.

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What are the benefits of Libgen?

  • Multidisciplinary: Holds resources for a vast array of subjects
  • Diverse Content: Offers not just articles but also books, textbooks, and fiction
  • Format Freedom: Allows content download in various formats

Libgen, with its remarkable expanse and variety, is the academic equivalent of a treasure trove. It’s a one-stop destination for researchers and readers, making it an invaluable ally in the quest for knowledge.

Source: https://libgen.is

#3. Unpaywall – Best for Legal Open Access Versions of Scholarly Articles

Credits: Unpaywall, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Provides legal access to millions of academic articles
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Free and ethically sound

Unpaywall is the stately knight of the academic world. Upholding the banner of ethics, it gallantly charges through the battlefield of paywalls, breaking barriers and making scholarly literature accessible.

Unpaywall doesn’t just give you a key; it gives you a legal, ethically sound key to the treasure chest of academic wisdom. This website is not merely a tool; it’s a testament to the idea that knowledge should be accessible to all, without compromising on legality and respect for authorship.

What are the benefits of Unpaywall?

  • Legal Access: Enables legitimate access to research papers
  • Wide Reach: Features an extensive, continuously updated database
  • Cost-free: All services are available without any charges

For those who believe in the harmony of free access and ethical consideration, Unpaywall is a guiding star. It reflects an ideal blend of accessibility, legality, and respect for intellectual property.

Source: https://unpaywall.org

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#4. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) – Best for Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journals

Credits: DOAJ, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Repository of high-quality, open-access, peer-reviewed journals
  • Covers all subjects and many languages
  • Free to use

DOAJ is one of the most popular open access repositories that offers peer-reviewed, open-access journals across numerous subjects and languages. More than just a tool, DOAJ symbolizes the collaborative ethos of academia, fostering a global exchange of knowledge with no entry ticket.

What are the benefits of DOAJ?

  • High Quality: Ensures all listed journals are peer-reviewed for quality assurance
  • Wide Range: Features journals covering numerous subjects and languages
  • Free Access: No cost attached to access these resources

The DOAJ, in its essence, manifests the democratic spirit of academic research. It’s an indispensable platform for researchers seeking high-quality, peer-reviewed, open-access resources across a wide range of subjects.

Source: https://doaj.org

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#5. Open Access Button – Best for Free Versions of Paywalled Articles

Credits: Wikipedia, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Finds legal free versions of paywalled articles
  • Fast, simple, and reliable
  • Free and respects copyright laws

Just like the rush of adrenaline you feel when you find a forgotten $20 bill in your old jeans, Open Access Button brings the same excitement to the academic sphere. 

It is your trusty detective, sniffing out legal, freely accessible versions of those pesky paywalled articles. More than just a tool, it represents an ethical, innovative solution to the widespread issue of paywall barricades in academic research.

What are the benefits of Open Access Button?

  • Legal & Free Access: Hunts for legal, open versions of paywalled research papers
  • User-friendly: Easy to use with swift results
  • Ethical: Respects and upholds copyright laws

Open Access Button serves as the ethical bridge between knowledge seekers and the scholarly content they need. Its commitment to providing free, legal access upholds the values of respect and fairness in academia.

Source: https://openaccessbutton.org

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#6. Science Open – Best for a Wide Variety of Open Access Scientific Research

Credits: Science Open, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Features over 60 million articles
  • Facilitates academic networking and discussion
  • Free and comprehensive

Consider Science Open as a bustling town square in the city of scientific knowledge, where scholars from all walks of life gather, discuss, and dissect over 60 million articles. 

It’s not just like the best university libraries, it’s a collaborative arena for scientists, researchers, and curious minds alike. By fostering open discussions and peer reviews, it not only disseminates information but also nourishes a robust, global scientific community.

What are the benefits of Science Open?

  • Vast Library: Provides access to over 60 million research items
  • Collaborative Platform: Encourages networking, discussion, and public peer review
  • Comprehensive: Covers a wide array of scientific disciplines

Science Open is more than a tool; it’s a community fostering open scientific discourse. Its vast resources and collaborative platform make it a vital player in modern scientific research.

Source: https://www.scienceopen.com

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#7. CORE – Best for Open Access Content Across Disciplines

Credits: CORE, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Harvests research papers from repositories worldwide
  • Features millions of open access articles

CORE is like a skilled artisan, meticulously crafting a vast tapestry of open-access content across various disciplines. By aggregating data from repositories worldwide, it weaves together a rich, comprehensive picture of global research. 

This tool doesn’t merely provide access; it delivers an integrated research experience that pushes the frontiers of academia and knowledge exploration.

What are the benefits of CORE?

  • Wide Coverage: Harvests data from global repositories, providing extensive coverage
  • Open Access: Features millions of open access research papers
  • User-friendly: Simple, efficient interface for seamless navigation

With its unparalleled aggregation and comprehensive access, CORE embodies the grand orchestra of global research. It stands as an essential tool in the modern researcher’s toolkit.

Source: https://core.ac.uk

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#8. ERIC – Best for Education Research

Credits: Wikipedia, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Specialized in education research literature
  • Offers a wide range of resources, including articles, reports, and studies
  • Free and tailored for educators and researchers

Like an esteemed professor, ERIC curates and presents a wealth of scholarly resources for educators, policymakers, and researchers. It serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path to evidence-based practices and enriching the field of education.

What are the benefits of ERIC?

  • Focus on Education: Offers a specialized collection of education research literature
  • Comprehensive Resources: Includes articles, reports, studies, and more
  • Tailored for Educators: Provides valuable insights and tools specifically for educators and researchers

ERIC stands as a pillar in the realm of education research, equipping educators with the knowledge and evidence they need to drive innovation and improve educational practices.

Source: https://eric.ed.gov

#9. PaperPanda – Best for Free Access to Research Papers

Credits: PaperPanda, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Provides free access to research papers across multiple disciplines
  • Offers convenient search and download options
  • Free and user-friendly

PaperPanda is always there to assist you in your quest for knowledge. With its vast collection of research papers spanning various disciplines, PaperPanda ensures that you have the resources you need right at your fingertips. 

It’s like having a personal research assistant, guiding you through the maze of scholarly literature.

What are the benefits of PaperPanda?

  • Wide Range of Disciplines: Offers research papers across multiple fields of study
  • Easy Search and Download: Provides convenient search and download options
  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes the research process smooth and accessible

PaperPanda, with its user-friendly approach and expansive collection, simplifies the journey of accessing research papers. It empowers researchers and knowledge enthusiasts by putting a world of information within reach.

Source: https://paperpanda.app

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#10. Citationsy Archives – Best for Research Papers from Numerous Fields

Credits: Citationsy, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Curates a vast collection of research papers
  • Offers easy-to-use citation and bibliography management tools

As you navigate through the vast corridors of this digital library, you’ll discover a wealth of academic resources from diverse fields. 

Citationsy Archives provides access to valuable research papers. It also equips you with powerful citation and bibliography management tools, ensuring that your scholarly journey remains organized and efficient.

What are the benefits of Citationsy?

  • Extensive Collection: Curates a wide variety of research papers from numerous fields
  • Citation Management: Offers user-friendly tools for organizing citations and creating bibliographies
  • Comprehensive Support: Helps researchers streamline their academic workflow

Citationsy Archives serves as a haven for researchers seeking a comprehensive collection of research papers. Its integrated citation and bibliography management tools make it an indispensable companion in the scholarly pursuit.

Source: https://citationsy.com

#11. OA.mg – Best for Direct Download Links to Open Access Papers

Credits: OA.mg, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Provides direct download links to open access papers
  • Offers a straightforward, no-frills interface

OA.mg presents a no-nonsense approach to providing direct download links to scholarly articles, ensuring that you have immediate access to the knowledge you seek. With its simplicity and efficiency, OA.mg streamlines the process of finding and accessing open access papers.

What are the benefits of OA.mg?

  • Direct Download Links: Offers quick access to open access papers without unnecessary hurdles
  • Simplicity: Features a straightforward interface for effortless navigation
  • Efficient Access: Saves time by bypassing intermediary steps in accessing research papers

OA.mg stands as a reliable conduit between knowledge seekers and open access papers. Its focus on direct download links enhances the efficiency of accessing scholarly resources.

Source: https://oa.mg

#12. Social Science Research Network (SSRN) – Best for Social Sciences and Humanities Research

Credits: SSRN, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Specializes in social sciences and humanities research
  • Hosts a vast collection of scholarly papers, working papers, and preprints
  • Free and tailored for researchers in these fields

This digital haven caters to the intellectual curiosity of scholars in these fields, providing access to a wealth of scholarly papers, working papers, and preprints.

SSRN fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing, creating a vibrant community at the forefront of social sciences and humanities research.

What are the benefits of SSRN?

  • Specialized Content: Focuses on social sciences and humanities research
  • Diverse Collection: Offers scholarly papers, working papers, and preprints
  • Research Community: Facilitates collaboration and knowledge-sharing among researchers

SSRN serves as an invaluable resource for researchers in the social sciences and humanities, fostering a community that drives innovation and advancements in these fields.

Source: https://www.ssrn.com

#13. Project Gutenberg – Best for Free Access to eBooks

Credits: VA News, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Houses a vast collection of free eBooks
  • Covers a wide range of subjects and genres
  • Free and easily accessible

Project Gutenberg is a paradise for book lovers and knowledge enthusiasts. This impressive collection of free eBooks spans various subjects and genres, from classic literature to scientific works. 

Project Gutenberg opens the doors to a world of literary exploration, providing access to timeless wisdom and captivating stories that shape our intellectual landscape.

What are the benefits of Project Gutenberg?

  • Extensive eBook Collection: Offers a vast selection of free eBooks
  • Diverse Subjects and Genres: Covers a wide range of topics and literary genres
  • Free and Accessible: Provides easy access to literary works without any cost

Project Gutenberg serves as a testament to the power of literature and the accessibility of knowledge. It enables readers worldwide to embark on intellectual journeys through its extensive collection of free eBooks.

Source: https://www.gutenberg.org

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  • Journal of Advanced Research Impact Factor & Key Scientometrics
  • American Journal of Sociology Impact Factor & Key Scientometrics
  • Journal of Economic Psychology Impact Factor & Key Scientometrics

#14. PLOS (Public Library of Science) – Best for Open Access to Scientific and Medical Research

Credits: Wikipedia, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Publishes open access scientific and medical research
  • Features high-quality, peer-reviewed articles
  • Free and promotes global scientific collaboration

As a leading publisher of open access research, PLOS fosters the dissemination of cutting-edge scientific discoveries to a global audience. 

With a commitment to quality and peer-reviewed excellence, PLOS supports the collaborative spirit of scientific advancement, empowering researchers and scientists to share their findings freely.

What are the benefits of PLOS?

  • Open Access Publications: Provides free access to high-quality scientific and medical research
  • Peer-Reviewed Excellence: Ensures rigorous peer review for published articles
  • Global Scientific Collaboration: Facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration among researchers worldwide

PLOS stands at the forefront of the open access movement, promoting the free flow of scientific and medical knowledge. It represents the spirit of collaboration and transparency, empowering researchers to push the boundaries of human understanding.

Source: https://plos.org

#15. arXiv.org – Best for Preprints in Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Credits: arXiv, Best Websites to Download Research Papers for Free,

  • Specializes in hosting preprints in science, mathematics, and computer science
  • Provides early access to cutting-edge research
  • Free and fosters collaboration among researchers

arXiv.org is the epicenter of preprints in science, mathematics, and computer science. This virtual haven serves as an incubator for innovative ideas, granting researchers early access to the latest findings and nurturing collaboration within these rapidly evolving disciplines.

What are the benefits of arXiv?

  • Cutting-Edge Research: Provides access to preprints, allowing early exploration of groundbreaking ideas
  • Interdisciplinary Reach: Spans science, mathematics, and computer science, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Global Knowledge Exchange: Encourages the sharing of research findings and facilitates collaboration among researchers worldwide

arXiv.org stands as a catalyst for scientific progress, offering a glimpse into the future of research. By providing early access to preprints, it fuels innovation, collaboration, and the acceleration of knowledge in science, mathematics, and computer science.

Source: https://arxiv.org

In a world where knowledge is king, accessing a research paper shouldn’t feel like an impossible task. Thanks to these free and innovative websites, we can escape the barriers of paywalls and dive into a vast ocean of intellectual wealth. 

From the rebellious spirit of Sci-Hub to the collaborative nature of PLOS, these digital champions are reshaping the academic landscape.

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If it were not for Sci-Hub – I wouldn't be able to do my thesis in Materials Science (research related to the structure formation in aluminum alloys)

Alexander T.

We fight inequality in knowledge access across the world. The scientific knowledge should be available for every person regardless of their income, social status, geographical location and etc.

Our mission is to remove any barrier which impeding the widest possible distribution of knowledge in human society!

We advocate for cancellation of intellectual property , or copyright laws, for scientific and educational resources.

Copyright laws render the operation of most online libraries illegal. Hence many people are deprived from knowledge, while at the same time allowing rightholders to have a huge benefits from this. The copyright fosters increase of both informational and economical inequality.

The Sci-Hub project supports Open Access movement in science. Research should be published in open access, i.e. be free to read.

The Open Access is a new and advanced form of scientific communication, which is going to replace outdated subscription models. We stand against unfair gain that publishers collect by creating limits to knowledge distribution.

Send you contribution to the Bitcoin address: 12PCbUDS4ho7vgSccmixKTHmq9qL2mdSns

Academia Insider

Best Websites To Download Research Papers For Free: Beyond Sci-Hub

Navigating the vast ocean of academic research can be daunting, especially when you’re on a quest for specific research papers without the constraints of paywalls. Fortunately, the digital age has ushered in an era of accessible knowledge, with various platforms offering free downloads of scholarly articles.

In this article, we explore some of the best websites that provide researchers, students, and academicians with free access to a plethora of research papers across diverse fields, ensuring that knowledge remains within everyone’s reach.

Best Websites To Download Research Papers For Free

Google scholar.

As a researcher, you might find Google Scholar to be a repository brimming with academic papers covering a broad span of domains like social sciences, computer science, and humanity, including:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers, and

Unlike other websites to download research papers, Google Scholar provides free access to a vast collection of scholarly literature, making it one of the best websites to download research.

Not every article is available in full PDF format directly; however, Google Scholar often links to other open access resources like DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) and open-access repositories where you can directly download papers.

For instance, if you’re searching for a specific 2023 research paper in mathematics, you can use Google Scholar to locate the paper and check if it’s available for free download either on the platform itself or through links to various open access sources.

In many cases, Google Scholar integrates with tools like Unpaywall and Open Access Button, which are browser extensions that help you find free versions of paywalled articles.

These extensions often redirect you to open-access content, including those on platforms like Sci-Hub and Library Genesis, although it’s crucial to be aware of the legal and ethical implications of using such services.


ResearchGate is a unique platform that blends social networking with academic research, making it an essential tool for researchers and scientists across various disciplines.

get research papers free download

Here, you have access to a digital library of millions of research papers, spanning fields from computer science to social sciences and beyond.

When you’re on ResearchGate, downloading a research paper is relatively straightforward, especially if it’s open access. Many researchers upload the full PDF of their work, providing free access to their peer-reviewed articles.

If the research paper you’re interested in isn’t available for direct download, ResearchGate offers a unique feature: you can request a copy directly from the author.

This approach not only gets you the paper but also potentially opens a line of communication with leading experts in your field.

It’s important to note that ResearchGate isn’t just a repository; it’s a platform for discovery and connection. You can:

  • Follow specific researchers
  • Join discussions, and
  • Receive notifications about new research in your domain.

While it doesn’t have the controversial direct download links like Sci-Hub or Library Genesis, ResearchGate offers a more ethical and legal route to accessing academic papers. 


ScienceOpen is a comprehensive repository that hosts a multitude of open-access research articles across various fields, from the social sciences to computer science. 

The process of downloading a research paper on ScienceOpen is remarkably straightforward. Since it’s an open-access platform, most of the papers are available to download as PDFs without any cost.

This means you can access high-quality, peer-reviewed academic research without encountering paywalls that are often a barrier in many other scientific platforms.

For instance, if you’re delving into the latest 2023 scientific papers in mathematics, ScienceOpen can be your go-to source. You can easily search for research papers using:

  • Browsing through various open access journals featured on the site.

The direct download feature simplifies access to these papers, making it convenient for you to obtain the research you need.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a digital library is an extensive repository of open-access, peer-reviewed journals, covering a wide array of subjects from humanities to nuclear science.

When you’re navigating DOAJ, you’ll discover that it’s not just a platform to download research papers; it’s a gateway to a world of academic research.

get research papers free download

Each journal article listed is freely accessible, meaning you can download these scholarly articles without any cost or subscription.

The process is simple: search for research papers using specific keywords, subjects, or even DOAJ’s advanced search functionality that includes filters like:

  • Language, or
  • The year of publication.

For example, if you’re delving into the latest developments in scientific research in 2023, DOAJ allows you to refine your search to the most recent publications.

Once you find a relevant research paper, you can easily access the full text in PDF format through a direct download link. This is particularly useful for accessing high-quality, open-access research papers that are not always readily available on other platforms like Sci-Hub or Library Genesis.

PubMed hosts millions of research articles, primarily in the fields of medicine and life sciences, but also encompassing a broad range of scientific research.

When you’re on PubMed, you can search for research papers using:

  • Authors, or
  • Specific journal names.

While PubMed lists both open-access and subscription-based journal articles, it offers a unique feature for accessing papers for free.

If you’re looking for a particular research paper, say in the domain of computer science or social sciences from 2023, you can directly access its abstract on PubMed. For open access articles, a free full-text link is often available, allowing you to download the research paper in PDF format.

PubMed integrates with tools like Unpaywall and the Open Access Button. These browser extensions help you find open-access versions of the articles you’re interested in, bypassing the paywalls that often restrict access to scholarly literature.

While PubMed itself doesn’t provide direct download links for all articles, its connection with these tools and various open access repositories ensures that you, as a researcher, have greater access to scientific papers.

Sci-Hub (with Caution)

Sci-Hub, often dubbed the ‘Pirate Bay of Science,’ has been a game-changer in the scientific community since its inception by Alexandra Elbakyan in 2011.

It operates as a controversial, yet widely used platform providing free access to millions of research papers and academic articles that are typically locked behind paywalls.

As a researcher, you might find Sci-Hub an intriguing, albeit contentious, tool for accessing scholarly literature.

When you’re looking to download a research paper from Sci-Hub, the process is relatively straightforward. Say you need a journal article on computer science or a groundbreaking study in social sciences from 2023; you just need to have the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of the paper.

By entering this DOI into Sci-Hub’s search bar, the website bypasses publisher paywalls, offering you direct download links to PDF versions of the articles.

get research papers free download

It’s crucial to note that while Sci-Hub provides access to a vast repository of scientific research, its legality is under constant scrutiny. The platform operates via various proxy links and has been the subject of numerous legal battles with publishers and academic institutions.

Nevertheless, Sci-Hub remains a popular go-to for researchers and scientists globally, especially those without access to university libraries or digital archives.

While it opens doors to a wealth of knowledge, users should be aware of the ethical and legal implications of using such a service in their respective countries.

Wrapping Up: You Can Get Free Academic Papers 

The digital landscape offers a wealth of resources for accessing academic research without financial barriers. The platforms we share here provide an invaluable service to the scholarly community, democratising access to knowledge and fostering intellectual growth.

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or a curious student, these websites bridge the gap between you and the vast world of academic literature, ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge remains an inclusive and equitable journey for all. Remember to consider the legal and ethical aspects when using these resources.

get research papers free download

Dr Andrew Stapleton has a Masters and PhD in Chemistry from the UK and Australia. He has many years of research experience and has worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate at a number of Universities. Although having secured funding for his own research, he left academia to help others with his YouTube channel all about the inner workings of academia and how to make it work for you.

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get research papers free download

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get research papers free download

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21 Legit Research Databases for Free Journal Articles in 2022


Written by  Scribendi

Has this ever happened to you? While looking for websites for research, you come across a research paper site that claims to connect academics to a peer-reviewed article database for free.

Intrigued, you search for keywords related to your topic, only to discover that you must pay a hefty subscription fee to access the service. After the umpteenth time being duped, you begin to wonder if there's even such a thing as free journal articles .

Subscription fees and paywalls are often the bane of students and academics, especially those at small institutions who don't provide access to many free article directories and repositories.

Whether you're working on an undergraduate paper, a PhD dissertation, or a medical research study, we want to help you find tools to locate and access the information you need to produce well-researched, compelling, and innovative work.

Below, we discuss why peer-reviewed articles are superior and list out the best free article databases to use in 2022.

Download Our Free Research Database Roundup PDF

Why peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles are more authoritative.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Determining what sources are reliable can be challenging. Peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles are the gold standard in academic research. Reputable academic journals have a rigorous peer-review process.

The peer review process provides accountability to the academic community, as well as to the content of the article. The peer review process involves qualified experts in a specific (often very specific) field performing a review of an article's methods and findings to determine things like quality and credibility.

Peer-reviewed articles can be found in peer-reviewed article databases and research databases, and if you know that a database of journals is reliable, that can offer reassurances about the reliability of a free article. Peer review is often double blind, meaning that the author removes all identifying information and, likewise, does not know the identity of the reviewers. This helps reviewers maintain objectivity and impartiality so as to judge an article based on its merit.

Where to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peer-reviewed articles can be found in a variety of research databases. Below is a list of some of the major databases you can use to find peer-reviewed articles and other sources in disciplines spanning the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

What Are Open Access Journals?

An open access (OA) journal is a journal whose content can be accessed without payment. This provides scholars, students, and researchers with free journal articles . OA journals use alternate methods of funding to cover publication costs so that articles can be published without having to pass those publication costs on to the reader.

Open Access Journals

Some of these funding models include standard funding methods like advertising, public funding, and author payment models, where the author pays a fee in order to publish in the journal. There are OA journals that have non-peer-reviewed academic content, as well as journals that focus on dissertations, theses, and papers from conferences, but the main focus of OA is peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.

The internet has certainly made it easier to access research articles and other scholarly publications without needing access to a university library, and OA takes another step in that direction by removing financial barriers to academic content.

Choosing Wisely

Features of legitimate oa journals.

 There are things to look out for when trying to decide if a free publication journal is legitimate:

Mission statement —The mission statement for an OA journal should be available on their website.

Publication history —Is the journal well established? How long has it been available?

Editorial board —Who are the members of the editorial board, and what are their credentials?

Indexing —Can the journal be found in a reliable database?

Peer review —What is the peer review process? Does the journal allow enough time in the process for a reliable assessment of quality?

Impact factor —What is the average number of times the journal is cited over a two-year period?

Features of Illegitimate OA Journals

There are predatory publications that take advantage of the OA format, and they are something to be wary of. Here are some things to look out for:

Contact information —Is contact information provided? Can it be verified?

Turnaround —If the journal makes dubious claims about the amount of time from submission to publication, it is likely unreliable.

Editorial board —Much like determining legitimacy, looking at the editorial board and their credentials can help determine illegitimacy.

Indexing —Can the journal be found in any scholarly databases?

Peer review —Is there a statement about the peer review process? Does it fit what you know about peer review?

How to Find Scholarly Articles

Identify keywords.

Keywords are included in an article by the author. Keywords are an excellent way to find content relevant to your research topic or area of interest. In academic searches, much like you would on a search engine, you can use keywords to navigate through what is available to find exactly what you're looking for.

Authors provide keywords that will help you easily find their article when researching a related topic, often including general terms to accommodate broader searches, as well as some more specific terms for those with a narrower scope. Keywords can be used individually or in combination to refine your scholarly article search.

Narrow Down Results

Sometimes, search results can be overwhelming, and searching for free articles on a journal database is no exception, but there are multiple ways to narrow down your results. A good place to start is discipline.

What category does your topic fall into (psychology, architecture, machine learning, etc.)? You can also narrow down your search with a year range if you're looking for articles that are more recent.

A Boolean search can be incredibly helpful. This entails including terms like AND between two keywords in your search if you need both keywords to be in your results (or, if you are looking to exclude certain keywords, to exclude these words from the results).

Consider Different Avenues

If you're not having luck using keywords in your search for free articles, you may still be able to find what you're looking for by changing your tactics. Casting a wider net sometimes yields positive results, so it may be helpful to try searching by subject if keywords aren't getting you anywhere.

You can search for a specific publisher to see if they have OA publications in the academic journal database. And, if you know more precisely what you're looking for, you can search for the title of the article or the author's name.

The Top 21 Free Online Journal and Research Databases

Navigating OA journals, research article databases, and academic websites trying to find high-quality sources for your research can really make your head spin. What constitutes a reliable database? What is a useful resource for your discipline and research topic? How can you find and access full-text, peer-reviewed articles?

Fortunately, we're here to help. Having covered some of the ins and outs of peer review, OA journals, and how to search for articles, we have compiled a list of the top 21 free online journals and the best research databases. This list of databases is a great resource to help you navigate the wide world of academic research.

These databases provide a variety of free sources, from abstracts and citations to full-text, peer-reviewed OA journals. With databases covering specific areas of research and interdisciplinary databases that provide a variety of material, these are some of our favorite free databases, and they're totally legit!

CORE is a multidisciplinary aggregator of OA research. CORE has the largest collection of OA articles available. It allows users to search more than 219 million OA articles. While most of these link to the full-text article on the original publisher's site, or to a PDF available for download, five million records are hosted directly on CORE.

CORE's mission statement is a simple and straightforward commitment to offering OA articles to anyone, anywhere in the world. They also host communities that are available for researchers to join and an ambassador community to enhance their services globally. In addition to a straightforward keyword search, CORE offers advanced search options to filter results by publication type, year, language, journal, repository, and author.

CORE's user interface is easy to use and navigate. Search results can be sorted based on relevance or recency, and you can search for relevant content directly from the results screen.

Collection: 219,537,133 OA articles

Other Services: Additional services are available from CORE, with extras that are geared toward researchers, repositories, and businesses. There are tools for accessing raw data, including an API that provides direct access to data, datasets that are available for download, and FastSync for syncing data content from the CORE database.

CORE has a recommender plug-in that suggests relevant OA content in the database while conducting a search and a discovery feature that helps you discover OA versions of paywalled articles. Other features include tools for managing content, such as a dashboard for managing repository output and the Repository Edition service to enhance discoverability.

Good Source of Peer-Reviewed Articles: Yes

Advanced Search Options: Language, author, journal, publisher, repository, DOI, year

2. ScienceOpen

Functioning as a research and publishing network, ScienceOpen offers OA to more than 74 million articles in all areas of science. Although you do need to register to view the full text of articles, registration is free. The advanced search function is highly detailed, allowing you to find exactly the research you're looking for.

The Berlin- and Boston-based company was founded in 2013 to "facilitate open and public communications between academics and to allow ideas to be judged on their merit, regardless of where they come from." Search results can be exported for easy integration with reference management systems.

You can also bookmark articles for later research. There are extensive networking options, including your Science Open profile, a forum for interacting with other researchers, the ability to track your usage and citations, and an interactive bibliography. Users have the ability to review articles and provide their knowledge and insight within the community.

Collection: 74,560,631

Other Services: None

Advanced Search Options:  Content type, source, author, journal, discipline

3. Directory of Open Access Journals

A multidisciplinary, community-curated directory, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) gives researchers access to high-quality peer-reviewed journals. It has archived more than two million articles from 17,193 journals, allowing you to either browse by subject or search by keyword.

The site was launched in 2003 with the aim of increasing the visibility of OA scholarly journals online. Content on the site covers subjects from science, to law, to fine arts, and everything in between. DOAJ has a commitment to "increase the visibility, accessibility, reputation, usage and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, OA scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography or language."

Information about the journal is available with each search result. Abstracts are also available in a collapsible format directly from the search screen. The scholarly article website is somewhat simple, but it is easy to navigate. There are 16 principles of transparency and best practices in scholarly publishing that clearly outline DOAJ policies and standards.

Collection: 6,817,242

Advanced Search Options:  Subject, journal, year

4. Education Resources Information Center

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) of the Institution of Education Sciences allows you to search by topic for material related to the field of education. Links lead to other sites, where you may have to purchase the information, but you can search for full-text articles only. You can also search only peer-reviewed sources.

The service primarily indexes journals, gray literature (such as technical reports, white papers, and government documents), and books. All sources of material on ERIC go through a formal review process prior to being indexed. ERIC's selection policy is available as a PDF on their website.

The ERIC website has an extensive FAQ section to address user questions. This includes categories like general questions, peer review, and ERIC content. There are also tips for advanced searches, as well as general guidance on the best way to search the database. ERIC is an excellent database for content specific to education.

Collection: 1,292,897

Advanced Search Options: Boolean

5. arXiv e-Print Archive

The arXiv e-Print Archive is run by Cornell University Library and curated by volunteer moderators, and it now offers OA to more than one million e-prints.

There are advisory committees for all eight subjects available on the database. With a stated commitment to an "emphasis on openness, collaboration, and scholarship," the arXiv e-Print Archive is an excellent STEM resource.

The interface is not as user-friendly as some of the other databases available, and the website hosts a blog to provide news and updates, but it is otherwise a straightforward math and science resource. There are simple and advanced search options, and, in addition to conducting searches for specific topics and articles, users can browse content by subject. The arXiv e-Print Archive clearly states that they do not peer review the e-prints in the database.

Collection: 1,983,891

Good Source of Peer-Reviewed Articles: No

Advanced Search Options:  Subject, date, title, author, abstract, DOI

6. Social Science Research Network

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a collection of papers from the social sciences community. It is a highly interdisciplinary platform used to search for scholarly articles related to 67 social science topics. SSRN has a variety of research networks for the various topics available through the free scholarly database.

The site offers more than 700,000 abstracts and more than 600,000 full-text papers. There is not yet a specific option to search for only full-text articles, but, because most of the papers on the site are free access, it's not often that you encounter a paywall. There is currently no option to search for only peer-reviewed articles.

You must become a member to use the services, but registration is free and enables you to interact with other scholars around the world. SSRN is "passionately committed to increasing inclusion, diversity and equity in scholarly research," and they encourage and discuss the use of inclusive language in scholarship whenever possible.

Collection: 1,058,739 abstracts; 915,452 articles

Advanced Search Options: Term, author, date, network

7. Public Library of Science

Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a big player in the world of OA science. Publishing 12 OA journals, the nonprofit organization is committed to facilitating openness in academic research. According to the site, "all PLOS content is at the highest possible level of OA, meaning that scientific articles are immediately and freely available to anyone, anywhere."

PLOS outlines four fundamental goals that guide the organization: break boundaries, empower researchers, redefine quality, and open science. All PLOS journals are peer-reviewed, and all 12 journals uphold rigorous ethical standards for research, publication, and scientific reporting.

PLOS does not offer advanced search options. Content is organized by topic into research communities that users can browse through, in addition to options to search for both articles and journals. The PLOS website also has resources for peer reviewers, including guidance on becoming a reviewer and on how to best participate in the peer review process.

Collection: 12 journals

Advanced Search Options: None

8. OpenDOAR

OpenDOAR, or the Directory of Open Access Repositories, is a comprehensive resource for finding free OA journals and articles. Using Google Custom Search, OpenDOAR combs through OA repositories around the world and returns relevant research in all disciplines.

The repositories it searches through are assessed and categorized by OpenDOAR staff to ensure they meet quality standards. Inclusion criteria for the database include requirements for OA content, global access, and categorically appropriate content, in addition to various other quality assurance measures. OpenDOAR has metadata, data, content, preservation, and submission policies for repositories, in addition to two OA policy statements regarding minimum and optimum recommendations.

This database allows users to browse and search repositories, which can then be selected, and articles and data can be accessed from the repository directly. As a repository database, much of the content on the site is geared toward the support of repositories and OA standards.

Collection: 5,768 repositories

Other Services: OpenDOAR offers a variety of additional services. Given the nature of the platform, services are primarily aimed at repositories and institutions, and there is a marked focus on OA in general. Sherpa services are OA archiving tools for authors and institutions.

They also offer various resources for OA support and compliance regarding standards and policies. The publication router matches publications and publishers with appropriate repositories.

There are also services and resources from JISC for repositories for cost management, discoverability, research impact, and interoperability, including ORCID consortium membership information. Additionally, a repository self-assessment tool is available for members.

Advanced Search Options:  Name, organization name, repository type, software name, content type, subject, country, region

9. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is operated by the Bielefeld University Library in Germany, and it offers more than 240 million documents from more than 8,000 sources. Sixty percent of its content is OA, and you can filter your search accordingly.

BASE has rigorous inclusion requirements for content providers regarding quality and relevance, and they maintain a list of content providers for the sake of transparency, which can be easily found on their website. BASE has a fairly elegant interface. Search results can be organized by author, title, or date.

From the search results, items can be selected and exported, added to favorites, emailed, and searched in Google Scholar. There are basic and advanced search features, with the advanced search offering numerous options for refining search criteria. There is also a feature on the website that saves recent searches without additional steps from the user.

Collection: 276,019,066 documents; 9,286 content providers

Advanced Search Options:  Author, subject, year, content provider, language, document type, access, terms of reuse

Research Databases

10. Digital Library of the Commons Repository

Run by Indiana University, the Digital Library of the Commons (DLC) Repository is a multidisciplinary journal repository that allows users to access thousands of free and OA articles from around the world. You can browse by document type, date, author, title, and more or search for keywords relevant to your topic.

DCL also offers the Comprehensive Bibliography of the Commons, an image database, and a keyword thesaurus for enhanced search parameters. The repository includes books, book chapters, conference papers, journal articles, surveys, theses and dissertations, and working papers. DCL advanced search features drop-down menus of search types with built-in Boolean search options.

Searches can be sorted by relevance, title, date, or submission date in ascending or descending order. Abstracts are included in selected search results, with access to full texts available, and citations can be exported from the same page. Additionally, the image database search includes tips for better search results.

Collection: 10,784

Advanced Search Options:  Author, date, title, subject, sector, region, conference

11. CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook is a little different from the other resources on this list in that it is not an online journal directory or repository. It is, however, a useful free online research database for academics in a variety of disciplines.

All the information is free to access, and it provides facts about every country in the world, which are organized by category and include information about history, geography, transportation, and much more. The World Factbook can be searched by country or region, and there is also information about the world’s oceans.

This site contains resources related to the CIA as an organization rather than being a scientific journal database specifically. The site has a user interface that is easy to navigate. The site also provides a section for updates regarding changes to what information is available and how it is organized, making it easier to interact with the information you are searching for.

Collection: 266 countries

12. Paperity

Paperity boasts its status as the "first multidisciplinary aggregator of OA journals and papers." Their focus is on helping you avoid paywalls while connecting you to authoritative research. In addition to providing readers with easy access to thousands of journals, Paperity seeks to help authors reach their audiences and help journals increase their exposure to boost readership.

Paperity has journal articles for every discipline, and the database offers more than a dozen advanced search options, including the length of the paper and the number of authors. There is even an option to include, exclude, or exclusively search gray papers.

Paperity is available for mobile, with both a mobile site and the Paperity Reader, an app that is available for both Android and Apple users. The database is also available on social media. You can interact with Paperity via Twitter and Facebook, and links to their social media are available on their homepage, including their Twitter feed.

Collection: 8,837,396

Advanced Search Options: Title, abstract, journal title, journal ISSN, publisher, year of publication, number of characters, number of authors, DOI, author, affiliation, language, country, region, continent, gray papers

13. dblp Computer Science Bibliography

The dblp Computer Science Bibliography is an online index of major computer science publications. dblp was founded in 1993, though until 2010 it was a university-specific database at the University of Trier in Germany. It is currently maintained by the Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics.

Although it provides access to both OA articles and those behind a paywall, you can limit your search to only OA articles. The site indexes more than three million publications, making it an invaluable resource in the world of computer science. dblp entries are color-coded based on the type of item.

dblp has an extensive FAQ section, so questions that might arise about topics like the database itself, navigating the website, or the data on dblp, in addition to several other topics, are likely to be answered. The website also hosts a blog and has a section devoted to website statistics.

Collection: 5,884,702

14. EconBiz

EconBiz is a great resource for economic and business studies. A service of the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, it offers access to full texts online, with the option of searching for OA material only. Their literature search is performed across multiple international databases.

EconBiz has an incredibly useful research skills section, with resources such as Guided Walk, a service to help students and researchers navigate searches, evaluate sources, and correctly cite references; the Research Guide EconDesk, a help desk to answer specific questions and provide advice to aid in literature searches; and the Academic Career Kit for what they refer to as Early Career Researchers.

Other helpful resources include personal literature lists, a calendar of events for relevant calls for papers, conferences, and workshops, and an economics terminology thesaurus to help in finding keywords for searches. To stay up-to-date with EconBiz, you can sign up for their newsletter.

Collection: 1,075,219

Advanced Search Options:  Title, subject, author, institution, ISBN/ISSN, journal, publisher, language, OA only

15. BioMed Central

BioMed Central provides OA research from more than 300 peer-reviewed journals. While originally focused on resources related to the physical sciences, math, and engineering, BioMed Central has branched out to include journals that cover a broader range of disciplines, with the aim of providing a single platform that provides OA articles for a variety of research needs. You can browse these journals by subject or title, or you can search all articles for your required keyword.

BioMed Central has a commitment to peer-reviewed sources and to the peer review process itself, continually seeking to help and improve the peer review process. They're "committed to maintaining high standards through full and stringent peer review." They publish the journal Research Integrity and Peer Review , which publishes research on the subject.

Additionally, the website includes resources to assist and support editors as part of their commitment to providing high-quality, peer-reviewed OA articles.

Collection: 507,212

Other Services: BMC administers the International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number (ISRCTN) registry. While initially designed for registering clinical trials, since its creation in 2000, the registry has broadened its scope to include other health studies as well.

The registry is recognized by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), and it meets the requirements established by the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform.

The study records included in the registry are all searchable and free to access. The ISRCTN registry "supports transparency in clinical research, helps reduce selective reporting of results and ensures an unbiased and complete evidence base."

Advanced Search Options:  Author, title, journal, list

A multidisciplinary search engine, JURN provides links to various scholarly websites, articles, and journals that are free to access or OA. Covering the fields of the arts, humanities, business, law, nature, science, and medicine, JURN has indexed almost 5,000 repositories to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Search features are enhanced by Google, but searches are filtered through their index of repositories. JURN seeks to reach a wide audience, with their search engine tailored to researchers from "university lecturers and students seeking a strong search tool for OA content" and "advanced and ambitious students, age 14-18" to "amateur historians and biographers" and "unemployed and retired lecturers."

That being said, JURN is very upfront about its limitations. They admit to not being a good resource for educational studies, social studies, or psychology, and conference archives are generally not included due to frequently unstable URLs.

Collection: 5,064 indexed journals

Other Services: JURN has a browser add-on called UserScript. This add-on allows users to integrate the JURN database directly into Google Search. When performing a search through Google, the add-on creates a link that sends the search directly to JURN CSE. JURN CSE is a search service that is hosted by Google.

Clicking the link from the Google Search bar will run your search through the JURN database from the Google homepage. There is also an interface for a DuckDuckGo search box; while this search engine has an emphasis on user privacy, for smaller sites that may be indexed by JURN, DuckDuckGo may not provide the same depth of results.

Advanced Search Options:  Google search modifiers

Dryad is a digital repository of curated, OA scientific research data. Launched in 2009, it is run by a not-for-profit membership organization, with a community of institutional and publisher members for whom their services have been designed. Members include institutions such as Stanford, UCLA, and Yale, as well as publishers like Oxford University Press and Wiley.

Dryad aims to "promote a world where research data is openly available, integrated with the scholarly literature, and routinely reused to create knowledge." It is free to access for the search and discovery of data. Their user experience is geared toward easy self-depositing, supports Creative Commons licensing, and provides DOIs for all their content.

Note that there is a publishing charge associated if you wish to publish your data in Dryad. When searching datasets, they are accompanied by author information and abstracts for the associated studies, and citation information is provided for easy attribution.

Collection: 44,458

Advanced Search Options: No

Run by the British Library, the E-Theses Online Service (EThOS) allows you to search over 500,000 doctoral theses in a variety of disciplines. All of the doctoral theses available on EThOS have been awarded by higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.

Although some full texts are behind paywalls, you can limit your search to items available for immediate download, either directly through EThOS or through an institution's website. More than half of the records in the database provide access to full-text theses.

EThOS notes that they do not hold all records for all institutions, but they strive to index as many doctoral theses as possible, and the database is constantly expanding, with approximately 3,000 new records added and 2,000 new full-text theses available every month. The availability of full-text theses is dependent on multiple factors, including their availability in the institutional repository and the level of repository development.

Collection: 500,000+

Advanced Search Options:  Abstract, author's first name, author's last name, awarding body, current institution, EThOS ID, year, language, qualifications, research supervisor, sponsor/funder, keyword, title

PubMed is a research platform well-known in the fields of science and medicine. It was created and developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM). It has been available since 1996 and offers access to "more than 33 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books."

While PubMed does not provide full-text articles directly, and many full-text articles may be behind paywalls or require subscriptions to access them, when articles are available from free sources, such as through PubMed Central (PMC), those links are provided with the citations and abstracts that PubMed does provide.

PMC, which was established in 2000 by the NLM, is a free full-text archive that includes more than 6,000,000 records. PubMed records link directly to corresponding PMC results. PMC content is provided by publishers and other content owners, digitization projects, and authors directly.

Collection: 33,000,000+

Advanced Search Options: Author's first name, author's last name, identifier, corporation, date completed, date created, date entered, date modified, date published, MeSH, book, conflict of interest statement, EC/RN number, editor, filter, grant number, page number, pharmacological action, volume, publication type, publisher, secondary source ID, text, title, abstract, transliterated title

20. Semantic Scholar

A unique and easy-to-use resource, Semantic Scholar defines itself not just as a research database but also as a "search and discovery tool." Semantic Scholar harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to efficiently sort through millions of science-related papers based on your search terms.

Through this singular application of machine learning, Semantic Scholar expands search results to include topic overviews based on your search terms, with the option to create an alert for or further explore the topic. It also provides links to related topics.

In addition, search results produce "TLDR" summaries in order to provide concise overviews of articles and enhance your research by helping you to navigate quickly and easily through the available literature to find the most relevant information. According to the site, although some articles are behind paywalls, "the data [they] have for those articles is limited," so you can expect to receive mostly full-text results.

Collection: 203,379,033

Other Services: Semantic Scholar supports multiple popular browsers. Content can be accessed through both mobile and desktop versions of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera.

Additionally, Semantic Scholar provides browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox, so AI-powered scholarly search results are never more than a click away. The mobile interface includes an option for Semantic Swipe, a new way of interacting with your research results.

There are also beta features that can be accessed as part of the Beta Program, which will provide you with features that are being actively developed and require user feedback for further improvement.

Advanced Search Options: Field of study, date range, publication type, author, journal, conference, PDF

Zenodo, powered by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), was launched in 2013. Taking its name from Zenodotus, the first librarian of the ancient library of Alexandria, Zenodo is a tool "built and developed by researchers, to ensure that everyone can join in open science." Zenodo accepts all research from every discipline in any file format.

However, Zenodo also curates uploads and promotes peer-reviewed material that is available through OA. A DOI is assigned to everything that is uploaded to Zenodo, making research easily findable and citable. You can sort by keyword, title, journal, and more and download OA documents directly from the site.

While there are closed access and restricted access items in the database, the vast majority of research is OA material. Search results can be filtered by access type, making it easy to view the free articles available in the database.

Collection: 2,220,000+

Advanced Search Options:  Access, file type, keywords

Check out our roundup of free research databases as a handy one-page PDF.

How to find peer-reviewed articles.

There are a lot of free scholarly articles available from various sources. The internet is a big place. So how do you go about finding peer-reviewed articles when conducting your research? It's important to make sure you are using reputable sources.

The first source of the article is the person or people who wrote it. Checking out the author can give you some initial insight into how much you can trust what you’re reading. Looking into the publication information of your sources can also indicate whether the article is reliable.

Aspects of the article, such as subject and audience, tone, and format, are other things you can look at when evaluating whether the article you're using is valid, reputable, peer-reviewed material. So, let's break that down into various components so you can assess your research to ensure that you're using quality articles and conducting solid research.

Check the Author

Peer-reviewed articles are written by experts or scholars with experience in the field or discipline they're writing about. The research in a peer-reviewed article has to pass a rigorous evaluation process, so it’s a foregone conclusion that the author(s) of a peer-reviewed article should have experience or training related to that research.

When evaluating an article, take a look at the author’s information. What credentials does the author have to indicate that their research has scholarly weight behind it? Finding out what type of degree the author has—and what that degree is in—can provide insight into what kind of authority the author is on the subject.

Something else that might lend credence to the author’s scholarly role is their professional affiliation. A look at what organization or institution they are affiliated with can tell you a lot about their experience or expertise. Where were they trained, and who is verifying their research?

Identify Subject and Audience

The ultimate goal of a study is to answer a question. Scholarly articles are also written for scholarly audiences, especially articles that have gone through the peer review process. This means that the author is trying to reach experts, researchers, academics, and students in the field or topic the research is based on.

Think about the question the author is trying to answer by conducting this research, why, and for whom. What is the subject of the article? What question has it set out to answer? What is the purpose of finding the information? Is the purpose of the article of importance to other scholars? Is it original content?

Research should also be approached analytically. Is the methodology sound? Is the author using an analytical approach to evaluate the data that they have obtained? Are the conclusions they've reached substantiated by their data and analysis? Answering these questions can reveal a lot about the article’s validity.

Format Matters

Reliable articles from peer-reviewed sources have certain format elements to be aware of. The first is an abstract. An abstract is a short summary or overview of the article. Does the article have an abstract? It's unlikely that you're reading a peer-reviewed article if it doesn’t. Peer-reviewed journals will also have a word count range. If an article seems far too short or incredibly long, that may be reason to doubt it.

Another feature of reliable articles is the sections the information is divided into. Peer-reviewed research articles will have clear, concise sections that appropriately organize the information. This might include a literature review, methodology, and results in the case of research articles and a conclusion.

One of the most important sections is the references or bibliography. This is where the researcher lists all the sources of their information. A peer-reviewed source will have a comprehensive reference section.

An article that has been written to reach an academic community will have an academic tone. The language that is used, and the way this language is used, is important to consider. If the article is riddled with grammatical errors, confusing syntax, and casual language, it almost definitely didn't make it through the peer review process.

Also consider the use of terminology. Every discipline is going to have standard terminology or jargon that can be used and understood by other academics in the discipline. The language in a peer-reviewed article is going to reflect that.

If the author is going out of their way to explain simple terms, or terms that are standard to the field or discipline, it's unlikely that the article has been peer reviewed, as this is something that the author would be asked to address during the review process.


The source of the article will be a very good indicator of the likelihood that it was peer reviewed. Where was the article published? Was it published alongside other academic articles in the same discipline? Is it a legitimate and reputable scholarly publication?

A trade publication or newspaper might be legitimate or reputable, but it is not a scholarly source, and it will not have been subject to the peer review process. Scholarly journals are the best resource for peer-reviewed articles, but it's important to remember that not all scholarly journals are peer reviewed.

It’s helpful to look at a scholarly source’s website, as peer-reviewed journals will have a clear indication of the peer review process. University libraries, institutional repositories, and reliable databases (and you now might have a list of some legit ones) can also help provide insight into whether an article comes from a peer-reviewed journal.

Free Online Journal

Common Research Mistakes to Avoid

Research is a lot of work. Even with high standards and good intentions, it’s easy to make mistakes. Perhaps you searched for access to scientific journals for free and found the perfect peer-reviewed sources, but you forgot to document everything, and your references are a mess. Or, you only searched for free online articles and missed out on a ground-breaking study that was behind a paywall.

Whether your research is for a degree or to get published or to satisfy your own inquisitive nature, or all of the above, you want all that work to produce quality results. You want your research to be thorough and accurate.

To have any hope of contributing to the literature on your research topic, your results need to be high quality. You might not be able to avoid every potential mistake, but here are some that are both common and easy to avoid.

Sticking to One Source

One of the hallmarks of good research is a healthy reference section. Using a variety of sources gives you a better answer to your question. Even if all of the literature is in agreement, looking at various aspects of the topic may provide you with an entirely different picture than you would have if you looked at your research question from only one angle.

Not Documenting Every Fact

As you conduct your research, do yourself a favor and write everything down. Everything you include in your paper or article that you got from another source is going to need to be added to your references and cited.

It's important, especially if your aim is to conduct ethical, high-quality research, that all of your research has proper attribution. If you don't document as you go, you could end up making a lot of work for yourself if the information you don’t write down is something that later, as you write your paper, you really need.

Using Outdated Materials

Academia is an ever-changing landscape. What was true in your academic discipline or area of research ten years ago may have since been disproven. If fifteen studies have come out since the article that you're using was published, it's more than a little likely that you're going to be basing your research on flawed or dated information.

If the information you're basing your research on isn’t as up-to-date as possible, your research won't be of quality or able to stand up to any amount of scrutiny. You don’t want all of your hard work to be for naught.

Relying Solely on Open Access Journals

OA is a great resource for conducting academic research. There are high-quality journal articles available through OA, and that can be very helpful for your research. But, just because you have access to free articles, that doesn't mean that there's nothing to be found behind a paywall.

Just as dismissing high-quality peer-reviewed articles because they are OA would be limiting, not exploring any paid content at all is equally short-sighted. If you're seeking to conduct thorough and comprehensive research, exploring all of your options for quality sources is going to be to your benefit.

Digging Too Deep or Not Deep Enough

Research is an art form, and it involves a delicate balance of information. If you conduct your research using only broad search terms, you won't be able to answer your research question well, or you'll find that your research provides information that is closely related to your topic but, ultimately, your findings are vague and unsubstantiated.

On the other hand, if you delve deeply into your research topic with specific searches and turn up too many sources, you might have a lot of information that is adjacent to your topic but without focus and perhaps not entirely relevant. It's important to answer your research question concisely but thoroughly.

Different Types of Scholarly Articles

Different types of scholarly articles have different purposes. An original research article, also called an empirical article, is the product of a study or an experiment. This type of article seeks to answer a question or fill a gap in the existing literature.

Research articles will have a methodology, results, and a discussion of the findings of the experiment or research and typically a conclusion.

Review articles overview the current literature and research and provide a summary of what the existing research indicates or has concluded. This type of study will have a section for the literature review, as well as a discussion of the findings of that review. Review articles will have a particularly extensive reference or bibliography section.

Theoretical articles draw on existing literature to create new theories or conclusions, or look at current theories from a different perspective, to contribute to the foundational knowledge of the field of study.

10 Tips for Navigating Journal Databases

Use the right academic journal database for your search, be that interdisciplinary or specific to your field. Or both!

If it’s an option, set the search results to return only peer-reviewed sources.

Start by using search terms that are relevant to your topic without being overly specific.

Try synonyms, especially if your keywords aren’t returning the desired results.

Scholarly Journal Articles

Even if you’ve found some good articles, try searching using different terms.

Explore the advanced search features of the database(s).

Learn to use Booleans (AND, OR, NOT) to expand or narrow your results.

Once you’ve gotten some good results from a more general search, try narrowing your search.

Read through abstracts when trying to find articles relevant to your research.

Keep track of your research and use citation tools. It’ll make life easier when it comes time to compile your references.

7 Frequently Asked Questions

1. how do i get articles for free.

Free articles can be found through free online academic journals, OA databases, or other databases that include OA journals and articles. These resources allow you to access free papers online so you can conduct your research without getting stuck behind a paywall.

Academics don’t receive payment for the articles they contribute to journals. There are often, in fact, publication fees that scholars pay in order to publish. This is one of the funding structures that allows OA journals to provide free content so that you don’t have to pay fees or subscription costs to access journal articles.

2. How Do I Find Journal Articles?

Journal articles can be found in databases and institutional repositories that can be accessed at university libraries. However, online research databases that contain OA articles are the best resource for getting free access to journal articles that are available online.

Peer-reviewed journal articles are the best to use for academic research, and there are a number of databases where you can find peer-reviewed OA journal articles. Once you've found a useful article, you can look through the references for the articles the author used to conduct their research, and you can then search online databases for those articles, too.

3. How Do I Find Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Peer-reviewed articles can be found in reputable scholarly peer-reviewed journals. High-quality journals and journal articles can be found online using academic search engines and free research databases. These resources are excellent for finding OA articles, including peer-reviewed articles.

OA articles are articles that can be accessed for free. While some scholarly search engines and databases include articles that aren't peer reviewed, there are also some that provide only peer-reviewed articles, and databases that include non-peer-reviewed articles often have advanced search features that enable you to select “peer review only.” The database will return results that are exclusively peer-reviewed content.

4. What Are Research Databases?

A research database is a list of journals, articles, datasets, and/or abstracts that allows you to easily search for scholarly and academic resources and conduct research online. There are databases that are interdisciplinary and cover a variety of topics.

For example, Paperity might be a great resource for a chemist as well as a linguist, and there are databases that are more specific to a certain field. So, while ERIC might be one of the best educational databases available for OA content, it's not going to be one of the best databases for finding research in the field of microbiology.

5. How Do I Find Scholarly Articles for Specific Fields?

There are interdisciplinary research databases that provide articles in a variety of fields, as well as research databases that provide articles that cater to specific disciplines. Additionally, a journal repository or index can be a helpful resource for finding articles in a specific field.

When searching an interdisciplinary database, there are frequently advanced search features that allow you to narrow the search results down so that they are specific to your field. Selecting “psychology” in the advanced search features will return psychology journal articles in your search results. You can also try databases that are specific to your field.

If you're searching for law journal articles, many law reviews are OA. If you don’t know of any databases specific to history, visiting a journal repository or index and searching “history academic journals” can return a list of journals specific to history and provide you with a place to begin your research.

6. Are Peer-Reviewed Articles Really More Legitimate?

The short answer is yes, peer-reviewed articles are more legitimate resources for academic research. The peer review process provides legitimacy, as it is a rigorous review of the content of an article that is performed by scholars and academics who are experts in their field of study. The review provides an evaluation of the quality and credibility of the article.

Non-peer-reviewed articles are not subject to a review process and do not undergo the same level of scrutiny. This means that non-peer-reviewed articles are unlikely, or at least not as likely, to meet the same standards that peer-reviewed articles do.

7. Are Free Article Directories Legitimate?

Yes! As with anything, some databases are going to be better for certain requirements than others. But, a scholarly article database being free is not a reason in itself to question its legitimacy.

Free scholarly article databases can provide access to abstracts, scholarly article websites, journal repositories, and high-quality peer-reviewed journal articles. The internet has a lot of information, and it's often challenging to figure out what information is reliable. 

Research databases and article directories are great resources to help you conduct your research. Our list of the best research paper websites is sure to provide you with sources that are totally legit.

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I need to have my journal article, dissertation, or term paper edited and proofread, or I need help with an admissions essay or proposal.

I have a novel, manuscript, play, or ebook. I need editing, copy editing, proofreading, a critique of my work, or a query package.

I need editing and proofreading for my white papers, reports, manuals, press releases, marketing materials, and other business documents.

I need to have my essay, project, assignment, or term paper edited and proofread.

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get research papers free download

Microbiology Notes

Microbiology Notes

12 Top Websites to Download Research Papers for Free

Table of Contents

How to download research papers for FREE? Are you looking for ways to get access to academic articles without paying? If so, you’re in the right place. In this post I’ll explain ways to obtain a research paper at absolutely no cost.

Research papers can be downloaded as an effective method to cut down on the time as well as money. The issue is that it requires a lot of work to find reliable sources. There are a few websites where you are able to download research papers for no cost.

There is no need to spend anything to gain access to these documents. All you have to do is sign-up on the website and begin downloading.

The most appealing aspect of these websites is that they provide you with the ability to access hundreds of research papers across different areas. If you’re looking to learn about any subject then just go to one of these websites.

It was created in 2011 with the help of Kazakhstani master’s student Alexandra Elbakyan, Sci-Hub is an online platform that gives access to academic articles and papers through access to educational institutions as well as its own archive of articles and papers downloaded.

download research paper for free

To claim Sci-Hub is a controversial website is an understatement. Sci-Hub is accused of copyright infringement numerous occasions, and is currently blocked by a number of web service companies, particularly in countries with high-tech. According to the Sci-Hub’s own data it’s a 99% chance that the request to download will be successful and more than 200k requests are processed each day.

How to use Sci-Hub

  • Visit https://sci-hub.se /.
  • Enter the full name of the DOI, URL, or URL in the paper that you would like to download.
  • Select”Open” or click the “Open” click.

2. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a massive database that contains more than 2.7 million titles and over 58 millions science magazines files. The website was threatened with legal action by Elsevier one of the largest publishing companies of technical, scientific medical and scientific research papers in the year 2015. However, there’s been no resolution to it to date. In the present, Library Genesis is blocked by a variety of Internet service providers within the United Kingdom, but the website is still accessible due in part to the presence of a huge variety of Library Genesis mirrors.

Library Genesis link:

  • http://gen.lib.rus.ec
  • http://libgen.pw
  • http://libgen.unblocker.cc/
  • http://libgen.unblockall.org/
  • https://libgen.unblocker.win/
  • https://libgen.unblocked.gdn/

how to download research papers for free

How to use Library Genesis

  • Visit: http://libgen.io/ (which is the official URL for the website at the moment).
  • Input your keywords in the search box.
  • Select on the “Search!” button.
  • Click on the title of the book or research paper that you’re searching for.
  • Click on one of the mirrors available.
  • Save the paper or book onto your device.

3. Unpaywall

21 million academic papers taken from more than 50,000 repository of content as well as publishers.

This is a huge database that contains more than 21 million academic works from over fifty thousand content repositories as well as publishers. The content in the database is replicated from government resources so downloading them is legal.

The authors claim they are able to access around 80-85 percent of all scientific papers accessible on their website. They are also aided by funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as well as the National Science Foundation.

research papers download for free

You can utilize Google’s Chrome extension to quickly get them at any time. In order to do this, you have to follow the instructions listed below:

  • Visit https://unpaywall.org/products/extension
  • Select on the “Add the Chrome” button. Chrome” option.
  • Simply click “Add the store to Chrome” in the Chrome Web Store page in addition.
  • Keep an eye on the extension until it is installed.
  • After installing the extension, it will work automatically and will appear whenever you go to the site of a paywalled research paper in the database of Unpaywall’s open databases. All you have just click on the green Unpaywall button to allow the article to be displayed immediately.

In contrast to other websites mentioned here Unpaywall’s services Unpaywall are legal as it identifies legal, author-posted , manuscripts that are hosted on university and government web servers (generally called Green Open Access manuscripts).

In actual fact, Unpaywall is integrated into various search engines, library systems and other information products across the globe. It has made the scholarship process more accessible to students across the world.

4. Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a website run by the community, which lists the highest quality, peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed accessible journals. The website was created in 2003 with about 300 journals. It has since expanded to include more than 10,000 free access journal in the entire spectrum of technology, science and medicine, as well as social science and humanities.

DOAJ is managed via Infrastructure Services for Open Access (IS4OA) IS4OA, an unincorporated charitable foundation which’s mission is to bring an advantage to the world user community that relies on openly available research data and publications. IS4OA believes that a wide and free distribution and diffusion of knowledge can benefit society in general.

where can i download research papers for free

Similar to Unpaywall, DOAJ is completely legal and is funded by sponsors as well as non-publisher and publisher members.

It can be used to search for and download research papers for free:

  • Visit: https://doaj.org/
  • Input your keywords in the search field , then hit enter.
  • Choose the research paper you wish to download.
  • Hit on the “Full Text” button that is located just below the abstract.

5. Open Access Button

Public archives of research papers in order to let research funded by public funds free to all.

Open Access Button was founded in the month of November 2013 by a group of students tired of having to go through paywalls. It makes use of public repositories of research papers to make publically funded research accessible to all.

Open Access Button is quite similar to Unpaywall , in the way it operates. However both differ on one major point when Open Access Button notices that an article isn’t accessible, it immediately informs authors to share the article by putting it in an archive. The more people attempt to discover an article through this platform the more requests the author receives.

sites to download research papers for free

You can make use of Open Access Button by downloading their browser extension. To do that, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the following URL: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-access-button/gknkbkaapnhpmkcgkmdekdffgcddoiel?hl=en
  • Download your Open Access Button browser extension by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • In the future, if ever in a position to not access the information you need simply click the Open Access Button to do it.

Don’t fret if you’re not an Google Chrome user. You can still use the online version of Open Access Button by visiting the following link: https://openaccessbutton.org

6. ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen offers a professional network platform for academics that gives access to more than 40 million research papers from all fields of science. ScienceOpen was established at the end of 2013 by Alexander Grossmann, a physicist and professor of publishing management at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, Germany, and Tibor Tscheke who is expert in information science, software development and specialist in content management. The goal for Science Open is to explore ways to make it easier to access information to the scientific community. we can safely say that the initiative has succeeded admirably in achieving its goals.

how to download research papers for free

To search for research papers with the help of Science open:

  • Go to: http://about.scienceopen.com/ .
  • Select on the “green “Search” button located in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your search terms into the search box. In addition to the keywords, you can look up authors’ collections, journals publishers, as well as others.

CORE is an aggregater of research that is open access and published in journals and research repositories across the globe. Its primary objective is to protect the rights of the public and citizens to public to gain access to the findings of their research, to which they’ve contributed by paying taxes. It accomplishes this by providing an easy accessibility to millions of research papers with open access.

how can i download research papers for free

To find a research article using CORE:

  • Visit: https://core.ac.uk/.
  • Enter your search terms into the search box.
  • Hit the “Search” link.
  • Select on the “Get PDF” button to download any research document you are looking for.

OA.mg seeks to create a platform that makes research accessible and accessible by offering direct download links to more than 200 million papers from research.

Its main goal is to make everyone more efficient in every phase of their academic endeavors starting with research and ending with the creation of bibliographies. By aggregating and combining the various Open Access databases, they can direct you to the most recent open access research , as well as the studies behind paywalls. If there’s no direct download link, they’ll assist you to locate a method to access it.

free research paper download

Research papers can be found by using OA.mg by following these steps:

  • Follow the link below: https://oa.mg
  • You can enter your keywords or DOI number into the search field that is available there.
  • Select on the “search” button, and wait for results to show up.
  • In the search results Download any research document you require by clicking this link for download.

9. Citationsy Archives

Citationsy Archives allows you to look up journals and papers to download, download them, and (obviously) incorporate them into your work.

Citationsy is a no-cost to use software, however it has some restrictions to the plan that is free. For $9.99 monthly ($4.99 when you’re in school) and you will get unlimitted citations, reference Word export, bibliographies and much more. Citationsy Archives offers only 3-days trial. However, if you make use of the promo code GAURAVTIWARI you will be able to get a premium versions at no cost for the entire month.

free journal paper download

It is important to note that you can access Citationsy Archives with or without an account.

All you have to do is make a request, and it will then search for the exact phrase in all research papers around the world and show the pertinent matches to you. Click on each of them to view more information, and then access it directly from the search results.

The platform also allows you to download the papers using a number of different and totally open access and legal options.

Use Citationsy Archives from https://citationsy.com/archives/

10. PaperPanda

It’s a free extensions for your browser Chrome that gives you the ability to access various journals and documents in PDF format.

When you turn on the tool it locates the DOI of the article on the page you are viewing and proceeds to look for it. It starts by searching different Open Access repositories like OaDoi, SemanticScholar, ArXiV, and the Internet Archive.

The developers are currently working on a feature to be released soon that lets you define the university library’s domain within the setting. PaperPanda will then look for the paper you require within your library. If required, you’ll be able to create an alternative domain within the settings.

where can i download research papers for free

I’ve included the instructions for using this tool.

  • Installation of the PaperPanda extension to Google Chrome.
  • Pin PaperPanda to the toolbar of your browser.
  • When you are on a website for a research paper click the tiny panda symbol within the toolbar.
  • PaperPanda will locate your PDF files. If you need to, access “settings” and change the domain that it employs to search for your files.

11. Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

It includes not just journal articles as well as book and grey literature too.

ERIC is element of the United States Department of Education. It is a vast archive of books and is widely recognized as the best way to download research papers for free without paying an amount. It is not just a repository of journals but also book sources and grey literature too.

free research paper

The journal as well as non-journal materials available at ERIC is reviewed by peer reviewers and are reliable. The site adds new research sources to its index database system two times each year.

You can get access to ERIC through the official website of ERIC: https://eric.ed.gov/

12. Other Website

  • Csulb California State University
  • Project Gutenberg

It’s a fact that publishing research is a costly field both for readers and researchers. Most scientific research studies are behind paywalls in the event that the researcher does not cost of publication for open access publications. The cost for downloading research papers is approximately $40, which is not something everyone would be financially able to pay for. That’s why the sites listed in this article were created to assist you with.

However, prior to using one of these sites for research papers to download for free, remember that removing paywalls that are erected by paywalls is unlawful in many areas of the world. So, it is recommended making use of a VPN to secure your identity. This extends your private network over an open network. It also allows users to transmit and receive data in a private manner and safely.

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access millions of research papers with Paper Panda

So easy to use, such a huge life saver in terms of research and assessments !! have not come across a article i can not, not read thanks to this :D so happy and has made life easier, thank you, thank you, thank you

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One of the most useful web extensions I have ever used, Thank you to the girl on Tiktok that recommended it. I hope both sides of her pillow are cold everyday. Thank you to the developers as well. Huge thumbs up.

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es muy bueno!!!! y muy útil!!! estoy literalmente llorando de la felicidad porque ahora puedo ver ensayos o artículos que antes necesitaba y no podía, y además es muy fácil de usar muy recomendado

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It is soooooo amazing ,easy to use and it works like a charm. Helped me a great deal!! Thank you so much
Works great. Been using it only for a short while, but it didn’t fail yet. It’s also very quick. Downside is that it sometimes downloaded an early version of the paper, not the final published paper.
very helpful in searching scientific articles

Jamailah Rose Biagcong

way far out from my excecptation, seldom giving comment but i have to shout out for this one !! Super great!!!!!


Why didn't i know this existed years ago this is the best tool for a scholar ever thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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Cela me change la vie. C'est juste incroyable de pouvoir accéder à la connaissance sans aucune barrière. L'outil est bluffant, rapide et sûr.

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An amazing extension for a researcher.

Dr. Devika Rani

Makes my research a whole ton easier

Ms Aqilah

I wish I found this earlier. It works perfectly, easy to access any articles
Game Changer for my thesis, thanks so much!

Thomas Hauer

Insanely useful, and it is probably one of the greatest things in 2021.


Muy recomendable. Útil y fácil de usar.

Mayra Melo

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Loving this!!

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A melhor extensão!

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“Paywall? What’s that?”

Paperpanda searches the web for pdf s so you don’t have to, i’m here to help, you’ve probably run into this problem – you want to read a paper, but it’s locked behind a paywall. maybe you have access to it through your library or university, maybe it’s available to download for free through an open access portal, maybe the author uploaded a pdf to a website somewhere – but how are you going to find it paperpanda is here to help just click the tiny panda in your toolbar and the panda will run off and find the paper for you., access research papers in one click, save time accessing full-text pdf s with the free paperpanda browser plugin, stop clicking and start reading, stop navigating paywalls, search engines, and logins. paperpanda helps you get that full-text pdf faster.

Research paper

Research paper is a written report which contains the results of original scientific research (primary research article) or the review of published scientific papers on one or several science topics (review article). In primary research articles, the authors give vital information about the research that allows other members of the scientific community to evaluate it, reproduce science experiments, and also to assess the reasoning and conclusions drawn from them. Review articles are designed to analyze, evaluate, summarize or synthesize research already conducted in primary academic sources. Quite often, a science article combines these two types of scientific text, including the overview and original parts.

Currently, the number of scientific articles in open access is growing fast, but all of them are spread on numerous science websites on the Internet, and therefore it is hard for a researcher to find the necessary information for new science discoveries or download PDF due to the unreliability of websites.

CyberLeninka is intended to solve this problem. We provide platform, which aggregates a lot of free articles from various open access peer-reviewed journals . And our global goal is to build new research infrastructure for academia.

Directory of open access articles based on OECD fields of science and technology

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Find and Understand 25 Million Peer-Reviewed Research Papers for Free


25 Million Peer-Reviewed Research Papers for Free

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What is gettheresearch.org, what is impactstory, 1. open get the research, 2. enter your keyword, 3. select open access, 4. highlight the terms, 5. highlighted keyword and meaning, 6. new terms and meaning, 7. download full article, 8. get the full article pdf, gettheresearch.org, impactstory.org, unpaywall.org.

Recent days, the usage of Creative Commons(CC) contents and Open Source products are getting increasing in all the fields. Similarly, in the scientific and research area, the wide usage of Open Access articles in the reference and citation part of the research work also reaching a new hight. But, downloading an exactly related research paper to the research is quite a difficult task.

In order to simplify the search and download process of the open access peer-reviewed research articles , Impactstory – a non-profit organization created a new search engine called GetTheResearch.org . In this article, we are going to find out how to understand and download the millions of peer-reviewed research papers for free using Gettheresearch.org.

GetTheResearch.org is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered search engine for search and understand scientific articles for researchers and scientists. It was developed as a part of the Unpaywall project. Unpaywall is a database of 23,329,737 free scholarly Open Access(OA) articles from over 50,000 publishers and repositories, and make it easy to find, track, and use.

Impactstory is a nonprofit dedicated to making scholarly research more open, accessible, and reusable. It creates and supports free services including  Unpaywall,   Impactstory Profiles,  and  Depsy.

How to use Get The Research.org?

It is easy to search and download the scientific open-access article with Gettheresearch.org. Some of the key features and procedure to download the articles are explained below.

First, go to the page -> Gettheresearch.org Search page.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd

Enter your research keyword in the search bar. The AI-powered search engine will help you to select a more relevant keyword.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 1

Once you entered your keyword, you have the option to select Open Access Only toggle button to get only open access articles as a search result.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 21

Another toggle button named Highlight terms helps you to get the meaning of top keywords from Wikipedia without navigating from the search page.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 22

Definition of your search keyword will appear in the rightside top corner to avoid the ambiguity of similar concepts.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 23

Understand the meanings of the new term in the scientific research articles by doing a mouse over on the highlighted terms.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 42

Open the more relavent article you search for, also downlod and read the full text by clicking the Full Article button at bottom of the page.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 41

Once click the Full Article button, you will be redirected into respective journal (Eg: www.nature.com in the image) page then you can save the full research article as a PDF file.

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 26

9. Browse thousands of related articles

Like this, you can browse through Pagination to get thousands of free scientific open access research articles related to your research by using GetTheResearch.org .

Gettheresearch.org ilovephd 32

Hope, this article helps you to know to find and understand thousands of peer-reviewed research papers for free using an AI-powered search engine GetTheResearch.org .

Thank you! iLovePhD The Love of knowledge!
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    Some of the key features and procedure to download the articles are explained below. 1. Open Get The Research. First, go to the page -> Gettheresearch.org Search page. Search page. 2. Enter your keyword. Enter your research keyword in the search bar. The AI-powered search engine will help you to select a more relevant keyword.