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Automate over 70% of your calls

Developed specifically for the taxi & private hire industry, Phantom maximises call handling abilities, cuts costs and provides end-to-end communication for your operators, drivers, and passengers

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Key Benefits

Virtual operator (vo).

A laptop computer with a headset on top of it.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automatic back on phone (abop).

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Phantom Analytics


Intelligent Wallboards

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Call Customer, Call Driver

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What's included in Phantom?

We have countless customer success stories, your taxi business could be our next.

001 Taxis

Phone bookings remain the #1 booking channel — make sure you're operating the #1 system

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The Autocab Platform

Increase profitability.

one technology platform to bring down costs, eliminate errors and become smarter, faster and leaner

Attract & Retain Drivers

increase driver earnings and satisfaction by dispatching more jobs, to more drivers, quicker and cheaper

More Passenger Bookings

process more bookings via phone, web and app with automation tools that ensure more business, more often

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"We take pride in being at the cutting edge of the taxi industry. There is no other system that is as advanced or as impressive."

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"The Ghost Dispatch Software is so good it’s almost cheating. Autocab is the best decision we have ever made."
"I have worked with many different systems and Autocab is the best for me. We are operating more efficiently than ever before."

Our Customers

Some of the private hire taxi, limo and ground transportation companies who put their trust into Autocab’s technology platform

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Watch passengers book

The Autocab Platform powers 1.5+ million passenger bookings every day

No other technology provider comes close…

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Ghost Cloud

Ghost Cloud

What is ghost cloud , who uses ghost cloud .

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  • Alternatives

Compare with a popular alternative

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Headlight Solutions

Green rating bars show the winning product based on the average rating and number of reviews.

Other great alternatives to Ghost Cloud

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Fleet Manager

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Ghost cloud reviews, most helpful reviews for ghost cloud.


  1. Configuring System Messages

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  2. Understanding the 365 Management Dashboard

    autocab ghost 365 login

  3. Understanding the 365 Management Dashboard

    autocab ghost 365 login

  4. Accounts

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  5. Using the Dashboard

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  6. Overview of Work Screen

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  1. Autocab365

    Autocab365. Please log in to continue... x Continue.... Log In

  2. Ghost365

    Ghost365. Please log in to continue... x Continue.... Log In

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  4. iGo Portal

    iGo Portal is a web-based platform that allows you to manage your taxi business online. You can access various features such as booking, dispatching, tracking, reporting, and invoicing from any device. iGo Portal is compatible with other Autocab products such as Ghost365, Settings, E-Booking, Account Manager, and Autocab365.

  5. Ghost 18.000.245

    A new "Template Editor" button has been added to the Ghost dashboard and allows 365 users to use a stripped-back version of Ghost to access the Template Editor. This can be enabled for specific users by allowing the "Access: Template Editor" permission in User Permissions > Management Permissions. iGo: Bookings

  6. Autocab365

    Here you can access all bookings assigned to your drivers and vehicles. Use the settings in your control centre to manage your company efficiently.

  7. Autocab365 Accounts

    Here you can access all your accounts settings and configure them to better meet your company needs.

  8. 365 Control Centre 0.20.2310

    To use this setting: Go to 365 Management > Drivers/Vehicles > Driver Companion > Global Settings > Acceptance. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find Autobid section. Set this to either Radius, Zones or Both. If Radius or Both is enabled, a maximum Autobid radius can be set in miles or kilometres.

  9. Autocab365

    Autocab control centre. Here you can access all settings from one place. Use the settings in your control centre to make your autocab system work better for you.

  10. Bookings

    The Bookings screen shows you an overview of your Ghost Booking & Dispatch system, including the active drivers, dispatched bookings, messages, shortcuts, and settings.. To access this screen: Click on the Bookings button after logging into Ghost.; Vehicle Queue. The left-hand section contains the vehicle queue and is useful for checking which vehicles will be next in line for a booking:

  11. Homepage

    Autocab is a cloud-based system that helps you manage and grow your taxi business with features like driver companion, phantom one, and passenger app. To access your account, click on the login button at the top right corner of the homepage.

  12. Booking & Dispatch

    Autocab365. Please log in to continue... x Continue.... Log In

  13. We're retiring our Ghost Windows product in 2023

    From January 2021, all new customers have been onboarded onto Autocab 365 as standard. In preparation for the retirement date next year, from 1 July 2022, we will be stopping all new development on Ghost Windows. This means any new or developed features will only be available on our Autocab 365 product. From 31 January 2023, we will no longer ...

  14. 365 Booking & Dispatch

    365 Booking & Dispatch 1.0.2115. 365 Booking & Dispatch 1.0.2108. 365 Booking & Dispatch 1.0.2105. 365 Booking & Dispatch 1.0.2101. 365 Booking & Dispatch 0.5.2050. Autocab Help. Get information about the latest version of 365 Booking & Dispatch, including new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

  15. 365 Booking & Dispatch

    Understanding the Dispatch Screen - 365 B&D; Using the Booking Form - 365 B&D; Understanding Advanced Bookings - 365 B&D; Overview of Dispatched Bookings - 365 B&D; Checking the Callback Status of Bookings - 365 B&D; Overview of Driver Shifts - 365 B&D; See all 17 articles

  16. Ghost

    Dockets, Checks & Postings - Ghost. Customers - Ghost. Kickback Customers - Ghost. Invoicing - Ghost. Invoice Retrieve - Ghost. See all 54 articles.

  17. Accounts Portal

    Accounts Portal is a self-service portal that lets corporate customers book taxis with Autocab, a leading booking & dispatch software provider. It offers features such as travel programs, validation questions, booking templates and live location updates to simplify the taxi booking process and provide control and visibility over their taxi spend.

  18. Booking and Dispatch

    Autocab offers a cloud-based booking and dispatch system for taxi fleets in 33 countries. You can manage bookings, drivers, customers, and operations from one screen, without ghost 365 login or any other software.

  19. Phantom

    Always on, always available, always accurate & able to do the job of many — Autocab Phantom powers the business taxi call centres in the world. Developed specifically for the taxi and private hire industry, Phantom maximises call handling abilities, cuts costs and provides end-to-end communication for your operators, drivers, and passengers.

  20. Autocab Technology Platform

    Autocab Ghost Booking & Dispatchincludes: live driver location - check the status and. location of any driver in an instant. access your system anytime, anywhere with our. cloud-based dispatch solution. comprehensive Corporate Accounts portal -. win and keep more accounts.

  21. Office 365 login

    Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive.

  22. Autocab Ghsot Ghost dispatch software ...

    #AutocabghostLearn how to use autocablearn to disptach quicklyGhost is mostly used in UKMost busy firms use Autocab ghost company

  23. Ghost Cloud Pricing, Alternatives & More 2024

    What is Ghost Cloud? Autocab is the world's largest provider of booking and dispatch software and management suite for the taxi private hire and limousine industries. The booking and dispatch system, Ghost, and automated phone system, Phantom, is used by over 1,500 companies in over 300 cities worldwide. The system also includes: driver app ...